$100,000+ in Exciting Prizes for the Launch of PLANET Rewards Program – Phase 1!

The $PLANET Rewards! program will give $PLANET holders the opportunity to stake their tokens for amazing rewards, some even worth more than $100,000! The process is simple, staking your $PLANET tokens earns you points. The program is going to have its FIRST raffle on 21st of December and the rewards list is out! 🔥👀 For […]

Blockchain and Digital Identity Verification: Empowering Trust in the Online World

The internet has become a crucial component of our lives in the current digital era, allowing us to connect, shop, work, and communicate easily. But as people disclose more private information online, worries about security and privacy have risen. Enter blockchain, a ground-breaking method that could revolutionize the way we handle our digital identities. In […]

Exploring Asset Tokenization and its Practical Applications

The idea of “asset tokenization” has evolved as a paradigm-shifting phenomenon in a world where digital innovation is continuously reshaping established sectors. Who is participating in this digital revolution, though, and how does it all work exactly? Let’s examine it in terms of its most basic components while considering its potential applications.   What is […]

PLANET Earns Spot Among Top CERTIK Audits

Top CERTIK Audits

Top CERTIK Audits DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2023 / KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market, the platform harnessing the power of celebrities, fandom and technology towards campaigns for a sustainable future as envisioned by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has announced the results of its top CERTIK audits. The comprehensive audit scores PLANET among […]

The Role Of Blockchain In Building A Socially Responsible World

Role Of Blockchain

Role Of Blockchain Blockchain technology has been getting much attention recently, mainly because of its association with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, its true potential goes beyond just monetary matters.  One of the most exciting aspects role of blockchain is its ability to contribute to a socially responsible world. Empowering Communities with Decentralization Decentralisation, which eliminates […]

Empowering Social Good Through Blockchain

Social Good Through Blockchain

Social Good Through Blockchain Social good through Blockchain technology has emerged as a transformative force, with applications across several industries. Although it is largely recognized for its financial uses, blockchain’s potential for social benefit remains mostly untapped and undervalued. With the help of this technology, some of the world’s most serious social problems can be […]

$PLANET Utility: Buy Back And Burn

Buy Back and Burn

Buy Back And Burn In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, innovation and creativity continue to drive the success of digital assets. Through a carefully crafted strategy of continuous buy back and burn initiatives, KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market aims to systematically reduce its supply across all revenue streams, creating scarcity and benefiting its holders both […]

KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market Launches Game for Social Impact to Generate Donations for Binance Charity Cause

DUBAI, UAE, Date, Chainwire PLANET, a blockchain platform committed to sustainability and social good, has partnered with the BNB Chain to launch PLANET Quest. This innovative game combines entertainment with philanthropy, offering rewards to winners and generating donations for Binance’s Earthquake Appeal: Rebuilding & Recovery Cause. PLANET Quest challenges players to navigate a maze by […]

A Game for IMPACT: Where EVERYONE Wins! 🏆

A Game for Impact

It’s time to fully UNLOCK the Utility Map & Reward our Community! 🌍 We have already unveiled 9 exciting utilities related to the $PLANET project, and now the anticipation has reached its peak. It’s time for the $PLANET community to join us on a quest to UNLOCK the complete utility map.  Introducing – “PLANET Quest”, […]