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Imran 13m 0 Microsoft Collaborates With CoreWeave to Power AI-driven Services
Nayazunissa 22m 0 U.S Senator Proposes New Bill to Close Loopholes in Crypto Sector
Daily Hodl Staff 23m 0 Atomic Wallet Investigating Exploit As Wave of Crypto Users Report Stolen Funds

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Imran 13m 0 Microsoft Collaborates With CoreWeave to Power AI-driven Services
Nayazunissa 22m 0 U.S Senator Proposes New Bill to Close Loopholes in Crypto Sector
Daily Hodl Staff 23m 0 Atomic Wallet Investigating Exploit As Wave of Crypto Users Report Stolen Funds
Daily Hodl Staff 1h 0 Trader Who Caught Crypto 2023 Rally Abruptly Unloads Bitcoin and Altcoin Positions – Here’s Why
Steve Kaaru 1h 0 Developing a Bitcoin wallet? Here’s what you need to consider
Press Release 1h 0 Will Shiba Inu Outperform the Market? Ask Avorak
Christian Encila 1h 0 Coinbase Sees Artificial Intelligence As A Transformative Force In The Crypto Sector
Chainwire 1h 0 OvalPixel Launches Groundbreaking Play-to-Earn OPAIG AI Game Token
Chayanika Deka 1h 0 Scam ChatGPT-Style Web3 Firm’s Press Release Was Auto-Scraped Into Bloomberg
Victor Olanrewaju 1h 0 Will Ethereum create a clear coast for DeFi, GameFi?
Ciaran Lyons 2h 0 FTX debtors object Genesis' 'critical' claim estimate of '$0.00'
Prasanna Peshkar 2h 0 Atomic Wallet Breach: Users Report Total Loss of Cryptocurrency Assets
Wahid Pessarlay 3h 0 American Express cautiously experiments with generative AI
Christian Encila 3h 0 Bedrock Upgrade: How Optimism Game-Changer Could Impact OP Price
Akashnath S 3h 0 Bitcoin hints at a “bull trap”, here’s what it means for traders
Ann Mugoiri 4h 0 Top 10 NFT Marketplaces Ranked by Trading Volume.
Henry Kanapi 5h 0 After Depositing $1,000,000,000, Apple Banking Customers Are Struggling to Access Their Money
Jitender 5h 0 Investigation confirms Atomic Wallet was exploited
Ciaran Lyons 5h 0 Elliptic integrates ChatGPT to bolster crypto risk detection
Monroe 4PEACE 5h 0 The high-low risk scenarios to consider going forward for energy production investments around the…
In the bitcoin world 5h 0 Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain: What are the differences and how does it work?
Victor Olanrewaju 5h 0 Lido Finance: Negative sentiment overshadows double-digit growth
Anvesh Reddy 5h 0 Apple WWDC Event: AI Linked Crypto Token Render $RNDR Gains Steam | Coingape
36Crypto 5h 0 Top Trending Cryptocurrencies in the Market Right Now — 36Crypto
Sebastian Faron 5h 0 PBS — how to split validator tasks and make everybody happy at the same time
Zentaurios 5h 0 Data Privacy, Regulation, and Crypto Partnerships — ZentaNews 6–3–2023
Kyrian Alex 5h 0 Introducing frxETH v2: The Evolution of Decentralized Lending Markets and Stablecoins
DigitalCurrencyTrade 5h 0 Altcoin Season Teases, But With A Bearish Outlook
Cryptophia 5h 0 A Brief History of Cryptocurrency: From Bitcoin to Today
Cryptophia 5h 0 Understanding Cryptocurrency: What Makes It Unique?
Cryptophia 5h 0 Blockchain Technology: The Backbone of Cryptocurrencies
Darek Piotrowski 7h 0 8 Best Websites To Buy Domain And Hosting With Bitcoin In 2023
Suzuki Shillsalot 7h 0 Staked ETH finds new purpose with Eigenlayer’s whitepaper
Anvesh Reddy 8h 0 XRP Lawsuit: Hackers Give Attorney John Deaton Surprise Birthday Gift | Coingape
Henry Kanapi 8h 0 US Banking Crisis Triggers $756,000,000,000 Flood of Capital Into Cash Funds: Report
Daily Hodl Staff 8h 0 Ethereum-Based Cross-Chain Trading Platform Emerges As New Front Runner in Decentralized App Space: DappRadar
Aparna 8h 0 Bitcoin NFTs Gain Momentum, Uncategorized Ordinals Sell for $2.7M
Akashnath S 9h 0 Solana exhibits boring price action, but will trends change?
Alex O’Donnell 10h 0 Warren’s alleged work with short-seller shows anti-crypto army heating up
Mark Peterson 11h 0 Top analysts: Aave, Near Protocol, and DigiToads are set to thrive in 2023
Aparna 11h 0 Crypto Wallets are Turning Green: Boosters of the Day
Editorial Staff 11h 0 Musk’s alleged price manipulation, the Satoshi AI chatbot and more: Hodler’s Digest, May 28 – June 3
Brian Bollinger 11h 0 Top 3 China Coins to Boost Investment Returns in June 2023 | Coingape
George Georgiev 11h 0 Want to Become an Ethereum Validator? You Have to Wait 45 Days and Here’s Why
Mishal Ali 11h 0 Decentralization Deliberation: Ripple’s JoelKatz Defends XRPL’s Path To Freedom
Suzuki Shillsalot 11h 0 How Blur achieved a new milestone from an unexpected source
Daily Hodl Staff 12h 0 Gaming-Focused Layer-2 Crypto Project Surges by Over 90% After Announcement of New $80,000,000 Ecosystem Fund
Nantha kumar 12h 0 Binance CEO Highlights Dubai’s Crypto Innovations in Twitter AMA
Ashish Kumar 12h 0 This Amendment In US Crypto Bill Can Lead SEC To Reimburse On Losing | Coingape
Ana Paula Pereir 13h 0 Atomic Wallet exploited, users report loss of entire portfolios
Saeed Ul Hassan 13h 0 TRON (TRX) Takes Off: 24 Hours Trading Volume Soars 255% – Here’s Why
Aliyu Pokima 13h 0 Russia Drops State-Backed Crypto Exchange Plans, Rolls Out New Regulatory Model For Industry
Anvesh Reddy 13h 0 Breaking: Elizabeth Warren Hints At New Crypto Bill To Close ‘Loopholes’ | Coingape
Brian Bollinger 13h 0 Top 3 AI Crypto Coins That May Follow Nvidia Price Rally in June 2023 | Coingape
Guest Author 13h 0 Avorak AI Deep Scan Technology Reveals Over 960,000 Active Bitcoin Addresses
Aliyu Pokima 13h 0 “A One Way Trip”- Ethereum NFTs Can Be Moved To Bitcoin, Developers Reveal
Nivesh Rustgi 13h 0 Rapid growth in DeFi-focused Ethereum liquid staking derivatives platforms raises eyebrows
Aliyu Pokima 13h 0 Apple Set To Launch Mixed Reality Headset: Here’s What We Know So Far And The Battle With Meta
Mohammad Ali 13h 0 Cardano Community Member Highlights Ethereum’s Challenges, Advocates For ADA Strengths
Coingape Staff 13h 0 Ethereum Advocate Predicts “Layer-2 Summer” Next Year; Which Tokens To Rally? | Coingape
Mehron Rokhy 13h 0 Blockchain Association Files Another Amicus Brief Supporting Tornado Cash, Says Crypto Mixer Is ‘Simply a Tool’
Ammar Raza 13h 0 Revolutionary Crypto Bill Offers Pathway To Digital Commodity Classification
Mishal Ali 13h 0 Bitcoin Bulls Await: Arthur Hayes Predicts Late Third Quarter Surge
Victor Olanrewaju 13h 0 Why Bitcoin will not retest $20,000 anytime soon
Abdul 14h 0 Senior Analyst Predicts Catastrophic Decline for BTC and Crypto Market
Andrea Berry 14h 0 Op-ed: Hollywood needs Web3, not vice versa
Mishal Ali 14h 0 Binance CEO Unveils Dubai’s Crypto Rise & Lightning Network Ambitions
Press Release 14h 0 Bitcoin Whales Flock DigiToads, the New Hottest Memecoin, shattering Records with Over $4.55 Million raised in presale
Ammar Raza 14h 0 Unraveling Ethereum’s Ecosystem: DeFi, GameFi, & Staking Battle For Dominance
Ashfaq 14h 0 Binance CEO CZ Rules Out Possibility of Entering Mining Sector
Henry Kanapi 15h 0 US Congressman Moves To Stop CBDC ‘Dead in Its Tracks’, Introduces Bill To Block Federal Reserve
Conor Devitt 15h 0 Coinbase Derivatives Exchange To Launch ‘Institutional-Sized’ Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Futures Contracts
Ana Paula Pereir 15h 0 Brazil's crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin licensed as payment provider: Report
Akashnath S 15h 0 TRON bulls could push for another 5% hike given…
Ashfaq 16h 0 Japan’s Largest Bank MUFG Facilitates Domestic Banks to Issue Stablecoins
Varinder Singh 16h 0 Ethereum Realized Price At 6-Month High As ETH Staking Tops 24 Mln, Is $2500 Next? | Coingape
Abdul 16h 0 Terra Classic’s Joint L1 Releases v2.1.0 Upgrade Proposal
Anvesh Reddy 16h 0 XRP Lawsuit: Ex SEC Lawyer Predicts ‘One-Off’ Ripple Win | Coingape
Samuel Wan 16h 0 Op-ed: Don’t blame memecoins and degens for crypto’s credibility problem
Press Release 16h 0 Exploring AI Crypto Opportunities: (FET) and InQubeta (QUBE) Poised for Investor Success
Coinmonks Team 16h 0 Coinbase Derivatives Exchange Launches BTC And ETH Futures Contracts Amid Regulatory Scrutiny |…
Coingape Staff 16h 0 U.S. Advisory Warns Against Storing Funds On PayPal; Is Bitcoin The Safer Bet? | Coingape
George Georgiev 17h 0 6 Ways Aritficial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Our Lives by 2030: ChatGPT Predicts
Null Transaction PR 17h 0 Crypto struggles to climb higher as Avorak AI detects bearish long-term pattern
Andjela Radmilac 17h 0 How Bitcoin could offer a safe haven in the face of a global inflation crisis
Finn Miller 17h 0 Binance Review: The Crypto Exchange Carrying the Blockchain Industry
Justinas Baltrusaiti 17h 0 Rising tide: $2.6 billion inflows XRP in a week as investors favor Ripple in SEC battle
Daily Hodl Staff 17h 0 Analyst Nicholas Merten Says Hong Kong Allowing Retail Crypto Participation Is Good News – But There’s a Catch
Suzuki Shillsalot 17h 0 Cardano at a crucial juncture: What it means for ADA
Brian Bollinger 18h 0 Ethereum Price Eyes $2500 As Next Target; Is It A Good Time To Enter? | Coingape
Gregory Gosson 18h 0 Debt Ceiling Suspended Until 2025 As Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill
Mike Dalton 18h 0 FTX files objection to Genesis after being snubbed in $0.00 claim estimate
Jitender 18h 0 American watchdog warns crypto payment wallet users 
Mark Peterson 18h 0 Arbitrum still top trending on Coinmarketcap, Avorak Trade can use this as an indicator
PR Manager 18h 0 As DigiToads is On Track to Raise $5 Million in Presale, Aave and Polkadot Struggle for New Investors
James Van Straten 18h 0 Bitcoin miner fees stay elevated, boosting daily revenue to $1.8M
Elena R 18h 0 Experts Believe Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit Will End In June: Decoding The Possibility
Qadir AK 18h 0 Injective (INJ) Price All Set For Massive Surge in Coming Days
Sohrab Khawas 18h 0 Renowned Lawyer Anticipates Ripple IPO to Hit $100B Valuation After SEC Case is Over
George Georgiev 18h 0 Former Ethereum Miner CoreWeave Inks an AI Deal With Microsoft
Suzuki Shillsalot 18h 0 Crypto ATMs record increase after 4-month lull
Alex Lari 19h 0 Introducing “Talk2Satoshi”: An AI chatbot that channels Nakamoto’s wisdom to answer bitcoin and economic queries
Rudy Fares 19h 0 Ethereum Price Prediction as ETH climbs above $1,900…Buy Ether NOW?
Qadir AK 19h 0 Bitcoin Live News: What’s Ahead For BTC Price in June?
Luke Huigsloot 19h 0 Is Biden’s controversial Bitcoin mining tax dead or set to rise from the ashes?
Gavin Lucas 19h 0 Simplifying writing and reading transactions on-chain for both applications and miners
Olowoporoku Adeniyi 19h 0 Quant Hype Spikes As Price Surges 15% – Is This A Top Signal?
CryptoTicker 19h 0 Tragic Disappearance of a Bitcoin Millionaire…What Happened?
Sohrab Khawas 19h 0 Bloomberg Forecasts Impending Crypto Market Crash in June Amidst Debt Ceiling Saga
Monika Ghosh 19h 0 Russian official detained for accepting record bribe of $28M BTC
Rudy Fares 19h 0 A Beginner’s Guide: How to Invest $1,000 in Cryptos in 2023
Brian Bollinger 19h 0 Dogecoin Price Prediction: Will $DOGE Price Break $0.1 In June? | Coingape
Ashish Kumar 19h 0 XRP Ledger A Gamer Change: HSBC On Distributed Ledger Tech | Coingape
Christian Encila 19h 0 XRP Climbs 12% As Crypto Celebrates 11-Year Milestone
Jai Pratap 19h 0 Japan’s Largest Bank Unveils Stablecoin Platform For Banks | Coingape
Maxwell 19h 0 Regulatory Challenges: Banks Grapple with Crypto Integration
Suzuki Shillsalot 19h 0 These Bitcoin metrics signal potential bull run as…
Brian Bollinger 20h 0 Bitcoin Price Analysis: $BTC Price Eyes Short-term Correction to $25000; Buy this Dip? | Coingape
Varinder Singh 20h 0 Breaking: Terra Classic Officially Releases Its Biggest v2.1.0 Parity Upgrade Proposal | Coingape
Dan Weintraub 20h 0 Trump’s Persistent Election Result Denials Demonstrate The Need For Bitcoin-Verified Truth
Rudy Fares 20h 0 Bitcoin ATMs are on the RISE! Good News for the Crypto Market?
Daily Hodl Staff 20h 0 Popular Crypto Analyst Bullish on One Ethereum-Based Altcoin, Says It’s Showing ‘Solid Strength’
Qadir AK 20h 0 FTX’s $3.9B Claim Sparks Major Crypto Clash – Prepare for the Unexpected?
Paul L. 21h 0 June crypto outlook: The worst is not over for Bitcoin
George Georgiev 21h 0 Fears for Humanity and the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence According to Geoffrey Hinton
Amaka Nwaokocha 21h 0 OpenAI commits $1M to support AI-driven cybersecurity initiatives
Jordan Atkins 21h 0 Telling stories with data at the London Blockchain Conference 2023
PR Manager 21h 0 Synthetix Volume Surges As SNX Burn Is Proposed – Will It Support AI Cryptos In The Future?
Ronaldo Marquez 21h 0 Dogecoin Drama: Elon Musk Faces Lawsuit For Alleged Crypto Market Manipulation
Christian Encila 21h 0 Whale’s ARB Accumulation Rekindles Momentum For DeFi Token – Here’s Why
Olowoporoku Adeniyi 21h 0 Injective Protocol (INJ) Tallies 23% Price Surge In Past 7 Days – Here’s Why
Victor Olanrewaju 21h 0 Shiba Inu in liquidity squeeze – end of the road for SHIB?
Mohamed Faisal 21h 0 Montenegro Court Once Again Grants Bail to Terra’s Do Kwon
Press Release 21h 0 Polkadot (DOT) Trades Flat Despite Tether Launch, Sparklo (SPRK) Closes Down on Top 100 Position
Christian Encila 22h 0 Top Crypto Strategist Shares Alarming Bitcoin Price Forecast
Imran 22h 0 Tron’s TRX Token Now Live on Ethereum Blockchain, Price Surges 12%
Ammar Raza 22h 0 Coinbase Launches Institutional Bitcoin & Ether Futures On Derivatives Exchange By Coin 22h 0 Ethereum Faces Rejection And Approaches $1,920 High
Nayazunissa 22h 0 Twitter Account of Peter Schiff Hacked To Promote Crypto Phishing Scam
Qadir AK 22h 0 Is XRP Really a Security? Top Lawyers Clash in Fierce Debate 
PR Manager 22h 0 This Revolutionary AI Project Breaks Records During Its Presale. Could It Surpass Fetch (FET)?
Press Release 22h 0 Cardano (ADA) Ignites Eco-Friendly Transformation, Algorand (ALGO) Outspeeds Top Layer1s, while Sparklo (SPRK) Grabs Trader Attention
Finn Miller 22h 0 Real-World Assets in Blockchain: How Can RWAs Liberate DeFi?
Varinder Singh 22h 0 Bitcoin, Crypto Market Crash Looming In June After Debt Ceiling Saga: Bloomberg | Coingape
Qadir AK 22h 0 Centralized Exchange Volume Hits Rock Bottom, Decentralization Gains Prominence
Daily Hodl Staff 23h 0 Analytics Firm Santiment Says Bitcoin To Catch Up With Rallying Stocks, Updates Outlook on XRP and Litecoin
Darek Piotrowski 23h 0 12 Best Ethereum Classic Wallets | Top ETC Wallet In 2023
Mohamed Faisal 23h 0 Marathon Digital Witnesses 77% Surge in BTC Mined in May
Anndy Lian 23h 0 NFTs and Big Brands: Exploring new possibilities
Guest Contributor 23h 0 The DDD (Detrimental Dollar Dominance) Syndrome
George Georgiev 23h 0 Warning! Peter Schiff’s Twitter Account Compromised, Lures to Phishing Site
Coingape Staff 23h 0 Celsius’ $800M ETH Staking Extends Ethereum Queue | Coingape
Imran 23h 0 U.S Republicans File Legislative Draft To Classify Crypto as Commodities
Christian Encila 23h 0 Floki Inu Gains Momentum As Chinese E-Commerce Giant Recognizes Its Utility
Nayazunissa 23h 0 U.S Unemployment Rate Surges to 3.7% in May as per Labor Statistics
Amaka Nwaokocha 23h 0 Uniswap scam alert: Fraudsters impersonate executives and create fake website
Suzuki Shillsalot 23h 0 Tron debuts on Ethereum, hits 1-year high: What next?
Janani 23h 0 MEXC’s MX Token Gains Momentum Amidst Market Volatility

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