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Tom Mitchelhill 18h 2 Fed inspector blames crypto focus, nepotism for Silvergate Bank collapse
Qadir AK 19h 2 Paul Grewal’s Insightful Commentary on SBF’s Trial: What to Expect from Jury Selection
Aayush Jindal 19h 2 Bitcoin Price Sees Technical Correction But The Bulls Are Not Done Yet

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Samuel Edyme 52m 0 Chainalysis Trims Workforce By 15% Amid Broader Crypto Job Market Fluctuations
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Best Owie 52m 0 4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Success With Crypto
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Sander Lutz 59m 0 Could House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Ouster Be Good for Crypto?
Wayne Jones 1h 0 SlowMist Founder Highlights Security Risks on FriendTech Amid Hacking Incidents
Mike Dalton 1h 0 U.S. Department of Justice charges eight Chinese companies using crypto to facilitate fentanyl trade
Jason Nelson 1h 0 Even More Celebrities Battle Deepfakes of Themselves
Abiodun Oladokun 1h 0 Is Bitcoin the driving force behind Aave’s gains in October
Kelvin Munene Murith 1h 0 Alameda’s Sam Trabucco and Scaramucci Eyed as Witnesses in SBF Trial
Sam Reynolds 1h 0 When SRM Shot Up in Value, Sam Bankman-Fried Changed the Rules for His Workers, Michael Lewis Says 1h 0 Martin Shkreli on E/ACC and SBF in Prison
Mehron Rokhy 1h 0 US Government, Binance and Thai Police Take Down ‘Pig Butchering’ Ring As $277,000,000 Seized From Scammers
Ronaldo Marquez 1h 0 Celsius Unveils Revival Strategy Backed By $450M Seed Funding
Hououin Kyouma 1h 0 Can Bitcoin Continue Its Run? These Factors Could Suggest So
Ammar Raza 1h 0 Crypto Globalization: Banco de Portugal Governor Urges Global Framework For Stability
Turner Wright 1h 0 US Treasury sanctions crypto wallets as authorities crack down on fentanyl
Brandy Betz 1h 0 Criminal Trial of Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Set for September 2024
Cointelegraph 2h 0 Latest update — Former FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried trial [Day 1]
Mike Dalton 2h 0 Prosecutors say plea deal was never considered for Sam Bankman-Fried
Nick Baker 2h 0 Coinbase’s Desire to End SEC Lawsuit Should Be Rejected, U.S. Regulator Argues
Ryan Gladwin 2h 0 AI Raves in the Metaverse Are a Thing—Here's What It's Like Inside
Akashnath S 2h 0 ADA bulls target the range high after flipping this key resistance to support
Daniel Kuhn 2h 0 Crypto Is on Trial Alongside Sam Bankman-Fried
Andrew Throuvalas 2h 0 AI Energy FUD Is The New Bitcoin Mining FUD: HIVE Digital
Guest Author 2h 0 Good Q4 Predicted For Shiba Budz (BUDZ), (APT)
www.financemagnates. 2h 0 FBS Unveils Best Day Trading Strategies for 2023
Chayanika Deka 2h 0 Circle’s USDC Burn Impacts Base Network’s Total Value Locked
Scott Matherson 2h 1 3 Reasons Why Shiba Inu Price Might See A Massive Surge Over 400%
Reynaldo Marquez 2h 1 How Binance Joined Thai Law Enforcement To Take Down Crypto Scam Scheme
Wahid Pessarlay 2h 1 NVIDIA offices raided by French antitrust authorities over suspected unfair practices 2h 0 XEROF - Cryptoassets with Swiss Precision
Tom Blackstone 2h 1 Cardano stablecoin project gambled away investors’ money before rug: Report
Mathew Di Salvo 2h 1 Former Alameda CEO Sam Trabucco, Anthony Scaramucci May Be Called to Testify in SBF Trial
Turner Wright 3h 1 FTX execs who pleaded guilty among names of potential witnesses in Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal case
Pedro Solimano 3h 1 Candidate for Argentina President Promises to Push a CBDC
Brandy Betz 3h 1 Blockchain Developer OP Labs Goes Live on Testnet With Key Security Feature to Its Stack Software
Himalay Patel 3h 1 Data shows Bitcoin dominance in US is on the rise – here’s what it means
Kate Irwin 3h 1 This Sneaker Is Actually a $3,800 Gaming PC
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 3h 1 The Three Critical Things to Watch in Bitcoin’s Price in Q4 2023
Brenda Ngari 3h 1 Ether Rival Solana Catches Attention of Big Institutional Players As SOL Investment Products Witness 27 Straight Weeks Of Inflows
Ronaldo Marquez 3h 1 Ethereum ETFs Face Lackluster Debut From Small Investors: Is The Hype Fizzling Out?
Daily Hodl Staff 3h 1 Bitcoin Shark and Whales Gobble $1,170,000,000 in BTC in About a Month: Analytics Firm Santiment
Scott Matherson 3h 1 Ripple IPO Goes To Harvard: Business School Study Dives Into Valuation
Mishal Ali 3h 1 Bitcoin Resurgence: Surge Beyond $28K Amidst Massive Transactions
Daily Hodl Staff 3h 1 Trader Warns Bitcoin Reversal Likely Based on Historical Precedent, Updates Outlook on Chainlink
Shanawaz 4h 0 Debut of Highly Anticipated Volatility Shares’ Ether Futures ETF Delayed
Jesse Hamilton 4h 1 Chinese Firms Used Crypto Payments to Run Fentanyl Network, U.S. Claims in Charges
Marcel Pechman 4h 1 Bitcoin price drops its early week gains — Here is why
jose 4h 1 Binance Suspenderá los Servicios de BUSD en Medio de la Presión Regulatoria de EE.UU.
Ashfaq 4h 0 Chainalysis Slashes Workforce by 15% Citing Ongoing Crypto Winter
Dipayan Mitra 4h 1 A look at how Base is faring in the competitive L2 market
Mike Dalton 4h 0 Alex Mashinsky’s criminal trial set for September 2024
Nicola Lamonaca 4h 1 So, you want to guess a valid Bitcoin private key?
Wayne Jones 4h 1 Celsius Seeks Court Approval for Restructuring and Customer Repayments
Drew H. 4h 1 Save Thousands and Boost Returns With Free Tastytrade Wisdom
CryptoIntellect 4h 1 ️ The ATM Glitch Millionaire: Living the High Life and Facing the Consequences
Kashif Saleem 4h 1 FTX bankruptcy: Jump Trading loses over $200 million, reveals new book
Neo77 4h 1 The Blockchain Fork Dance: A Hilarious Guide to Fork Types!
Jyothsna 4h 0 EU Gets Serious About Data, Cites Web3 Browser Extension Swash
Maxwell Mutuma 4h 1 Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky to Face Fraud Allegations in 2024
Imran 4h 0 Ethereum Fumbles as Price Fails to Continue Bullish Momentum
Jason Nelson 4h 1 Star Atlas Unlocks Tools to Help Game Devs Build on Solana
Christian Encila 4h 1 Shiba Inu Investors Beware: 425 Billion Tokens On The Move – Is It A Sell-Out?
Steve Kaaru 4h 1 Mosaic Exchange charged over scam promising 60% monthly profits
Hououin Kyouma 4h 1 Bitcoin Slips To $27,500 As Kraken Receives Largest Inflow Since 2018
Ammar Raza 4h 1 Crypto Capital Surges: Digital Assets Rebound with $21M Inflows
Tom Blackstone 4h 0 Crypto suffered 153% YoY increase in hacks and scams in Q3: Immunefi
Ben's CryptoKnowledg 4h 1 CryptoKnowledge’s Free Crypto Trading Email Course: Master Crypto Trading in Just 7 Days
Krisztian Sandor 4h 1 Jump Trading Lost Almost $300M in FTX’s Collapse, Michael Lewis Says in ‘Going Infinite’
Ifeoluwaolubo 4h 1 Journey Into Web3
Conor Devitt 5h 1 BIS and Three Central Banks Successfully Complete CBDC Experiment Using DeFi Networks
Marcel Pechman 5h 1 Here’s how Bitcoin investors can trade the tension surrounding a U.S. government shutdown
Andrew Throuvalas 5h 1 Here’s When Former Celsius CEO Mashinsky Is Officially Headed To Trial
jose 5h 1 Optimism Network Prueba un Nuevo Sistema para Mejorar la Descentralización y la Seguridad
Daily Hodl Staff 5h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried’s Lawyers Push To Block FTX Investors and Insiders From Testifying As Jury Selection Starts
Mustafa Mulla 5h 1 Alex Mashinsky’s Trial Delayed Until 2024 Over Fraud Allegations!
Akashnath S 5h 1 DOGE bulls take a step back as the breakout past $0.063 peters out
Sam Reynolds 5h 1 TV's Kevin O’Leary: ‘All the Crypto Cowboys Are Going to Be Gone Soon’
Mark Goodwin 5h 1 How Venmo's Stablecoin Integration Can Grow the Bitcoin Economy
Mustafa Mulla 5h 1 Binance Halts BUSD Lending and Pushes for FDUSD Transition!
Vignesh k 5h 0 Cardano Faces Pivotal Moment Amid Mixed Indicators for Short Term
Derek Andersen 5h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried sues insurance company for defense costs as trial opens
Jordan Bayne 5h 1 Representation Matters: How Film3 Can Help Cinema Reflect Our Diverse World
Crypto Currents 5h 1 Unlocking the Potential of Worldcoin: A Revolutionary Digital Currency
Algorithmic Trading 5h 1 SEP — 3,05% : Monthly portfolio performance of my trading systems
Kelvin Munene Murith 5h 1 Breaking: Binance to Halt BUSD Borrowing and Staking Services by October 25th
Aditya 5h 1 Crypto Experts: Ethereum Emerges as an ‘Aggressive Growth Investment’ Despite 4% Price Drop
Daily Hodl Staff 5h 1 Bitcoin Will Flip ‘Super Bullish’ and Begin Run to New All-Time High When This Happens, Says Crypto Trader
Anshuman Roy 5h 1 3 Wild Bitcoin Theories Pointing at Continuing BTC Price Rally in 2023 5h 0 Unchained Announces Partnership with Coincover to Further Strengthen its Bitcoin Collaborative Custody Network
Scott Matherson 5h 1 Twitter IPO: Dogecoin Takes Center Stage In Elon Musk’s X IPO Rumors
Jake Simmons 5h 1 Upcoming XRP Ledger Update: Ripple CTO Discusses ‘Clawback’ Potential
Tristan Greene 5h 1 Bitcoin drives digital asset inflows for the first time in 6 weeks: Report
Wayne Jones 5h 1 Satoshi Nakamoto’s Twitter Account Resurfaces After 5 Years
Diego Almada Lopez 5h 1 Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval On The Horizon, Say VanEck & Bitwise Leaders
John Isige 5h 1 Chainlink Price Prediction: LINK Drops Below $8 As Profit Taking Bites, What Comes Next?
jose 6h 1 ¿Por Qué las Instituciones Prefieren a Solana a Otras Criptoplataformas?
Godfrey Benjamin 6h 1 Elon Musk’s Latest Post Shows a New X Revamp Might be Underway
www.financemagnates. 6h 1 Binance Assists Thai Police in Seizing $277 Million from Crypto Fraud Networks
Brandy Betz 6h 1 Chainanalysis Laying Off 15% of Staff: Report
PR Manager 6h 1 3 Reasons The Bitcoin Price Can Hit $35,000 In October, While This ‘Next Bitcoin’ Token ICO Nears $400k
Jacob Oliver 6h 1 Binance continues to wind down BUSD by ending borrowing and staking support for the stablecoin
Benjamin Njiri 6h 1 Ripple weakens – When will bulls see reprieve?
Turner Wright 6h 1 Alex Mashinsky's jury trial scheduled for September 2024
PR Manager 6h 1 SBF’s Influence? HairyPlotterFTX Emerges as SBF’s Trial Looms Large
Marina Khaustova 6h 1 Why Intel Exchanges Raise a Dilemma for Compliance
Mathew Di Salvo,Andr 6h 1 The 12 People That Will Decide Sam Bankman-Fried's Fate
Maxwell Mutuma 6h 1 Elon Musk Under Pressure to Address Fake Satoshi Profile
Shayan Chowdhury 6h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried Trial: SBF Won’t Face Death Penalty; Lawyers Push To Exclude Testimony From FTX Users
Vinicius Barbosa 6h 1 Bitcoin congestion is no more: BTC network reaches record lows on pending transactions
Kashif Saleem 6h 1 Friend.te­ch Surpasses $50M TVL Amid High Fees and Revenue
Zhiyuan Sun 6h 1 Ecosystem developers bring Bitcoin to Cosmos network
www.financemagnates. 6h 1 What will happen to the U.S. dollar after the labour market data release?
KrakenFX 6h 1 Announcing the Kraken Pro Battlestation Contest
Imran 6h 1 Zscaler, Datadog enter top picks at Piper Sandler as it shuffles picks
Annika Feign 6h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried Trial Kicks Off; Jury Should Be Seated by Wednesday 6h 1 What Can AI Do in Gaming?
Marco Rodrigues 6h 1 Extract Data from Mirror and Akord Platforms on Arweave 6h 1 Review: 2.50% to 8% daily for 40 to 60 days. (5% blog bonus).
Scott Matherson 6h 1 XRP News: Why This US Supreme Court Ruling Could Impact Ripple vs. SEC Battle
Wahid Pessarlay 6h 1 PayPal explores NFTs with new marketplace patent after launching stablecoins
Hououin Kyouma 6h 1 Cardano To Shed Its Gains? Profit-Taking Spikes To High Levels
Nik Hoffman 6h 1 Unchained Is Now Helping Customers Custody Over $2 Billion in Bitcoin
Ammar Raza 6h 1 Chainlink’s Quest For A Higher Low: Will $7 Prove To Be The Breakout Point?
Mark Emem 6h 1 $889,260,000 in Crypto Lost to Hacks, Scams and Rug Pulls in Q3 of 2023, According to Blockchain Security Firm
Elena R 6h 1 Coinbase Continues Global Expansion Despite Viability Concerns
Emin Gun Sirer 6h 0 AI is the Key To DeFi Liquidity
Cointelegraph 6h 1 What has Sam Bankman-Fried been up to in jail?
Crypto Currents 6h 1 Unveiling the Future of FriendTech: A Comprehensive Analysis
Krisztian Sandor 6h 0 Canadian Exchange TMX Soon to Start Bitcoin Futures Trading
Nidhi Kolhapur 7h 1 New Lawsuit Accuses Binance Exchange of Manipulating FTX’s Demise
ChainWire 7h 0 Polkadot and Composable Announced As Diamond Sponsor at the Cosmoverse’23 Conference in Istanbul
Jonathan Gibson 7h 1 IMF Promotes Central Bank Digital Currency in Argentina
Kelvin Munene Murith 7h 1 EU Advances Wholesale CBDC as Retail Euro Faces Controversy
Blockchain Today 7h 1 The Looming Impact of Quantum Computing on Blockchain Security
Mike Coldman 7h 1 7 Secret Crypto Projects to Watch in 2023–2024: One of Them Could Make You Rich!
hitesh mahajan 7h 1 OP Stack: Optimism goes Superchain
hitesh mahajan 7h 1 EigenLayer: Marketplace for Decentralised Trust
Mihalache Catalin (a 7h 1 Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken!
ARMx64 7h 1 Creating a AI Based Malware, By Reversing a online Code Generator Chatbot
Holly Young 7h 1 Bitcoin As A Foundation For Community Building
Charles Thuo 7h 1 Binance to cease BUSD lending services by October 25
John Isige 7h 1 Cardano Price Prediction As Developer Activity Explodes – Is ADA Ready To Pump?
Mattis Meichler 7h 1 Your Kids Are Going to Work Three Days a Week Thanks to AI, Says Jamie Dimon
Jack Schickler 7h 0 Sam Bankman-Fried Sues His Insurer as Legal Bills Mount
Newton Gitonga 7h 1 $0.001 SHIB Price Not In Doubt As Shiba Inu’s Strong Potential Is Spotlighted Amid Shibarium Boom
Turner Wright 7h 1 As trial begins, Sam Bankman-Fried's lawyers push to exclude testimony from FTX users
Sarala 7h 1 Crypto Market Faces Severe Bearish Pressure Post Recent Rally
Eman Herawy 7h 1 10 smart contract vulnerabilities with code examples
KiranmaiBalijepalli 7h 1 The Sha Zhu Pan Scam — A Modern Tale of Romance and Deception
Cryptonica Editorial 7h 1 Bitcoin Halving Event 2024: Unveiling the Future
Bored Writer 7h 1 Best Crypto Casino and Betting Affiliate Programs in 2023
Richard Larsson 7h 1 Batch Auctions: The New Trading Mechanism for DeFi
Ben's CryptoKnowledg 7h 1 Never Miss a Trade Alert Again with Crypto Screener’s New Feature!
Rev Cynthia Pustelak 7h 1 Safeth’s Indispensable Role in the Crypto Industry: A Unique Proposition
Albert Peter 7h 1 Investigating the Landscape: How Companies Specializing in ERC20 Token Development Influence the…
JohnVictor 7h 1 Custom Crypto Exchange Development: Elevating Your Business
Markdomain 7h 1 Crypto X Marketing Strategies — Boosting Your Brand’s Visibility in X (Formerly Twitter)
Jyothsna 7h 1 INOCYX Forms Historic Collaboration with Software Technology Parks of India
Newton Gitonga 7h 1 Binance Collaborates with Royal Thai Police to Bust Crypto Scammers, Recovers Over $250 Million
Shayan Chowdhury 7h 1 Whales Begin Dumping Ethereum as Large Holder Netflow Surges! How Low Can ETH Price Go? 7h 1 Paystand Scores Top Spot as Best B2B Payment Platform by Juniper Research 7h 1 Akta announces it is powering the AVOD, SVOD, Live Streaming and Fast Channels for ViX, the Spanish Language Streaming Service from TelevisaUnivision
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 7h 1 India to launch global crypto-crime detection database by 2024
Christian Encila 7h 1 Assessing Crypto Asset Systemic Risks: Insights From The IMF Framework Proposal
Kent Glory 7h 1 Bitcoin SV (BSV) Notches 8% In The Last Day as Top Coins Bleed
Suzuki Shillsalot 7h 1 Portugal’s central bank chief calls for global crypto regulations
Aditya 7h 1 Ethereum Futures ETFs Struggle, Managing Only $2 Million in Trading Volume
Tom Blackstone 7h 1 Optimism network launches testnet fault-proof system in pursuit of decentralization
Cointelegraph Innova 7h 1 12 crypto experts’ tips for companies working with tokenized assets
Margaux Nijkerk 7h 1 At Last, Blockchain Developer OP Labs Delivers ‘Fault Proofs’ Missing From Core Design
Vinicius Barbosa 7h 1 3 best-performing cryptocurrencies out the top 100 in 2023
Karen Mkrtchyan 7h 1 Craig Wright’s Ex to Elon Musk’s X: He is Fake Satoshi Nakamoto
Godfrey Benjamin 7h 1 Just In: Binance Facing New Class Action Lawsuit Over Anti-Competitive Practices
Chayanika Deka 8h 1 Cardano Maintains Dominance in Developer Activity Charts with Impressive Score: Data
Afroz Ahmad 8h 1 Los ETF de Futuros de Ethereum Sufren de Bajo Volumen de Negociación
Zhiyuan Sun 8h 1 Binance to shut down BUSD lending by October 25
www.financemagnates. 8h 1 Nuvei's Asia-Pacific Expansion: Unveils New Office in China
Andjela Radmilac 8h 1 Declining open interest in futures market contrasts Bitcoin’s bullish rally
Tim Hakki 8h 1 UK Financial Watchdog Hints at New Crypto Sandbox for Next Year
Vignesh k 8h 1 XRP Liquidations and Lagging Price Cast Doubt on Overhyped Rally
Mustafa Mulla 8h 1 Bankman-Fried’s Lawyers Oppose the FTX Witness Testimony Request!
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 8h 1 Nomic bridge paves way for Bitcoin’s seamless entry into the Cosmos ecosystem
Scott Matherson 8h 1 Coinbase’s Legal Expert Outlines What To Expect In FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Jury Selection
Wahid Pessarlay 8h 1 Cloudflare unveils AI product rollout tools for developers
Aditya 8h 1 Sygnum Follows Coinbase’s Path with Singapore’s MPI License Approval
Ana Rojas 8h 1 StealthEX Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary: Join the Birthday Event!
Krisztian Sandor 8h 1 Decentralized Exchange Bluefin’s New Version Goes Live on Sui Network
Rudy Fares 9h 1 Cardano Price Prediction: How High will Cardano Price Go?
godfrey 9h 1 La Compañía de Datos Blockchain Chainalysis Recorta el 15% de su Plantilla
John Isige 9h 1 XRP Price Prediction: XRP Could Hit $1 If This Happens
Kelvin Munene Murith 9h 1 Ledger and Sotheby’s Forge Luxury Digital Art Partnership
Mustafa Mulla 9h 1 Jump Trading loses $206 million in FTX collapse: Michael Lewis’ book!
Maciej Zerelik 9h 1 Polkadot vs Ethereum — Which Is Better? DOT and ETH
Savannah Fortis 9h 1 Elon Musk told to dump Satoshi ‘X’ account: crypto community
William Suberg 9h 1 Bitcoin analysts still predict a BTC price crash to $20K
Daily Hodl Staff 9h 1 Crypto Trader Predicts More Rallies for Bitcoin, Says BTC Breaking Out Against Major Stock Index
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 9h 1 Decentralized Science needs business development to succeed, investor says
Abiodun Oladokun 9h 1 Bitcoin short-term holders in profit after prices briefly touch $28,500
Lipika Deka 9h 1 Ethereum Futures ETFs Make a Splash: The Rise of 9 New Players
Shinobi 9h 1 Coming Soon: An Easier Way To Bootstrap Your Node's UTXO Set
Decrypt Staff 9h 1 The Trial of Sam Bankman-Fried: Live Blog, Latest News and Insights
Chainwire 9h 1 Metacade Announces Breakthrough Collaboration with Polygon Labs
Rudy Fares 9h 0 Solana Price Prediction as SOL Price UP +30%! Buy Solana Today?
Chainwire 9h 1 ApeX Protocol Launches Telegram Bot for Effortless Decentralized Derivatives Trading
www.financemagnates. 9h 1 CME Group's Strong September 2023: Second-Highest ADV Ever
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 9h 1 Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: Analyst Unveils the Path to New All-Time High at $5.85
Chayanika Deka 9h 1 Tether (USDT) on Exchanges Jumps to 24.7% – Highest Stablecoin Buying Power in 6 Months: Data
Ana Zirojevic 9h 1 Cardano beats all crypto projects in September developer activity
George Georgiev 9h 1 Here’s Why the Pepe Coin Price Has Crashed 10% As Traders Switch to Alternative Meme Coins
Elena R 9h 1 Alex Cobb Reveals XRP’s Remarkable Capacity: 293 Million Daily Transactions 9h 1 Revolutionizing Energy Operations and Logistics with Web3 Field Automation: Unveiling Groundbreaking Solutions for the B4E Network & Platform
Lyllah Ledesma, Omka 9h 1 First Mover Americas: Slow Start for Ether Futures ETFs
Anthony Clarke 9h 1 How the actor model could enable better blockchain gaming apps
Kent Glory 9h 1 XRPL’s Capability To Handle 293+ Million Transactions Daily Can Make XRP A Global Utility Asset
Christian Encila 9h 1 ETH Futures ETF Debut – How Did The 1st Day Play Out?
Lipika Deka 9h 1 Solana Becomes The Most Loved Altcoin Of 2023- Report
Reynaldo Marquez 9h 1 Bitcoin News: Revival Of “Satoshi Nakamoto” Account Could Signal Slump In BTC Price?
www.financemagnates. 9h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried's Legal Battle Begins: Inside the $8 Billion Trial
Qadir AK 9h 0 Bitcoin (BTC) Price Can Hit $35K in Next 4-8 Weeks – Predicts Analyst Michaël van de Poppe
Jack Schickler 9h 1 EU Plans for Wholesale CBDC Out Within Weeks, French Central Banker Says
Elena R 9h 0 CNBC Faces Questions for Not Covering SEC Actions Against XRP Retail Investors
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 10h 1 South Korean gaming titan Wemade taps Chainlink for interoperable Web3 gaming ecosystem
Elena R 10h 1 XRP Ledger Version 1.12.0 is Now Better with Clawback Features
predycto 10h 1 CleanSpark reports higher FY23 bitcoin output
Jine Angel 10h 1 Web3 Advertising Is on the Precipice of Change – Diving Into the Unique Expansion Opportunities of Ads in Web3
Aayush Jindal 10h 1 Bitcoin Price Prediction October 2023 — Why BTC Bulls Need More Signs of Trend Change
Mark Peterson 10h 1 Web3 gaming takes center stage in the UAE at Future Blockchain Summit
Chainwire &# 10h 1 Metacade Announces Breakthrough Collaboration with Polygon Labs
Suzuki Shillsalot 10h 1 Celsius Network aims to repay customers by year-end in restructuring move
David Cox 10h 1 Kenya seeks the closure of Worldcoin
Nikhilesh De 10h 1 There's a Lot of Thefts Happening
Jonathan DeYoung 10h 1 Singer Vérité’s fan-first approach to Web3, music NFTs and community building
John Isige 10h 1 Ethereum Price Prediction As Ether Futures ETFs Perform Dismally, Sell-Off On The Horizon?
Lipika Deka 10h 1 SBF Lawyers’ Challenge Ukrainian Witness Testimony
Mark Peterson 10h 0 ABC Conclave to unite global Web3 pioneers at Dubai Marina
chainwire 10h 1 Metacade Announces Breakthrough Collaboration with Polygon Labs
Zameer Attar 10h 1 Crypto Market Analysis: Is This End Of the Bear Market? Here’s What Next For Bitcoin Price
Ezra Reguerra 10h 1 Binance collaborates with Royal Thai Police to seize $277M from scammers
Roxanne Williams 10h 1 Binance assists Thai Police in dismantling criminal networks
godfrey 10h 1 UBS Crea un Fondo VCC Tokenizado en la Blockchain de Ethereum
Mattis Meichler 10h 1 Ledger and Sotheby's Team Up for Digital Art Exclusives
Andrew Singer 10h 1 ETF filings changed the Bitcoin narrative overnight — Ledger CEO
Scott Matherson 10h 1 Solana Leaves Ethereum In The Dust As Institutional Inflows Rise
Null Transaction PR 10h 1 Unexpected Surge In Interest For Ethereum And Bitcoin Spark This September
Aniket Verma 10h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried and the spectacular collapse of FTX: Here’s a rundown
Becky Liggero Fontan 10h 1 nChain partners with CIO Institute: UK for October 4 event
Christian Encila 10h 1 Bitcoin And Gold Poised For Growth Amidst US Fiscal Troubles, Top Macro Investor Says
Aoyon Ashraf 10h 1 Galaxy's Head of Mining Amanda Fabiano Departed to Start Consulting Company
Jacob Thomas 10h 1 secures new influencers for the ongoing campaign
Gregory Gosson 10h 1 Block Rewards Review: Helping Canadians Solve The Money Problem
Anisha Pandey 10h 1 Bitfarms Reports Increased Mining Activity, Mines 411 BTC in Sept
Trevor Holman 11h 1 Chainlink Data Streams introduces on Mainnet
George Siosi Samuels 11h 1 TeraWulf self-mines 329 bitcoins in September, down from August
Gareth Jenkinson 11h 1 Dirham stablecoin DRAM hits Uniswap, developed by relaunched Distributed Technologies Research
Mark Peterson 11h 0 Agora Group is returning to Dubai for its 12th GBC
Guest Author 11h 1 September Breakouts! 5 Crypto Projects Ready to Dominate
Zameer Attar 11h 1 Ripple News: Analyst Predicts XRP Price Rally – Is $0.66 Possible?
Joseph Alalade 11h 1 Un Ex Ejecutivo de SoftBank crea Stablecoin para Combatir la Inflación
Janani 11h 1 Tether Transfers 100 Million USDT to ‘Tether Treasury’ boosting Stablecoin Holdings
Nidhi Kolhapur 11h 1 XRP Lawyer Slams Author Lewis for Shading Binance as the Reason Behind FTX’s Fall
Trevor Holman 11h 1 Web3Auth launches Firebase extension with Google Cloud
Afroz Ahmad 11h 1 Registra un Gran Salto en sus Ingresos y TVL
Aniket Verma 11h 1 Digital asset products buck losing streak to record weekly inflows
Liam J. Kelly 11h 1 Bitcoin Is Coming to Cosmos With New Nomics Bridge
David Cox 11h 1 Report showcasing digital asset fund flow goes live
Mishal Ali 11h 1 Binance Faces Legal Storm As Lawsuit Alleges FTX Market Monopoly Maneuvers
Elena R 11h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried Fights to Block Witness Testimonies in High-Profile Fraud Trial
Mandy Williams 11h 1 BTC Exchange Reserve Plunges to 5-Year Levels as Investor Cohorts Position for Bull Market: Bitfinex
Zameer Attar 11h 1 Bitcoin Price Prediction For Q4 – 2023
Mark Peterson 11h 1 Presale Perks: Secure your slice of Sensei Inu early for maximum profit
www.financemagnates. 11h 0 Chris Xu joins Finalto Australia as Vice President of Institutional Sales
Felix Mollen 11h 1 Will the Ethereum Price Pump as Ether Futures ETFs Launch? New ERC-20 Tokens to Watch if Ethereum Hits $2,000
PR DESK 11h 1 With the Matrix Membership, Elite Echelon Sparks a Revolution in Personal Empowerment
Anisha Pandey 11h 1 Coinbase Secures Major Payments License in Singapore 11h 1 Simplebet is the 2023 American Gambling Awards Online Betting Product of the Year
Jake Simmons 11h 1 Bitwise CIO Positions Ethereum As Leading Investment Over Bitcoin: Here’s Why
Bridgit Murphy 11h 1 Elevating Uniswap v3’s User Experience: REYIELD Finance Unlock Considerable Stablecoins Yield
Jake Simmons 11h 1 Crypto Watchlist For October: Altcoins To Keep On Your Radar
Suzuki Shillsalot 11h 1 Another crypto exchange receives regulatory node in Singapore
Ashfaq 11h 1 ApeX Protocol Unveils Telegram Bot for Decentralized Derivatives Trading
Savannah Fortis 11h 1 Samsung to develop AI chips with Canadian startup Tenstorrent
www.financemagnates. 11h 0 Sam Bankman-Fried - The Crypto King Steps Onto the Stage in NY Court
Gareth Jenkinson 12h 1 Exclusive: Hackers selling discounted tokens linked to CoinEx, Stake hacks
Daily Hodl Staff 12h 1 InvestAnswers Unveils ‘Max Upside’ Price Target for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2025
Anthony Pompliano 12h 1 How To Get More People Working In The American Economy
Shaurya Malwa 12h 1 Friend.Tech Users Targeted by SIM Swap Attack, Several Ether Drained
Vinicius Barbosa 12h 1 Ripple keeps 20% of 1 billion tokens unlocked this month; XRP price impact
Helen Partz 12h 1 Brazil BTG Pactual bank buys Bitcoin-friendly brokerage Orama for $99M
Lilit Chichyan 12h 1 Pepecoin Price Risks 10% Comedic Dive as PEPE’s On-Chain Activity Takes a Siesta
www.financemagnates. 12h 1 Too Young to Trade? Fidelity's Age Oversight Costs Firm $900,000
Joseph Alalade 12h 1 Ex Abogado de la SEC Pronostica Condena de SBF Basada en 3 Razones Clave
www.financemagnates. 12h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried Seeks to Limit Government Witnesses in FTX Trial
Sunil Sharma 12h 1 What Happened to John McAfee? Spanish Court Confirms Death By Suicide
Dipayan Mitra 12h 1 Assessing how SUI, DYDX will react to their upcoming token unlocks 
Zameer Attar 12h 1 Binance Coin (BNB) Shows Resilience Amidst Crypto Market Volatility
PR Manager 12h 1 Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets As Bullrun Is Looming
Vahid Karaahmetovic 12h 1 Machine learning algorithm sets SHIB price for October 31
Mustafa Mulla 12h 1 FTX Founder in Talks to Pay Off Bahamas’ $10B National Debt!
Elena R 12h 1 XRP’s Vision for the Future to Revolutionize International Payment with 293M+ Transactions Daily
www.financemagnates. 12h 1 RBA holds rates again - but for how long?
Joseph Alalade 12h 1 Presidente de la CFTC pide Autoridad en Criptomonedas para Combatir el Fraude
Jine Angel 12h 1 Trust in Centralized Exchanges Has Eroded, but Can They Win It Back?
James Field 12h 1 Patrick McHenry pushes stablecoin legislation as US narrowly avoids shutdown
Scott Matherson 12h 1 Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Sparks Speculation As Cryptic Email, X Account Resurfaces
Christian Encila 12h 1 A Crypto Recession Looming? Commodity Strategist Raises The Red Flag
Suzuki Shillsalot 12h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried’s defense seeks to block Ukrainian witness testimony
www.financemagnates. 12h 1 London's Energy Surge vs. Paris's Luxury Slump: The Battle for Europe's Financial Crown
Imran 13h 1 CFTC Chair Rostin Behnam Takes Tough Stance on DeFi Regulation
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 13h 1 Ex-SEC official predicts downfall of FTX’s former CEO SBF in high-stakes trial
Nivesh Rustgi 13h 1 Hong Kong Adds ‘Potential Tailwind’ for East Asia Crypto Trading Volumes: Chainalysis
Jine Angel 13h 1 Blockchain Is Transforming Transparency in Gambling, Increasing Fairness for All Punters
Duo Nine 13h 1 SOL Exploded by 25% Weekly, Here are the Key Targets (Solana Price Analysis) 13h 0 Ethereum Technical Analysis Report | 03rd October 2023
Chainwire 13h 1 ATPBot Introduces Advanced AI-Driven Trading Solutions for Binance and Kraken Users
Kashif Saleem 13h 1 FTX Founder Fights to Exclude Witnesses in Upcoming Trial
Afroz Ahmad 13h 1 Demandan a Binance y CZ por Desencadenar el Colapso de FTX
Roxanne Williams 13h 1 Grayscale and NYSE Arca apply to convert Ethereum trust into ETF
Suzuki Shillsalot 13h 1 CFTC, SEC at odds over crypto regulation – what now?
Sahil Mahadik 13h 1 $PEPE Price At Risk of 14% Drop If Sellers Break this Key Support
Mandy Williams 13h 1 Court Calendar Shows SBF’s 15 Days of Trial in October
Qadir AK 13h 1 Ripple Vs SEC : Top Researcher Explains The Real Reason Why the SEC Is Investigating XRP
Elena R 13h 1 Bitcoin Price Analysis: Will BTC Price Test For A Rebound Soon?
Bridgit Murphy 13h 1 Are Ethereum And ZCash Miners Looking forward To Start Mining Bitcoin Spark?
Mattis Meichler 13h 1 On-Chain Sleuthing Firm Chainalysis Slashes Headcount by 135
PR DESK 13h 1 TYRION Announces Strategic Move to Build its Advertising Platform on Coinbase’s Base Chain 13h 1 Digihost Technology reports 21% increase in bitcoin output in September 13h 1 Exploring the Future of Smart Contracts
Scott Matherson 13h 1 This Is Why The XRP Price Fell To $0.50
Mark Peterson 13h 1 Avalanche and Optimism under pressure, while this 100x Bitcoin fork attracts investors
Danny Nelson, Nikhil 13h 1 The Collapse of FTX, in Sam’s Own Words
Sunil Sharma 13h 1 Is This Bitcoin Rally A Trap? On-chain Analysis
www.financemagnates. 13h 1 News Nuggets | 3 October: GMG Introduces MT5; IBKR Reports Lower DARTs in September
Shaurya Malwa 13h 1 Rollbit Recorded $38M in September Betting Revenues, RLB Token Climbs
George Georgiev 14h 1 We Asked ChatGPT if XRP Will Be a Top 3 Crypto in 2024 if Ripple Wins SEC Case
David Attlee 14h 1 Kazakh crypto miners plead with President to cut energy prices
Qadir AK 14h 1 Ripple CTO David Schwartz’s Father’s Multi-Million Dollar Bet on XRP
Ezra Reguerra 14h 1 Neal Stephenson’s blockchain project holds discovery month as metaverse hype wanes
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 14h 1 Around $20M at risk as Friend Tech’s security comes under scrutiny with users reporting SIM-swap attacks
Himalay Patel 14h 1 How Ethereum responded to Grayscale’s spot ETF request
Jack Schickler 14h 1 Bankman-Fried Seeks to Block Prosecutors Calling FTX Investors, Former Insiders as Witnesses
Savannah Fortis 14h 1 Tom Hanks, MrBeast and other celebrities warn over AI deep fake scams
www.financemagnates. 14h 1 Crypto Industry Workforce Reductions: Chainalysis and Beyond
www.financemagnates. 14h 1 Bitfarms' YTD Bitcoin Mining Figures Lower Than 2022
Qadir AK 14h 1 Binance Joins Thai Law Enforcement in $277 Million Crypto Scam Bust
Janani 14h 1 Will Uptober Pump Bitcoin Past $30000?
Daily Hodl Staff 14h 1 Here’s What’s in Store for Bitcoin (BTC) and the S&P 500 for Q4 2023, According to Crypto Analyst Jason Pizzino
Scott Cook 14h 1 IOTA Foundation is set to release IOTA 2.0 Protocol Update
Ana Zirojevic 14h 1 AI forecasts Solana price for the end of 2023
Andrew Asmakov 14h 1 Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Eyes Creditor Payback by Year End
Christian Encila 14h 1 Solana Outperforms 2 Top Altcoins – Its Ripple Effect On Prices
Jon Southurst 14h 1 Japan has unique opportunities for stablecoins, says YenPoint founder
Jay Solano 14h 1 UBS Explores Blockchain with Tokenized Money Market Fund on Ethereum
Editorial Team 14h 1 Top Web3 Social Media Platforms in 2023
Shaurya Malwa 14h 1 Bitcoin Drops Below $28K on Profit Taking; DOGE, TRX Lead Altcoin Slump
Samyuktha Sriram 14h 1 Ethereum Futures ETFs See ‘Average’ First Day Trading Volumes
Helen Partz 14h 1 Future of payments: Visa to invest $100M in generative AI
Jordan Lyanchev 14h 1 Bitcoin Rejected at $28.5K, PEPE Dumps 11% Daily (Market Watch)
Sohrab Khawas 14h 1 LTC Price Analysis: Will Litecoin Trigger A Jump To $100? 
David Attlee 14h 1 Head of Portugal Central Bank deems crypto unsustainable, calls for global regulation
Millionaire Mindset 15h 1 Solana Uncovered The Future of High Speed Blockchain
Jamen Mendes 15h 1 Money — A Paper Dream!
Millionaire Mindset 15h 1 “Avalanche AVAX The Rising Star of Cryptocurrency”
Dmitry K 15h 1 What is Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS)
Dmitry K 15h 1 Blockchain mail: pros and cons
Daniel G. Jennings 15h 1 Are Steem Dollars (SBD) the Scariest Cryptocurrency?
Borlokva 15h 1 Blockchain Forking Process Overview
Nauris Treigys 15h 1 Q4 Kickoff: Making Sense of Wall Street’s Mixed Signals
Everything Programmi 15h 1 Start Coding with Python: A Gentle Introduction for Beginners
Everything Programmi 15h 1 Mastering Python for Beginners: Your First Steps to Coding
Bhushan Akolkar 15h 1 Binance Helps Thai Police Confiscate $277 Million In Crypto Scams
Trevor Holman 15h 1 Coinbase Singapore secures MPI license from the Monetary Authority
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 15h 1 Shiba Inu (SHIB) on the Verge of Hitting a Massive Milestone
Abiodun Oladokun 15h 1 Axie Infinity to release millions of tokens as prices continue to slide
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 15h 1 Binance assists Royal Thai Police in massive crypto scam crackdown, leading to recovery of over $270M
www.financemagnates. 15h 1 Meet Some of the Experts Who Will Be Speaking at FMLS:23
Ana Zirojevic 15h 1 Bitcoin must stay above this level or ‘it’s goodnight to the bull’
www.financemagnates. 15h 1 CMC Connect Expands into CFDs Market and Enhances UAE Stock Offerings
PR Manager 15h 1 Can ApeCoin and Monero Regain Momentum? Will This New Crypto Gem Overtake Crypto Dominance?
Sahana Vibhute 15h 1 Did Uptober Clam Down in a Hurry? Is There Any Reason to be Optimistic About the Crypto Markets?
Sohrab Khawas 15h 1 ADA Price Analysis: Will Cardano Trigger A 35% Jump From $0.25?
William Suberg 15h 1 Bitcoin traders demand 'slow grind' up after BTC price drops over 4%
PR Manager 15h 1 HSBC Clients Can Repay Loans with Crypto; Monero ($XMR) and InQubeta ($QUBE) Prepare for an Exceptional Uptrend
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 15h 1 Lawsuit accuses Binance and CEO of unfairly triggering collapse of competitor FTX
www.financemagnates. 15h 1 Enhancing Reporting Capabilities: TRAction Integrates cTrader
Jay Solano 15h 1 Bitfarms Amplifies Bitcoin Mining Operations Amid Anticipation of Upcoming Halving
Jine Angel 15h 1 Orderly Network Partners With Sweat Economy To Integrate Seamless Crypto Trading Feature in Sweat Wallet
Samyuktha Sriram 15h 1 Celsius Seeks Court Approval to Repay Creditors $2 Billion
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 15h 1 Coinbase Will Delist a Massive 80 Trading Pairs on October 16th
Martin Young 15h 0 Early Ethereum ETF Volumes Low, But Confidence for Spot ETF Launch High
www.financemagnates. 15h 1 X Under Fire from the EU
Prasanna Peshkar 15h 1 Breaking News: Explosive Token Unlocks Coming This Week – How Will Prices React?
Chainwire 16h 1 ATOM Tokenomics Changes to Be Central Discussion at Cosmoverse 2023
PR Manager 16h 1 Ben ‘BitBoy Crypto’ Armstrong reportedly holds $80M in XRP, BTCS and SOL
George Georgiev 16h 0 One Million XRP Bought at $0.005 in 2014: Ripple CTO Reveals Interesting Purchase
Mustafa Mulla 16h 1 Sygnum Obtained Major Sygnum Payment Institution Licence!
Chainwire &# 16h 1 TYRION Advances Decentralized Advertising with Strategic Move to Coinbase’s Base Chain
Jake Simmons 16h 1 Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP Price To Hit $0.66 This Week
www.financemagnates. 16h 1 What Steps is Busan Taking to Become a Blockchain City
Jake Simmons 16h 1 Binance And CEO Draw Legal Fire Over Claims Of FTX Manipulation
Arijit Sarkar 16h 1 Singapore awards major payment institution license to Sygnum Bank subsidiary
Millionaire Mindset 16h 1 Cardano Uncovered: The Smart Contract Revolution
Rob R. Lorenzi 16h 1 Weekly Crypto Insider & Price Charts October 2nd, 2023
Durwin Ho 16h 1 In the Empire of Startups, YC is Still King-Maker of Kings.
Her Thoughts 16h 1 Are YOU understanding the situation crypto has put you into? Your MONEY is losing its Value!
YAROCELIS.eth - Tech 16h 1 ️ AI Wearables are here!
Mark Timmis 16h 1 Curious Cryptos’ Commentary 3rd October 2023 — Latin America
Rev Cynthia Pustelak 16h 1 Safeth: Unleashing the True Potential of NFTs Beyond Art
Alex Roupell 16h 1 The Storm is Coming: Transforming Bitcoin into the Future of Safe, Secure, and Lightning-Fast…
PVMihalache 16h 1 Superumans #50 — UMA 2.0 Voting Review
Freedom Limited 16h 1 Achieve Financial Independence with Freedom — Your Very Own AI Trading Suite
Parikshit Mishra 16h 1 Blockchain Analytics Firm Chainalysis Cuts 15% Staff
Sarala 16h 1 CZ & Binance Sued Over FTX Downfall
www.financemagnates. 16h 1 Monex Europe Sees 2022 Revenue Drop, Profit Slides 83%
www.financemagnates. 16h 1 Citadel Securities UK’s Revenue Jumps 120% amid Expansion Plans
Elena R 16h 1 ADA Price Analysis: Is Cardano Price About To Experience A Price Jump?
Aparna 16h 1 Klaymakers23 Global Hackathon Is Now Open For Registration!
Mustafa Mulla 16h 1 LayerZero Partners with Conflux for Cross-Chain Messaging in Asia-Pacific!
Henry Kanapi 16h 0 Time To Get Rid of Bearish Bias As Bitcoin Bull Market Is Confirmed, Says Trader Who Nailed 2018 BTC Bottom
David Cox 16h 1 Will BCH reach $1000?
Steve Kaaru 16h 1 Jerry Chan talks making blockchain programming fun and competitive with Frobots on CoinGeek Backstage
Jay Solano 16h 1 Chainlink Introduces Innovations to Amplify Efficiency and Performance
www.financemagnates. 16h 1 FxSpotStream's September ADV Climbs 8.63%, Yearly Volume Takes a 10% Hit
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 16h 1 SBF Trial: Lawyers file last ditch requests to judge including barring Ukrainian testimony
www.financemagnates. 17h 1 Modernizing Regulations: CFTC's Proposed Rule Amendments for Pool Operators
Chainwire 17h 1 TYRION Advances Decentralized Advertising with Strategic Move to Coinbase’s Base Chain
Bhushan Akolkar 17h 1 Major Theft At Friend.Tech Protocol Raises Doubts About Decentralization
Akashnath S 17h 0 DOT witnesses strong gains but this is why bulls may lose steam at $4.2
Roxanne Williams 17h 1 Is Filecoin Trading in the Right Direction?
Hassan Maishera 17h 1 Embattled crypto lender Celsius wants to start repaying customers by year-end
Editorial Team 17h 1 CoinStats Review 2023: The Pros, Cons & Features of the Crypto Portfolio Tracker
Cristian Lipciuc 17h 1 Chainalysis Goes Forward With a Second Round of Layoffs: Report
Mustafa Mulla 17h 1 Chainalysis Inc. to Lay Off 15% of Employees Due to Market Conditions!
Nidhi Kolhapur 17h 1 SBF’s Legal Team Moves to Halt Ukrainian Witness Testimony
Sohrab Khawas 17h 1 BCH Price Analysis: BCH Eyes $300 Despite A Bear Trap!
Aayush Jindal 17h 1 XRP Price Prediction – Why Bulls May Have A Chance For Fresh Bullish Streak?
Qadir AK 18h 1 Mysterious ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Social Media Presence Emerges
Mark Peterson 18h 1 iFX EXPO International 2023 wraps up another successful event
Tom Mitchelhill 18h 2 Fed inspector blames crypto focus, nepotism for Silvergate Bank collapse
Bhushan Akolkar 18h 1 Chainlink Party Ends As LINK Price Tanks 4%, Key Levels to Watch
Sara K 18h 1 SBI’s Winning Formula: Boosting XDC Adoption, Drawing from XRP’s Success
Elena R 18h 1 Celsius Network Plans for Relaunch With $450M Seed Funding
Victor Olanrewaju 18h 1 Chainlink: This is why a correction is likely before LINK’s next bull run
Hassan Maishera 18h 1 Memeinator raises over $500k less than a week after presale launch
Martin Young 18h 1 Celsius seeks court approval to start repaying customers by year-end
Trevor Holman 18h 1 Investment insights: Is Cardano underperforming in 2023?
Aayush Jindal 18h 1 Ethereum Price Trims Gains But Here’s Why ETH Could Start Fresh Rally
Nidhi Kolhapur 18h 1 Class-Action Lawsuit Targets Binance and CZ for Market Manipulation That Affected FTX
Xiaohui Liu 18h 1 Integrate Ordinals with smart contracts on Bitcoin: Part 4
Blockchain Wire 18h 1 Decentralized Perpetual Exchange GMX Adds Support for Bitget Wallet
Bhushan Akolkar 18h 1 Solana Co-Founder Lashes Out At Ethereum In War of Words
Brayden Lindrea 18h 1 Hong Kong could be a ‘tailwind’ for lagging crypto activity in Asia: Chainalysis
Nidhi Kolhapur 19h 1 Why Is The Crypto Market Down Today? Here Are The Key Factors
Elena R 19h 1 Ripple IPO Valuation Predicted to Skyrocket 20x to $600. Will XRP Price Hit New ATH? 
Wayne Jones 19h 1 UBS Expands Tokenization Horizons with Ethereum-Based Money Market Fund
Mustafa Mulla 19h 1 Binance Assists Thai Law Enforcement with Dismantling Major Crypto Scams!
Suzuki Shillsalot 19h 1 Arbitrum: Can investors sustain ARB’s ongoing bullish uptrend?
Qadir AK 19h 2 Paul Grewal’s Insightful Commentary on SBF’s Trial: What to Expect from Jury Selection
Bhushan Akolkar 19h 1 Bitcoin Fails to Hold $28,000 Amid Bond Yields Surge, Fed Hike Coming?
Aayush Jindal 19h 2 Bitcoin Price Sees Technical Correction But The Bulls Are Not Done Yet
Hassan Maishera 19h 1 Grayscale to convert its Ethereum Trust to a spot ETH ETF: Will that boost institutional interest in altcoins
predycto 19h 1 Bitcoin Price Action in October: A Probabilistic Overview
Assad Jafri 19h 1 The Trial of Sam Bankman-Fried: Key Points to Understand
Himalay Patel 20h 2 Ethereum [ETH] price takes off, but are short sellers in trouble?
Martin Young 20h 1 Chainalysis axes another 15% of staff citing difficult market conditions
Mustafa Mulla 20h 1 FriendTech Accounts Hacked, Assets Stolen!
Mustafa Mulla 20h 1 BinanceUS Faces Class-Action Suit for Monopolizing Market! 20h 1 Building a Bridge for Brands: Inside Bastion's Vision for a Seamless Web2-to-Web3 Transition
Wahid Pessarlay 20h 1 Shanghai’s 2025 blockchain plan: Web 3.0 revolution & talent growth
Hououin Kyouma 20h 1 Bitcoin Surge To $28,400 Triggers $110M Crypto Futures Flush
Will Izuchukwu 21h 1 Avoiding The Top 3 Most Addictive Gambling Games
Benjamin Njiri 21h 1 Lido [LDO] falters at $1.7 — Can buyers still benefit?
Kieth Rean Garcia 21h 1 MATIC Price Prediction: Will MATIC Reach $1 Again?
Kieth Rean Garcia 21h 2 Coinbase: Stepping Into the Future with Singapore’s MPI Licence
Dalmas Ngetich 21h 1 Firewood Unleashed: Is This the Game-Changer For Avalanche (AVAX) To Hit $20?
Dalmas Ngetich 21h 1 Shiba Inu Founder’s Wallets Emptied And Moved: Is Ryoshi Vanishing–Again?
Mike Dalton 22h 1 Celsius lawyer says revival plans include $450M in seed funding
Dipayan Mitra 22h 2 Solana flips Cardano and Dogecoin: What’s next?
Pedro Solimano 22h 2 Solana Extends Investment Streak to 27 Weeks of Inflows: CoinShares
Samuel Edyme 22h 1 Worldcoin Faces Kenya Shutdown: Is This The End Or Beginning For Crypto’s Wild Ride?
Ronaldo Marquez 22h 1 Is Your Crypto at Risk? FBI Issues Dire Warning Over ‘Phantom Hacker’
Press Releases 22h 1 Digital Pilipinas Festival 2023 launched with DTI, multi-country reps, industry champions
Tom Mitchelhill 22h 1 Ethereum futures ETFs garner lukewarm reception on first day of trading
Jose Antonio Lanz 23h 1 Meta Says Its AI Training Used Public Social Media Posts—Mostly
Akashnath S 23h 1 Bitcoin rockets past local resistances, but is this the start of a bull run?
Mohammad Ali 23h 1 Bitcoin’s Historic 184 Billion Bug: Unearthing Satoshi’s Swift Response
Maxwell Mutuma 23h 1 Breaking: Binance and CEO Face Lawsuit Over Alleged FTX Sabotage
Ryan Ozawa 23h 1 Three Reasons SBF Will Be Convicted: Former SEC Lawyer
Samuel Edyme 23h 1 Crypto Fund Flows: Bitcoin Leads As Solana Follows, But Why’s Ethereum Left Behind?
Henry Kanapi 23h 1 Crypto Trader Outlines Massive Price Target for Solana, Says SOL in Midst of Generational Opportunity for Bulls
Ronaldo Marquez 23h 1 Sam Bankman-Fried Trial Begins Tomorrow: 3 Reasons Ex-SEC Official Foresees Conviction

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