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Coingape Staff 2d 1 FTX, Galaxy Digital, & Celsius Move $45 Mln Worth ETH To Binance & Coinbase
Andrew Throuvalas 3d 3 Celsius Creditors May Get “Rug Pulled” Due To Rising Crypto Prices: Analysis
Alex Lari 6d 2 Celsius Network Faces Hurdle in Transition to Bitcoin Mining
Ronaldo Marquez 7d 3 Celsius Network’s Bitcoin Mining Ambitions Hang In Balance Pending Critical Creditor Vote
Cointelegraph by Ama 7d 1 Celsius faces hurdle as judge hints at new vote for Bitcoin mining shift
Mustafa Mulla 8d 3 Celsius Offers Withdrawals for Select Custody Account Holders!
Amaka Nwaokocha 8d 3 Celsius grants access to withdrawals for eligible crypto holders
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 8d 3 Celsius initiates withdrawals for eligible custody users amid app glitches and login woes
Ronaldo Marquez 9d 3 Empty Accounts Discovered As Celsius Allows Crypto Withdrawals For Eligible Users
Maxwell Mutuma 9d 3 Just In: Celsius Opens Withdrawals for Eligible Crypto Holders
Steve Kaaru 14d 2 Celsius Network reorganization plan focuses on BTC mining
Wayne Jones 17d 2 Celsius Announces Transition to Bitcoin Mining Focus
Assad Jafri 17d 2 Celsius debtors to restructure defunct lender into Bitcoin miner instead of asset transfer
Godspower Owie 17d 3 Celsius Network’s Shift Towards Bitcoin Mining Plan
Turner Wright 17d 2 Celsius entity to focus only on mining under proposed reorganization plan
José Gutiérrez 17d 2 Celsius Cambia el Enfoque Únicamente a la Minería de Bitcoin
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 17d 2 US Trustee challenges $5 million claims by parties in Celsius bankruptcy case
Amitoj Singh 17d 3 Celsius to Transition to Mining-Only NewCo After SEC Feedback in Updated Bankruptcy Plan
Maxwell Mutuma 18d 2 Celsius Revival Plan Faces Hurdles Amid SEC Scrutiny
Ian Allison 18d 3 Celsius Revamp Plan Hits Speed Bump With SEC: Source
Mark Emem 23d 2 Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Moves Over $10,000,000 Worth of Ethereum (ETH) To Exchange: On-Chain Data
Jordan Atkins 25d 2 Celsius bankruptcy plan approved in New York
Nicholas Say 26d 5 Celsius Exits Bankruptcy As Court Approved Restructuring Plan
Aishwarya shashikuma 28d 3 Celsius Bankruptcy Plan Faces Skepticism, Regulatory Hurdles
Conor Devitt 28d 3 Failed Crypto Lender Celsius To Create New Company for Creditors as US Judge Approves Bankruptcy Plan
www.financemagnates. 28d 3 Celsius Network Obtains US Bankruptcy Court Approval for Restructuring
Amitoj Singh 28d 3 Celsius Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan Approved by Court; Implementation by Early 2024
guido 28d 4 Celsius Network Se Encamina a la Reestructuración Tras Ganar Juicio
Anthonia Isichei 28d 3 Celsius Gains Bankruptcy Court Approval for its Restructuring Plan
Ronaldo Marquez 29d 4 Celsius Network’s Bankruptcy Chapter Closes, Signals Revival For Crypto Lender
Mike Dalton 29d 3 Celsius cleared to exit bankruptcy and enact recovery plan
Godfrey Benjamin 29d 3 Breaking: Celsius Network’s Bankruptcy Plans Approved
Derek Andersen 29d 3 Court confirms Celsius bankruptcy exit plan, $2B in crypto to go to creditors
James Rubin 29d 2 Crypto Lender Celsius Receives Court Approval to End Bankruptcy Case
André Beganski 29d 3 Celsius to Emerge from Bankruptcy With Repayment Plan Approved
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 1mo 3 Investment firm involved in Celsius acquisition reportedly eyeing FTX
Ian Allison 1mo 3 Celsius Winner Proof Group Is in Running to Relaunch FTX, Sources Say
Brayden Lindrea 1mo 3 Luxor refutes claims its Bitcoin hashrate-backed product is BlockFi, Celsius 2.0
Ian Allison 1mo 2 Team Behind Celsius Bidder NovaWulf Starts New Firm Called Valinor
Elizabeth Napolitano 1mo 3 Sam Bankman-Fried Rebuffed Barry Silbert's and Celsius' Requests for Help, Ex-FTX CEO Testifies at His Trial
Scott Matherson 1mo 3 Celsius Network Crypto Holdings Are On The Move, What’s Happening?
Elena R 1mo 1 SEC Lawsuit Against Celsius and Alex Mashinsky: What You Need to Know
Steve Kaaru 2mo 3 Alex Mashinsky sentencing set for September 2024 as Celsius proposes customer refunds by year-end
Anisha Pandey 2mo 3 Ex-Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky to Face Fraud Trial Scheduled for Sept 2024
Ronaldo Marquez 2mo 2 Celsius Commits To Massive Crypto Repayment: $2 Billion To Creditors By 2023’s End
Daily Hodl Staff 2mo 3 Bankrupt Digital Asset Lender Celsius Plans To Repay $2,000,000,000+ in Crypto to Creditors Before End of 2023
Anisha Pandey 2mo 3 Celsius Seeks Court Approval on Customer Repayments by Year-End
Ronaldo Marquez 2mo 3 Celsius Unveils Revival Strategy Backed By $450M Seed Funding
Brandy Betz 2mo 3 Criminal Trial of Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Set for September 2024
Wayne Jones 2mo 3 Celsius Seeks Court Approval for Restructuring and Customer Repayments
Maxwell Mutuma 2mo 2 Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky to Face Fraud Allegations in 2024
Andrew Throuvalas 2mo 2 Here’s When Former Celsius CEO Mashinsky Is Officially Headed To Trial
Suzuki Shillsalot 2mo 3 Celsius Network aims to repay customers by year-end in restructuring move
Andrew Asmakov 2mo 3 Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Eyes Creditor Payback by Year End
Samyuktha Sriram 2mo 3 Celsius Seeks Court Approval to Repay Creditors $2 Billion
Hassan Maishera 2mo 3 Embattled crypto lender Celsius wants to start repaying customers by year-end
Elena R 2mo 3 Celsius Network Plans for Relaunch With $450M Seed Funding
Martin Young 2mo 3 Celsius seeks court approval to start repaying customers by year-end
Mike Dalton 2mo 2 Celsius lawyer says revival plans include $450M in seed funding
Wayne Jones 2mo 2 Celsius’ Valuation Advisor Greenlights Debtors Assets and Liabilities Assessment Value
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 2mo 3 Celsius claim Galaxy Digital seeking over $190,000 to repay $3 debt
Nicholas Say 2mo 3 Bitcoin Faces Turbulence Ahead of Fed Hearing and Celsius’ Major Move
Arijit Sarkar 2mo 3 Celsius valuation advisor approves value of debtors’ assets and liabilities
Conor Devitt 2mo 2 SEC Skeptical of Coinbase’s Role in Crypto Lending Firm Celsius’ Bankruptcy Process
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 2mo 2 Celsius seeks final approval for $45 million Core Scientific Bitcoin mining site
Martin Young 2mo 2 95% of Celsius Creditors Vote to Accept Restructuring Plan
Steven Stradbrooke 2mo 2 Celsius creditors approve restructuring, but SEC balks at Coinbase’s role
Scott Matherson 2mo 2 By The Numbers: How Many Celsius Creditors Voted For The Reimbursement Plan
Afroz Ahmad 2mo 2 Los Acreedores de Celsius Votan a Favor del Plan de Reorganización
Andrew Asmakov 2mo 3 Celsius Network Creditors Approve $2B Restructuring Plan
jose 2mo 2 El CLO de Coinbase Descontento con la Objeción de la SEC a la Asociación con Celsius
Suzuki Shillsalot 2mo 3 Celsius creditors vote in favor of reorganization plan
Charles Thuo 2mo 3 Shiba Memu presale hits $3.2M as Celsius’ creditors approve reorganization plan
Qadir AK 2mo 2 SEC’s Objection to Celsius Network’s Bankruptcy Plan Under Scrutiny
Mustafa Mulla 2mo 2 Celsius Approves the Restructuring Plan!
Cristian Lipciuc 2mo 4 SEC Concerned About Coinbase’s Deal With Celsius: Report
Amitoj Singh 2mo 3 Celsius' Bankruptcy Nears End as Creditors Approve Reorganization Plan
Ronaldo Marquez 2mo 2 Coinbase Faces SEC Scrutiny Amid Celsius Network Bankruptcy Controversy
Alex Lari 2mo 2 Celsius Faces SEC Backlash Over Bankruptcy Plan
Kelvin Munene Murith 2mo 2 Breaking: Celsius Creditors Favor Crypto Reimbursement Plan with 98% Vote
Tom Mitchelhill 2mo 2 Celsius creditors vote in favor of reorganization plan
Mike Dalton 2mo 2 SEC objects to Coinbase’s proposed role in Celsius bankruptcy plan
Mathew Di Salvo 2mo 2 SEC Objects to Coinbase's Role in Celsius Bankruptcy Distribution Plan
Turner Wright 2mo 2 SEC raises concerns over Coinbase in objection to Celsius restructuring plan
Priya NV 2mo 2 US SEC raises concerns over Coinbase providing services to Celsius
Mustafa Mulla 2mo 2 SEC Opposes Celsius Plan for Coinbase in Bankruptcy Restructuring!
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 2mo 3 TechCrunch founder Arrington steps down from new Celsius board over constitution disagreement
Scott Cook 2mo 3 Arrington resigns from the Board of Directors of Celsius
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 2mo 3 Celsius bankruptcy plan faces backlash from retail crypto borrowers claiming institutional bias
Martin Young 2mo 2 Celsius creditors flag renewed phishing attacks ahead of bankruptcy plan
Steven Stradbrooke 2mo 2 Former Celsius exec strikes deal, agrees to testify against CEO Alex Mashinsky
Suzuki Shillsalot 2mo 3 Crypto firms Celsius and Core Scientific settle dispute
Elena R 2mo 2 Celsius and Core Scientific Reach $45 Million Deal to Settle Mining Dispute
Todd Groth, CFA 2mo 2 Core Scientific agrees to sell Cedarvale mining site to Celsius for $14M
Kelvin Munene Murith 2mo 2 Just In: Celsius and Core Sci Agree on $14M Litigation Settlement Deal
Turner Wright 2mo 2 Celsius and Core Scientific propose $14M settlement for litigation
Nivesh Rustgi 2mo 2 Celsius Exec Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Cooperate in Case Against CEO
Joseph Alalade 2mo 2 Ex-Ejecutivo de Celsius, se Declara Culpable y Coopera con la Investigación en EE.UU.
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 2mo 1 Celsius to purchase $45M Core Scientific mining facility as part of bankruptcy settlement
Mustafa Mulla 2mo 2 Celsius and Core Scientific Reach $45 Million Settlement in Mining Dispute!
Wayne Jones 2mo 2 Ex-Celsius Network Exec Cohen-Pavon Pleads Guilty
Jack Schickler 2mo 2 Celsius, Core Scientific Resolve Acrimonious Mining Dispute With $45M Deal
www.financemagnates. 2mo 2 Celsius' Fraud and Price Manipulation: Former Chief Revenue Officer Pleads Guilty
Qadir AK 2mo 3 Celsius Network’s Chief Revenue Officer Pleads Guilty to Crypto Manipulation
Kelvin Munene Murith 2mo 2 Breaking: Ex-Celsius Chief Pleads Guilty to Crypto Charges
Turner Wright 2mo 2 Former Celsius exec pleads guilty to criminal charges
Kari McMahon 2mo 1 Former Celsius Executive Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges: Report
Jacob Oliver 2mo 2 Former chief revenue officer at Celsius pleads guilty to four criminal charges
Reynaldo Marquez 2mo 2 BREAKING: Ex Celsius Executive Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charges
Conor Devitt 2mo 2 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Asks Court To Dismiss FTC’s Fraud Charges
Samuel Edyme 2mo 3 Ex-Celsius CEO Challenges FTC: Seeks Dismissal Of Lawsuit, Here’s Why
Suzuki Shillsalot 2mo 1 Former Celsius CEO seeks dismissal of FTC case
Prashant Jha 2mo 2 Former Celsius CEO Mashinsky seeks dismissal of FTC case
Lipika Deka 2mo 3 Celsius’s Alex Mashinsky vs. FTC Legal Battle Heats Up
Andrew Asmakov 2mo 2 Former Celsius Boss Mashinsky Seeks to Have FTC Case Dropped
Mustafa Mulla 2mo 1 Celsius’s Founder Seeks Dismissal of the FTC Case Against Him!
Jack Schickler 2mo 0 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Seeks to Quash U.S. FTC Case
www.financemagnates. 2mo 2 Former Algorand CEO Steve Kokinos Appointed CEO of Firm Acquiring Celsius
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 2mo 2 New Celsius 2.0 company board proposal released, led by former Algorand CEO
Connor Sephton 2mo 1 Ex-Algorand Boss Steve Kokinos Tapped as CEO for Firm Buying Celsius
Mustafa Mulla 2mo 2 Former Algorand CEO Appointed as CEO of Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius!
Jack Schickler 2mo 2 Steve Kokinos, Creditors Named to Run Celsius 2.0
James Field 3mo 1 Celsius ex-CEO Alex Mashinsky’s home, assets frozen amid ongoing legal battles
Chayanika Deka 3mo 1 Celsius Network Files ‘Adversary Complaint’ Against EquitiesFirst to Recoup Assets
Afroz Ahmad 3mo 1 Celsius Network Presenta una Demanda Contra Equities First
Tom Mitchelhill 3mo 1 Celsius Network files 'adversary complaint' against EquitiesFirst
Krisztian Sandor 3mo 1 Celsius Network Files 'Adversary Complaint' Against EquitiesFirst to Recover Assets
www.financemagnates. 3mo 0 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky’s Assets Frozen amid Ongoing Legal Battle
Mathew Di Salvo 3mo 1 Ice Cold: Feds Freeze Celsius Founder Alex Mashinsky's Assets
Kelvin Munene Murith 3mo 2 Breaking: Court Freezes Former Celsius CEO Mashinsky’s Assets
Kari McMahon 3mo 2 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky’s Assets Frozen in DOJ Case
Charles Thuo 3mo 2 Celsius (CEL) price remains strong even as ex-CEO assets get frozen
Shayan Chowdhury 3mo 2 Ex-Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Faces Financial Freeze By U.S. Court Amid Ongoing DOJ Investigation
Mustafa Mulla 3mo 2 Ex-Celsius CEO Charged, CEL Token Holders Eye Asset Sale!
Jack Schickler 3mo 1 Ex-Celsius CEO Mashinsky's Assets Ordered Frozen by Court as DOJ Case Continues
Joseph Alalade 3mo 2 US Bitcoin Corp (USBTC) Llega a un Acuerdo con Celsius, para Albergar a 8.500 Mineros de BTC
Wajeeh Khan 3mo 2 US Bitcoin Corp announces a deal with Celsius Network
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 3mo 2 US Bitcoin Corp to host 8,500 of Celsius’ mining rigs as part of asset management deal
Varinder Singh 3mo 2 Just-In: US Bitcoin Corp Signs Major Deal With Celsius Network
Business Wire 3mo 1 US Bitcoin Corp (USBTC) Secures Deal with Celsius to Host 8,500 Miners at the Alpha Site
Best Owie 3mo 2 Celsius Asks Users To Update Personal Info, Is It Time For Crypto Distribution?
Kelvin Munene Murith 3mo 2 Breaking: Judge Denies Separate Class for Celsius Stakeholders
Tristan Greene 3mo 2 Judge denies stakeholders request for representation in Celsius bankruptcy case
Jack Schickler 3mo 2 Celsius Token Holders Lose Bid to Hike CEL Valuation
Assad Jafri 3mo 2 Celsius set to vote on asset sale plan after court approves disclosures
Scott Matherson 3mo 2 Celsius Creditors Could Recoup Up To 85% Of Holdings If New Proposal Is Approved
Mustafa Mulla 3mo 1 Celsius to Sell Assets to Fahrenheit!
Jack Schickler 3mo 1 Celsius Creditors to Vote on Bankruptcy-Escape Plan After Judicial Approval
Business Wire 3mo 1 Celsius Disclosure Statement Approved by Court
Qadir AK 3mo 1 Did Celsius filing last year expose customer’s personal details? New report suggests ‘risk of identity theft’
Sunil Sharma 3mo 1 Author Makes Shocking Revelations In $4.7 Billion Celsius Network Settlement
Scott Matherson 3mo 1 Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Turns To Customer Vote Following Court Approval
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 3mo 1 Celsius Approved to Send Adjusted Bankruptcy Plan to Creditors (Report)
Bhushan Akolkar 3mo 1 Celsius Networks’ Creditors Refuse $2 Billion Repayment Plan, Here’s why
Samyuktha Sriram 3mo 0 Celsius Users to Vote on Restarting as Creditor-Owned Company
Derek Andersen 3mo 0 Celsius customers to vote on settlement plan with Fahrenheit after judge gives okay
Nayazunissa 3mo 1 Insolvent Celsius Network Announces App Discontinuation
Brian Bollinger 3mo 1 Celsius Network Announces App Shutdown Amid Financial Turmoil
Scott Matherson 3mo 1 Bankrupt Celsius Network Reveals Plan To Shut Down App, Here’s Why
Martin Young 4mo 1 Weekend Wrap: Celsius’ Mashinsky fraud suit is on, Tether class suit dismissed and more
Nayazunissa 4mo 1 Judge Greenlights Fraud Lawsuit Against Celsius Founder
Monika Ghosh 4mo 2 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky loses motion to dismiss civil fraud lawsuit
Null Transaction PR 4mo 1 Robinhood and Celsius might be forced to sell millions of Cardano (ADA), Avorak AI Algo warns
Samyuktha Sriram 4mo 1 U.S. DOJ Has Until October to Process Evidence Against Celsius’ Mashinsky
Gavin Lucas 4mo 1 Celsius Network victims could see funds before end of 2023: WSJ
Mustafa Mulla 4mo 1 DOJ Requests Time to Gather Evidence Against Celsius Founder Alex Mashinsky.
Mark Peterson 4mo 1 Hodler’s digest: XRP not a security, Celsius CEO arrested, InQubeta presale breaks $1.7M mark
Rhodilee Jean Dolor 4mo 0 Embattled Crypto Lender Celsius Reaches Settlement To Resolve Claims Worth Over $78,000,000,000
Prashant Jha 4mo 1 What criminal charges for Celsius ex-CEO mean for crypto industry
Abiodun Oladokun 4mo 3 Celsius: CEL rallies as bankrupt lender reaches settlement with its creditors
Benson Toti 4mo 1 Celsius reaches key settlements in bankruptcy proceedings
Ana Paula Pereir 4mo 1 Celsius Network reaches settlements to exit bankruptcy
Monika Ghosh 4mo 1 Celsius reaches settlement that will enable users to receive assets by year-end
Imran 4mo 2 Insolvent Celsius Network Lures Creditors With Extra 5% Deal
Qadir AK 4mo 1 Celsius Network’s Bankruptcy Saga: A Generous 5% Bonus Settlement Stuns Crypto Realm
Prashant Jha 4mo 1 Celsius could repay all USD claims if Bitcoin, Ether prices rose by 2X: Simon Dixon
Samyuktha Sriram 4mo 1 Celsius Allocates $24 Million to Legal Expenses From GK8 Sale
Best Owie 4mo 1 Celsius To Sell Self-Custody Platform For 78% Loss, But It Gets Worse
Chayanika Deka 4mo 1 Celsius Reaches $25 Million Settlement with Series B Holders for GK8 Sale Proceeds Allocation
Aditya Anand 4mo 1 Celsius To Settle Bankruptcy Case With Shareholders By Paying $25 Million
Shayan Chowdhury 4mo 1 XRP Security Verdict Unlikely To Affect Celsius Bankruptcy Proceedings: Legal Insights Revealed
Jack Schickler 4mo 1 Ripple Court Ruling Unlikely to Impact Celsius Wind-Up, Crypto Lender’s Counsel Says
Suzuki Shillsalot 4mo 1 Celsius to spend $25 million from GK8 sale on legal expenses
Qadir AK 4mo 1 Celsius Sells GK8 for $25 Million, and Spends 96% on Legal Fees!
Qadir AK 4mo 1 Celsius Bankruptcy Case: $24M from GK8 Sale to Be Utilized for Legal Fees
Imran 4mo 1 Celsius Creditors Agree on $25 Million Disbursement Plan
Helen Partz 4mo 1 Bankrupt Celsius to spend $24M from GK8 sale on legal expenses
Christian Encila 4mo 1 Celsius Begins Crypto Dump: $63 Million Sent To Exchange For Repayments
Sam Reynolds 4mo 1 Celsius Estate Settles With Series B Holders Over Proceeds of GK8 Sale
Abiodun Oladokun 4mo 0 CEL dawdles further as Celsius commences the sale of its altcoins
Benson Toti 4mo 1 MATIC, LINK, AAVE among $59M worth of altcoins moved by Celsius
Shayan Chowdhury 4mo 1 Celsius Sends Nearly $60M In Altcoins To Exchange! Is Altcoin Pressure Building Up?
Krisztian Sandor 4mo 0 Celsius Moves $59M of Altcoins in Possible Prelude to Converting Into BTC, ETH
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 4mo 1 Bankrupt Celsius transfers $24M worth of altcoins to FalconX, OKX
Dalmas Ngetich 4mo 0 Celsius Is Selling, More Pain For BNB, LINK, And SNX?
Daniel Jensen 4mo 1 Celsius lawyers is having a smorgasbord, they are the only winners here
Anshuman Roy 4mo 1 Celsius Dumps Altcoins Worth $25M Days After CEO’s Arrest
Aishwarya shashikuma 4mo 1 Bankrupt Celsius Begins Liquidating Altcoins for BTC and ETH
Nayazunissa 4mo 1 Insolvent Celsius Network Converts $25 Million Worth of Altcoins
Crypto Beat 4mo 1 Founder of Cryptocurrency Lending Platform Celsius Network Arrested
Editorial Staff 4mo 1 XRP is not a security, Celsius CEO arrested on criminal charges, and more: Hodler’s Digest, July 9-15
Turner Wright 4mo 1 Everything that's happened with Celsius and Alex Mashinsky so far
Zhiyuan Sun 4mo 0 3AC co-founders' OPNX exchange onboards FTX, Celsius bankruptcy claims
James Field 4mo 1 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky arrested and charged with fraud
Aditya Anand 4mo 1 FTX And Celsius Bankruptcy Claims Go Live On Su Zhu’s Open Exchange
www.financemagnates. 4mo 1 Celsius’ Founder Alex Mashinsky Pleads Not Guilty, Bail Set at $40M
Benson Toti 4mo 1 Celsius founder Alex Mashinsky’s bail set at $40 million
Naga Avan-Nomayo 4mo 1 Celsius Founder Alex Mashinsky Issued $40 Million Bail In DOJ Fraud Case
Jack Schickler 4mo 1 How the Celsius Affair Plays Into the U.S. Crypto Regulatory Debate
anushsamal 4mo 1 Celsius Founder Alex Mashinsky Pleads Not Guilty, Granted Bail
Oliver Knight 4mo 0 FTX, Celsius Bankruptcy Claims Can Now Be Sold on OPNX
Trevor Holman 4mo 1 Celsius Network and Alex Mashinsky face SEC fraud accusations
Andrew Asmakov 4mo 1 Court Sets Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky’s Bail at $40M
Ezra Reguerra 4mo 1 Celsius 'pleased' with resolutions amid $4.7B FTC fine
Crypto Beat 4mo 1 Former Celsius CEO Arrested
Nayazunissa 4mo 0 Founder and Former CEO of Celsius Granted Bail on $40M Bond
Jordan Lyanchev 4mo 1 US FTC Orders Celsius to Pay $4.7 Billion in Fines But There’s a Catch
Samyuktha Sriram 4mo 1 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested in New York
Mathew Di Salvo 4mo 1 Unpacking the Federal Lawsuits Against Celsius Network and Its Ex-CEO
Mehron Rokhy 4mo 1 Founder of Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Network Alex Mashinsky Arrested and Charged With Fraud
Nick Baker 4mo 1 Celsius Reorganization Not Affected by $4.7B Settlement With U.S., Bankrupt Crypto Lender Says
Krisztian Sandor 4mo 1 Celsius Moves $64M in LINK, MATIC, AAVE and Altcoins Following Court Permission to Sell Tokens
Ronaldo Marquez 4mo 1 FTC Drops The Hammer On Celsius Network With Historic $4.7 Billion Fine
Daniel Kuhn 4mo 1 Celsius Sold Lies to Sell CEL Tokens
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 4mo 1 Federal Trade Commission settles with Celsius for $4.7B fine; permanently bans company from all trading activities
Priya NV 4mo 1 This is how much Celsius Network agreed to pay FTC to settle the case
www.financemagnates. 4mo 1 Celsius Hit with Multiple Lawsuits as Founder Alex Mashinksy Is Arrested
Brenda Ngari 4mo 1 Ex-Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested As SEC, CFTC, FTC File Lawsuits Against Insolvent Crypto Lender
Mathew Di Salvo 4mo 1 Feds Arrest Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky and File Criminal Charges
Turner Wright 4mo 1 US Attorney’s Office announces charges against former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky
Shanawaz 4mo 1 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested Amid Ongoing Investigation
Emily Tonelli 4mo 1 FTC Banned Celsius from Handling Customer Assets
Emily Tonelli 4mo 1 Celsius Ex-CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested and Sued by SEC
Charles Thuo 4mo 1 US Federal Trade Commission slaps Celsius Network with $4.7B fine
Andrew Throuvalas 4mo 1 SEC Names No Cryptocurrencies Other than CEL Securities in Fresh Filing
Amitoj Singh 4mo 1 Ex-Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky arrested, sued by three regulators
Charles Thuo 4mo 1 CEL price takes another hit, US SEC files lawsuit against Celsius
Zhiyuan Sun 4mo 1 Breaking: Celsius Network fined $4.7B by FTC
Varinder Singh 4mo 1 Breaking: Alex Mashinsky Arrested As US SEC, DOJ, CFTC And FTC Filed Lawsuits Against Celsius Network
Mohammad Ali 4mo 1 Former Celsius Network CEO Arrested Following Securities Fraud Accusations
Reynaldo Marquez 4mo 1 BREAKING: Former Celsius CEO Arrested, SEC Files Lawsuit
Qadir AK 4mo 1 Breaking: SEC Files Lawsuit Against Celsius Network, CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested
Divyanshi Seth 4mo 1 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested on Securities Fraud Charges
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 4mo 1 Celsius’s Mashinsky arrested, SEC files securities fraud charges – reports
Liam J. Kelly 4mo 1 SEC Sues Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Network and CEO Alex Mashinsky
Naga Avan-Nomayo 4mo 1 BREAKING! SEC Sues Celsius And Founder Alex Mashinksy
Helen Partz 4mo 1 US SEC files lawsuit against Celsius and Alex Mashinsky: Report
Prashant Jha 4mo 1 Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky reportedly arrested
George Georgiev 4mo 1 Ex-Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Arrested, SEC Files Against Celsius (Report)
Qadir AK 4mo 1 SEC Sues Celsius Network and Alex Mashinsky
Sandali Handagama 4mo 1 SEC Sues Bankrupt Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky Over Securities Fraud
Mohamed Faisal 4mo 1 Insolvent Celsius Network Files $2B Lawsuit Against Alameda Research
Qadir AK 4mo 1 Celsius Network Initiates Legal Battle: Seeks $2 Billion in Claim Against FTX
Mehron Rokhy 4mo 1 Celsius Alleges Liquid Staking Platform StakeHound Owes It $150,000,000 in New Lawsuit
anushsamal 4mo 1 Celsius Takes Legal Action Against StakeHound For Withholding $150 Million
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 4mo 1 Celsius files lawsuit to recover $150M crypto assets from StakeHound
Emily Tonelli 4mo 1 Celsius Sues StakeHound Over Alleged $150M Token Misplacement
Prateek Arora 4mo 1 Celsius Lawsuit Against StakeHound Claims $150 Million In Missing Tokens
Abiodun Oladokun 4mo 1 Crypto lender Celsius sues liquid staking platform StakeHound to…
Chayanika Deka 4mo 1 Celsius Slaps StakeHound With Lawsuit Over Failure to Return $150M in Crypto
Alys Key 4mo 2 Bankrupt Celsius Demands StakeHound Return $150M in Ethereum, Polygon and Polkadot
Ezra Reguerra 4mo 1 Celsius files lawsuit to recover $150M from staking platform StakeHound
Sam Reynolds 4mo 1 Celsius Sues StakeHound for Failing to Return $150M Worth of Tokens
Ammar Raza 5mo 1 Altcoin Market Turmoil: Celsius Liquidations Raise Concerns Of Liquidity Crisis
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 5mo 1 Celsius’s bankruptcy-induced liquidation plans could pressure overall crypto market: Kaiko
Rhodilee Jean Dolor 5mo 1 Alex Mashinsky Violated the Law Prior to Collapse of Celsius, According to Regulators: Report
James Field 5mo 1 CFTC concludes that Celsius and former CEO broke US rules
Abdul 5mo 2 CFTC Reports Insolvent Celsius and Former CEO of Violating U.S. Rules
Victor Olanrewaju 5mo 3 Celsius Network set to convert altcoins into BTC and ETH
Scott Matherson 5mo 2 CFTC Investigators Conclude Celsius And Former CEO Violated Rules, Potential Case Looms
Jimmy Aki 5mo 2 CFTC Investigators Find Celsius, Former CEO Guilty of Regulatory Breach
Charles Thuo 5mo 2 CEL falls after Celisus Network and its former CEO found guilty
Jitender 5mo 3 CFTC may sue bankrupt crypto lender Celsius
Christian Encila 5mo 3 Celsius And Ex-CEO Mashinsky Violated US Regulations, CFTC Rules
Andrew Asmakov 5mo 2 CFTC Mulls Filing Fresh Case Against Celsius Network, Former CEO Mashinsky: Report
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 5mo 3 CFTC to find Celsius and Former CEO Mashinsky violated US rules, Bloomberg reports
Jordan Lyanchev 5mo 3 Celsius and Former CEO Alex Mashinsky Violated US Law, Says CFTC Spokesman
Jake Simmons 5mo 2 Celsius Starts Swapping Altcoins for Bitcoin, ETH; Chainlink, Aave, Others At Risk
Sam Reynolds 5mo 2 Celsius, Ex-CEO Alex Mashinsky Broke CFTC Rules: Bloomberg
Bhushan Akolkar 5mo 3 CFTC Concludes Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Broke Rules, Lawsuit Coming?
Lipika Deka 5mo 3 Celsius: Federal Lawsuit Looms Over Crypto Lender After CFTC Findings
Aditya Anand 5mo 2 CFTC Finds Celsius And Alex Mashinsky Guilty Of Breaking US Rules
Samyuktha Sriram 5mo 2 CFTC Concludes Former Celsius CEO Mashinsky Broke Rules Before Firm’s Collapse: Report
Tom Mitchelhill 5mo 2 Celsius founder Alex Mashinsky broke US rules, say CFTC investigators: Report
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 5mo 2 Celsius moves altcoins to new wallets in preparation for Bitcoin and Ethereum conversion
Samyuktha Sriram 5mo 1 Celsius to Convert All Altcoins to Bitcoin and Ethereum
Mehron Rokhy 5mo 1 US Judge Grants Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Greenlight To Convert Altcoins Into Bitcoin and Ethereum
Ammar Raza 5mo 1 Celsius Granted Permission To Convert Non-BTC & Non-ETH Cryptocurrencies
Christian Encila 5mo 2 Altcoin Holders Find Relief As Bankrupt Celsius Allows Conversion To BTC, ETH
Abiodun Oladokun 5mo 1 Celsius Network: Here’s why CEL skates on thin ice
Amaka Nwaokocha 5mo 2 Celsius Network approved to convert altcoins into BTC or ETH
BtcCasey 5mo 1 Failed crypto lender Celsius gets judge OK to convert altcoins to bitcoin, ether
Andrew Throuvalas 5mo 1 Celsius Will Begin Selling Altcoin Portfolio Into BTC and ETH
Abdul 5mo 1 Court Allows Celsius Network To Convert Altcoins to BTC or ETH
Danny Nelson 5mo 2 Celsius to Potentially Sell More Than $170M in ADA, MATIC, SOL and Altcoins for BTC, ETH
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 5mo 1 Celsius granted court approval to convert altcoins into Bitcoin and Ethereum
Godfrey Benjamin 5mo 1 Just In: Celsius Network Greenlighted to Convert Altcoins into BTC or ETH
Benson Toti 5mo 1 Court allows Celsius to sell altcoins for BTC, ETH starting July 1
Shayan Chowdhury 5mo 2 Bankrupt Celsius Will Convert Altcoins Into BTC, ETH Starting Tomorrow! Will LTC And BCH Prices Decline After Recent Surge
Jack Schickler 5mo 2 Bankrupt Celsius Can Convert Altcoins to BTC, ETH Starting July 1 Following SEC Talks

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