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Vinicius Barbosa 15h 1 Orbs invests $600K to improve a BNB Chain DEX protocol
Cointelegraph by Zhi 18h 1 Developers of Bitcoin sidechain MVC prepare for BRC-20 DEX launch
José Gutiérrez 3d 1 Hashflow 2.0 Ofrece una Experiencia Comercial DeFi Superior con Soporte para Solana y Agregación DEX
Reza Jafery 3d 1 Ethereum DEX Matcha Aims to Make It Easier to Trade Assets Across Chains
Assad Jafri 8d 3 KyberSwap hacker demands full control over the DEX at ‘fair valuation’
Christinapaul 8d 3 Building a DEX Platform: A Comprehensive Guide for Startups on Decentralized Exchange Development
Brayden Lindrea 9d 3 KyberSwap DEX hacker sends an on-chain message: Be nice, or else
Daily Hodl Staff 10d 3 Whales Start Shifting DEX Token Ahead of Massive $505,500,000 Unlock
News Team 11d 3 Top of the Swaps – Which ‘Swap’ is the Best DEX Coin? Can it Compete with $GFOX?
Himalay Patel 12d 3 Optimism: DEX volumes surge, is this the reason why?
Mishal Ali 12d 3 Solana’s November Rally: $71B USDC Transfers, Record DEX Trading
Arslan Tabish 12d 3 Optimism’s DEX Hits Record $12 Billion Weekly Volume After KyberSwap Attack: Report
Will Izuchukwu 14d 1 Decentralized Triumphs And How To Pick The Best DEX To Use
www.financemagnates. 15d 3 Algebra DEX Engine Introduces 'Integral' & its Sushi Integration Proposal
Chainwire 15d 3 Algebra DEX Engine Introduces ‘Integral’ & its Sushi Integration Proposal
Suzuki Shillsalot 15d 2 KyberSwap DEX shaken by alleged $47 mln exploit
Chainwire &# 15d 5 Bitget marks exclusive listing of PLEXUS (PLX) token: Propelling cross-chain DEX aggregator to the forefront
PR DESK 15d 2 Bitget announces exclusive listing of PLEXUS (PLX) – positioning as the premier gateway for the revolutionary Cross-chain DEX aggregator
José Gutiérrez 15d 4 KyberSwap DEX sufre un Exploit de $46 millones y el atacante Anuncia negociaciones
Scott Matherson 15d 2 KyberSwap DEX Suffers Multi-Chain Exploit Resulting In $50 Million Loss
Benson Toti 15d 4 DEX protocol KyberSwap hacked for $47 million
Sam Reynolds 16d 3 KyberSwap DEX Hacked for $48 Million, Attacker Teases Negotiations
Martin Young 16d 3 KyberSwap DEX exploited for $46 million, TVL tanks 68%
Himalay Patel 17d 3 How Avalanche's DEX volumes could aid AVAX, moving forward
Blue Ninja 17d 2 The DeFi Trading Revolution: How Cetus Protocol is Pioneering a New Era of DEX
Abiodun Oladokun 17d 3 Solana DEX volume soars $3 billion amidst profit-taking
Lipika Deka 18d 3 Solana Emerges As 2nd-Largest Chain: DEX Trading Volume Spikes 54%
Kent Tenix 18d 3 Solana DEX Trading Volume Spikes 54% In The Last Week, TVL Climbs
Elena R 18d 2 Solana’s Big Win: DEX Trading Hits $3 Billion, Breaking Records
Himalay Patel 20d 2 Avalanche DEX Trader Joe thwarts phishing attempt, details here
José 22d 5 Los DEX de Solana Registran Volúmenes Récord Gracias al Aumento de Precio y Airdrops
Christian Encila 22d 3 Why THORChain Just Exploded 83% To Become 3rd Biggest DEX – Find Out Here
Abiodun Oladokun 23d 1 Uniswap to expand DEX accessibility? What you should know
Lilit Chichyan 23d 1 DYDX Draws 40% Gains in Two Days — Why the Hell This DEX Token is Rallying?
Andjela Radmilac 24d 3 Ethereum and Solana lead DeFi surge as TVL and DEX activity soar
Wayne Jones 25d 3 RUNE Soars 40% Weekly as THORChain Claims 2nd Place in DEX Daily Trading Volumes
guido 25d 2 THORChain es el Segundo DEX Con Más Volúmen de Operaciones
Bhushan Akolkar 25d 3 Filecoin (FIL) Price Jumps 16% Amid Sushi DEX Integration, What’s Next?
Brayden Lindrea 25d 2 THORChain becomes third largest DEX as Rune surges 50% in a week
maximiliano 26d 3 DEX Screener Review: ¿Qué es y para qué sirve esta imprescindible herramienta defi?
Victor Olanrewaju 28d 3 SushiSwap becomes Filecoin’s first DEX, how about FIL?
Mustafa Mulla 28d 3 Sushi Launches First DEX on Filecoin for Cross-Chain Trading!
Qadir AK 28d 2 DEX
Shaurya Malwa 29d 5 Cardano-Based DEX MuesliSwap to Open Refund Site 'Soon' as Some Users Voice Concerns
Sales Wallet 29d 3 RabbitX (RBX): A Scalable, Secure, and Liquid Derivatives DEX on Ethereum
Neeti 1mo 1 Top Crypto DEX Aggregators for 2023
Victor Olanrewaju 1mo 3 Solana DEX Jupiter to introduce token, plans to follow the USDC route
Benson Toti 1mo 4 Derivatives DEX platform Derivio launches mainnet on zkSync Era
Mandy Williams 1mo 3 Solana Surpasses Polygon in Daily DEX Volume Amid Price Rally
Chainwire 1mo 2 Orion Beats Uniswap Tax by Offering 0% DEX Fees and 0.25% on CEX Trades
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 2 Pantera Capital Portfolio Manager Says GMX and One Additional DEX Coin Will Outperform Uniswap (UNI)
Aurora Grace 1mo 2 Secrets of PancakeSwap’s DeFi Success: Your Blueprint for DEX Development
Aurora Grace 1mo 2 A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Your Own DeFi DEX Platform Inspired by PancakeSwap
Jamie Crawley 1mo 3 Pantera, Susquehanna and HashKey Back DEX SynFutures With $22M Funding
Andrew Asmakov 1mo 2 UK's $252B in Crypto Activity Dominated by DEX Trading, NFT Swapping: Chainalysis
Godfrey Benjamin 1mo 2 Just In: Uniswap Founder Unveils 0.15% Swap Fee on the DEX Platform
Michael Nderitu 1mo 1 Thorchain DEX surpasses volume milestone, how did RUNE react?
Turner Wright 1mo 1 Trader Joe’s grocery store files trademark lawsuit against Trader Joe DEX
Anshuman Roy 1mo 3 Mountain Protocol Debuts Stablecoin on Curve Finance DEX
Chayanika Deka 1mo 1 DEX Dominance Sets Mexico Apart, While Argentina and Venezuela Seek Financial Stability in Crypto: Chainalysis
Ronaldo Marquez 1mo 2 Trademark Tussle: Trader Joe’s Grocery Slaps Lawsuit On DEX Trading Platform
Shaurya Malwa 1mo 1 JOE Sinks as Retailer Trader Joe’s Sues Namesake DEX
Hassan Maishera 2mo 2 Thorchain’s THORSwap DEX now in maintenance mode amid illicit activity
Life Coach Ray 2mo 2 Take a look at DEX Coin 1 Factory: Your Comprehensive Guide to a New Era in Decentralized Finance
Life Coach Ray 2mo 3 DEX Coin 1: Pioneering Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Markets with Proof of Value
Himalay Patel 2mo 3 RUNE’s gains become ThorChain’s loss as DEX lures hackers
Abiodun Oladokun 2mo 2 Aptos DEX volumes surge 678% following fake token incident
Tom Blackstone 2mo 4 Pond0x DEX claims $100M in trading volume as critics allege it’s a scam
Aurora Grace 2mo 2 Navigating the Future of Fundraising: A Deep Dive into Initial DEX Offerings and Effective…
ChainWire 2mo 2 Hydranet Launches Layer Three Dex – A Game Changer for Trustless Cross-Chain Trading
Chainwire 2mo 3 Hydranet Launches Layer 3 DEX: A Game Changer for Trustless Cross-Chain Trading
Himalay Patel 2mo 3 Uniswap’s DEX volume declines: What’s next?
Mustafa Mulla 2mo 2 Mauve DEX Goes Live, receives VASP Approval from Cayman Islands!
Mandy Williams 2mo 3 Multi-Chain DEX Sushi Expands to Consensys’ Linea Network
Jay Solano 2mo 1 Sushi DEX Integrates with Aptos Blockchain, Eyes Broader Liquidity
Blockchain Wire 2mo 2 DEX Sushi expands its services to Aptos blockchain
Tom Mitchelhill 3mo 1 Synthetix DEX launch to join efforts reducing the 'serious friction' in DeFi
Krisztian Sandor 3mo 1 Pantera Capital Leads $16.5M Investment in ZK-Powered DEX Brine Fi at $100M Valuation
Dipayan Mitra 3mo 2 PancakeSwap: Will DEX activity help CAKE’s stale price action?
Samyuktha Sriram 3mo 1 Judge Dismisses Class Action Lawsuit Against Uniwap, Rules DEX Isn’t Liable for Scam Tokens
Samuel Edyme 3mo 1 Jamaican Taxis Go Digital As Drivers Gear Up To Embrace Jam-Dex CBDC
Victor Olanrewaju 3mo 1 Fantom DEX volume surges, proves one exit is not the end
Arijit Sarkar 3mo 2 Jamaican taxi drivers bullish on accepting Jam-Dex CBDC
Chayanika Deka 3mo 2 DEX Aggregator 1inch Debuts on Coinbase’s Base Blockchain
Sarala 3mo 3 Beginner Guide: How to Use a Cardano DEX
Opeyemi Sule 3mo 2 1inch Launches DEX Aggregation Protocol On Base Network
Opeyemi Sule 3mo 2 Fantom DEX SpiritSwap On The Verge Of Shutdown? Here’s What Has Changed
Chayanika Deka 3mo 1 Coinbase Layer-2 Solution Base’s Second-Largest DEX Eliminates Vulnerabilities After Exploit
Zhiyuan Sun 3mo 1 Fantom DEX rescued at eleventh hour following planned shutdown
Trevor Holman 3mo 1 Lynex’s DEX goes live on Linea Mainnet on August 16
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 3mo 3 AllianceBlock backed Nexera DEX eyes institutional adoption with decentralized KYC, AML
Nivesh Rustgi 3mo 2 Meme Coin Base DEX RocketSwap Hit by $866K Exploit
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 3mo 2 Regulatory-compliant US Treasury tokens on the rise as DUST launches on Singapore DEX DigiFT
Victor Olanrewaju 4mo 1 Fantom DEX forced to shut down after multichain incident
Shanawaz 4mo 2 DEX MuesliSwap To Reimburse Users for Slippage Issues
Abiodun Oladokun 4mo 1 Solana: DEX volume falls, but a silver lining emerges
Shaurya Malwa 4mo 1 PancakeSwap DEX Deploys on Ethereum Scaling Network Arbitrum in Expansion Drive
Mustafa Mulla 4mo 1 Fantom DEX SpiritSwap is in Search of a new team after running out of Funds!
Martin Young 4mo 2 Cardano DEX MuesliSwap to refund users after slippage confusion
www.financemagnates. 4mo 1 Capital Efficient DEX Dolomite Launches DeFi’s First One-Click Collateral Solution
Himalay Patel 4mo 2 Solana DEX falls victim to $1 mln exploit, details here
Chainwire 4mo 1 Polygon Backs $1.5M Institutional DEX D8X Deal, Betting on Rise From CeFi To DeFi
Shaurya Malwa 4mo 1 Arbitrum's Most Popular DEX Goes Live With New Version Offering DOGE Pools at 40%
The Metaverse Guy 4mo 1 MUX Protocol — Perps DEX and Aggregator
Editorial Team 4mo 1 PancakeSwap Launches on Polygon zkEVM for DEX Functionality
Nivesh Rustgi 4mo 1 LeetSwap DEX Pauses Trading on Base Due to Potential Exploit
Opeyemi Sule 4mo 1 Base’s Largest DEX LeetSwap Stops Trading, Cites Possible Exploit
Jesse Coghlan 4mo 1 Base’s largest DEX LeetSwap halts trading amid exploit concerns
George Georgiev 4mo 1 Leading Base DEX LeetSwap (LEET) Crashes 40% Following Alleged BALD Rug Pull
DeFI Wikipedia 4mo 1 The Future of DeFi: The Prominence of Dex Aggregators
Kikctikcy 4mo 1 Crescent Network to renovate with new features evolving into a Dex with advanced functionalities
Chayanika Deka 4mo 1 DEX Trading Volume Down by 28% in Q2: CoinGecko Report
Daily Hodl Staff 4mo 1 Trader Warns of Steep Decline for One DEX Altcoin, Updates Outlook on Bitcoin and Four Other Crypto Assets
PR Manager 4mo 0 InQubeta (QUBE) versus CAKE and UNI DEX Tokens: Who Wins?
PR Manager 4mo 1 Introducing Bitrock – A Revolutionary Ethereum IBFT 2.0 Side Chain With Multichain DEX Swap
Chainwire 4mo 1 DEX Top Performer Token TET Listed on MEXC Exchange on July 18th, 3 PM UTC
Press Release 4mo 1 DEX Top Performer Token TET To Be Listed on MEXC Exchange on July 18, 2023, at 3:00 PM UTC
ChainWire 4mo 0 Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP Protocol Integrate With Chronos DEX Platform
PR DESK 4mo 1 Kalima Announces Private Sale and DEX Listing After Securing $10M Investment Commitment
ChainWire 4mo 1 Kalima Secures $10 Million Investment Commitment and Announces Private Sale and DEX Listing
anushsamal 4mo 1 New York District Attorney Presses Charges Against Hacker For Exploiting Solana DEX
Olivia Brooke 5mo 1 Ethereum’s Consistent Price Upswing Fueled By Increase In DEX Transaction Volume — Crucial Stage Lies Ahead
Himalay Patel 5mo 1 Can DEX volumes influence Ethereum prices?
Mishal Ali 5mo 1 DEX Transaction Volume Mirrors Ethereum’s Price Surge, Analysis Reveals
David Cox 5mo 1 Verse DEX integrates with KyberSwap
Merlin Lisa 5mo 1 BotSwap Clone Script: Your Ticket to Creating a Cutting-Edge DEX Exchange
Samyuktha Sriram 5mo 2 Why DEX Aggregator 1inch Sold 11,000 ETH
Adewale Olarinde 5mo 2 SOL’s DEX and NFT volume stand out but its TVL tells a different tale…
Kelvin Munene 5mo 1 Flare and aiPX Team Up to Revolutionize Decentralized Trading with Groundbreaking Perpetual DEX
Null Transaction PR 5mo 2 UniSwap is moving up as users move to DEX from CEX, how will Avorak affect PancakeSwap?
PR DESK 5mo 0 Concordex Officially Launches On Concordium, Opening Its Institutional-Focused DEX To The Community
Scott Cook 5mo 0 Concordex delivers its DEX created on Concordium
Chainwire 5mo 1 Concordex Officially Launches Its Institutional-Focused DEX Built On Concordium
Hannah Carter 5mo 1 Palmswap Exchange Announces Launch of V2 DEX on July 5
Brandy Betz 5mo 1 Wintermute Backs DEX Vertex Protocol in Strategic Investment 5mo 2 How To Launch A Token: PEPE And The Power Of The DEX
Adnan Tunçtürk 5mo 1 Enhancing DEX Trading Capabilities- Thena’s Integration of Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP
Business Wire 5mo 1 KuCoin Dorian Vincileoni, collaboration between CEX and DEX will boost Web3 at Proof Of Talk Conference
Imran 5mo 1 BabyDogeCoin Launches Own DEX Dubbed BabyDogeSwap
Gaurav Agrawal 5mo 1 DEXScreener API vs. DEXGuru API vs. Bitquery DEX APIs
Sergey Gorbunov 5mo 1 Every CEX Needs a DEX
Qadir AK 5mo 2 Coinbase CLO Strikes Back: Challenging SEC’s DEX Registration Move
PR Manager 5mo 1 Investors Choose Sparklo (SPRK) Over Uniswap And Curve Dao Token Despite Surging DEX Volumes 
Victor Olanrewaju 6mo 3 Assessing ins and outs of XRP as DEX volume slumps
subhasish 6mo 1 Paradigm Denuncia el Confuso Planteamiento de la SEC Para Redefinir las DEX
JohnVictor 6mo 0 IDO Development: Building the Foundation for a Successful Initial Dex Offering
Henrywilliam 6mo 1 IDO Marketing: Leveraging the Power of Initial DEX Offerings
Jine Angel 6mo 1 Best DEX to Buy in June 2023 Uniswap Tradecurve and Pancakeswap
Jyothsna 6mo 1 DEX Trading Volume Soars by 13.5% in May 2023
Kikctikcy 6mo 2 User friendly Capital Efficient Crescent Dex is upgrading to evolve into a more enhanced Protocol!!
Trader ₿ 6mo 2 Cardano’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Volume Surges with Meme Coin Trading
Lipika Deka 6mo 1 Cardano’s DEX Volume Ascends To The Top
Michael Kalu 6mo 0 Decentralized Trading May Become the New Normal as Kine Protocol, a DEX, Obtains MSB Compliance License in the United States
Qadir AK 6mo 1 Meme-Coin Mania Fuels Transaction Surge On Cardano’s DEX Minswap 
Imran 6mo 1 DEX PancakeSwap Launches Immersive Tower Defense Game
Anjali Sriniwasan 6mo 1 NostrSwap: The game-changing DEX resolving BRC-20 congestion
Shaurya Malwa 6mo 1 Cardano DEX Minswap Sees Volume Jump Driven by SNEK, BANK Meme Coins
Cathrine Williams 6mo 1 Binance DEX Clone Script: Building Your Own Decentralized Exchange
Chainwire 6mo 1 Concordex Launches Testnet of its Institutional-Focused DEX Built on Concordium
Nivesh Rustgi 6mo 1 Synthetix (SNX) trading volume overtakes GMX, but is the DEX token rally sustainable?
Nathan Reiff 6mo 2 What is SmarDex? The DeFi Disruptor Poised to Take Over the DEX Market
Sage D. Young 6mo 0 0x Releases Latest Version of DEX Aggregator Matcha
Qadir AK 6mo 4 DEX Mangrove launches On Polygon Testnet, Goes Live in June 
Nicholas Say 6mo 2 Swaprum DEX Faces Backlash Over Alleged $3M Rug Pull
Ian Allison 6mo 1 DEX Mangrove Launches on Polygon Testnet, Plans to go Live on Mainnet in June
Aparna 6mo 1 Cardano Emerges as Top Performer in DEX Volume Rankings
Conor Devitt 6mo 1 Arbitrum DEX Burns Investors With $3,000,000 Rug Pull Scam, According to Blockchain Security Firm
Brian Quarmby 6mo 3 $3M worth of customer funds swiped via alleged Swaprum DEX rug pull
Mandy Williams 6mo 1 Swaprum DEX Drained in $3M Crypto Rugpull
Coingape Staff 6mo 4 Breaking: Swaprum DEX On Arbitrum Rug Pulls $3M, SAPR Token Crashes 100% | Coingape
Mark Peterson 6mo 1 TMS Network dominates DEX markets, as GMX ups the DeFi ante with Arbitrum & Chainlink
Himalay Patel 6mo 1 BNB traders have reason to rejoice as this DEX development comes to light
Lyllah Ledesma 6mo 1 Weekly DEX Volume on BNB Chain Hits Highest in a Year
Zahir black 6mo 1 The Rise of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX): Understanding the Benefits and Risks
Business Wire 6mo 1 OrBit Markets Executes Trades on New Option DEX Aevo
Cryptowrit3r.x 7mo 1 What is $HERA? More about Hera Finance — DEX Aggregator
Lipika Deka 7mo 3 Shiba Inu’s L2 Gains Adoption In London DEX
Nathan Simone 7mo 0 Dive into SushiSwap: A QuickGuide to the Rising DEX
www.financemagnates. 7mo 1 DX25 Labs Launches Its MultiversX-based DEX on Public Testnet
Zhiyuan Sun 7mo 1 Sui DEX Cetus' IDO oversubscribed by 650%
Sara K 7mo 3 SPONGE Hits $20M Mcap Withinin First 24 Hours After Uniswap DEX Launch – New PEPE in Town?
Suzuki Shillsalot 7mo 2 Ethereum: Shifting tides in DEX dominance and the rise of Layer-2 solutions
Shanawaz 7mo 3 DEX SushiSwap Releases V3 Liquidity Pools on Multiple Networks
Jay Solano 7mo 1 Arbitrum’s Chronos Becomes 8th Largest DEX With Over $200M In Staked Funds
Joseph Alalade 7mo 1 CertiK congela los fondos robados en la «rug pull» de Merlin DEX
Brayden Lindrea 7mo 1 Blockchain security firm freezes $160K stolen in Merlin DEX 'rugpull'
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 7mo 3 CertiK freezes $160k from stolen Merlin DEX funds
Ana Paula Pereira 7mo 9 Arbitrum’s Chronos reaches $217M TVL with staking, becomes 8th largest DEX 7mo 4 CEX vs DEX: Understanding The Differences
Sophia Grace 7mo 2 Binance Dex Clone Script: Revolutionizing Decentralized Exchange
yuvan.t 7mo 1 What is a DEX?
Samyuktha Sriram 7mo 2 Hacker Exploits $1 Million From BNB Chain DEX Level Finance
Kikctikcy 7mo 1 Special features of Crescent Dex’s orderbook Module that makes it a convenient trading platform
Mark Peterson 7mo 1 Turbos Finance prepares for Sui mainnet with Permanent Testnet launch of its concentrated liquidity DEX
Rochelle Manalo 7mo 1 Launchpad Mass Adoption of Web3 New Presale 10x Perpetual DEX Token
Imran 7mo 1 Turbos Finance Announces Permanent Testnet Launch of its Concentrated Liquidity DEX on Sui’s Public Testnet
Charles Thuo 7mo 1 iZUMi Finance closes $22M funding round for its iZiSwap Pro DEX on zkSync Era
Press Release 7mo 1 Veax Labs Launches Advanced NEAR-Based DEX on Mainnet, Introduces Major LP Incentive Program
Abdul 7mo 1 DEX Merlin and CertiK Working on Reimbursement Plan Post Exploit
ChainWire 7mo 1 Veax Labs Officially Launches Advanced NEAR-Based DEX on Mainnet, Introduces Major LP Incentive Program
Mandy Williams 7mo 1 CertiK and zk-Sync DEX Merlin Explore $2M Reimbursement Plan for Rugpull Victims
Benson Toti 7mo 1 DEX aggregator OpenOcean integrates with zkSync Era
subhasish 7mo 1 Vertex lanza una DEX de alta velocidad en la Blockchain de Arbitrum
Onthe_billion 7mo 2 SUIDEX, an innovative blockchain DEX_Ella
Shaurya Malwa 7mo 1 DEX Merlin and CertiK Plan to Compensate $2M to Users Impacted in Rugpull
Andrew Asmakov 7mo 2 'Rogue Developers' Drain Merlin DEX of $1.82 Million
Hermi De Ramos 7mo 1 CertiK, zkSync to launch compensation plan for $2M Merlin DEX exploit
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 7mo 1 CertiK offers Merlin DEX rogue developers 20% white hat bounty
Mandy Williams 7mo 2 zkSync DEX Merlin Exploited for Over $1.8M After Code Audit
Ashfaq 7mo 2 DEX Uniswap Reports $1.5 Trillion Trading Volume Milestone in April
Ali Raza 7mo 1 Over $1.8 million was stolen in a zkSync DEX Merlin attack
Evans Karanja 7mo 4 zksync DEX Merlin Reportedly Hacked for 1.82 Million Immediately After Code Audit
Arturas Skur 7mo 1 DEX on zkSync Era Hacked for $1.82M Right After Code Audit
Imran 7mo 2 zkSync-based DEX Merlin Exploited of $1.82M as per PeckShield
Samyuktha Sriram 7mo 1 ​​Exploit or Rug Pull? $1.8 Million Drained From zkSync DEX Merlin Despite Audit
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 7mo 1 CeriK says it highlighted ‘centralization risks’ in Merlin DEX audit
Shaurya Malwa 7mo 1 zkSync-Based DEX Merlin Drained of $1M During Public Token Sale Despite ‘Audit’
Victor Olanrewaju 7mo 1 Will Tezos [XTZ] continue to depend on NFT and DEX activity
Editorial Team 7mo 1 A CEX-like DEX: Palmswap v1 Launches Perpetual Exchange on BNB Chain 7mo 0 Bitcoin․com Launches VERSE Staking as Ecosystem Token and DEX Heat Up
Naga Avan-Nomayo 7mo 1 Uniswap Community Behind Proposal To Launch V3 DEX On Polygon zkEVM
Carolyna Mavis 7mo 0 Woo Trade (WOO) Surges Over 15% Amid Growing Interest in DEX
Shaurya Malwa 7mo 1 Solana Dog Token Darling Bonk Inu Releases BonkSwap DEX
JohnVictor 8mo 1 Web3 Exchange Development: Develop Your DEX Platform
Samyuktha Sriram 8mo 1 Terra Classic DEX Loses $2 Million in Exploit Days After Launch
Anshuman Roy 8mo 1 DEX Next? US Treasury Implies Decentralized Sector A Threat To National Security
Elizabeth Napolitano 8mo 1 Sushi DEX Recovers 100 Ether After Millions Lost on Weekend Exploit
Sara K 8mo 1 The Best DEX Platforms For High-Volume Traders
Shaurya Malwa 8mo 1 Sushi DEX Approval Contract Exploited For $3.3M
Himalay Patel 8mo 1 How will Uniswap’s rising DEX volume affect UNI? Analyzing…
Mohammad Ali 8mo 1 Trader Joe’s Entered The Top 5 DEX Due To Liquidity Book Model’s Stability On Arbitrum
Nivesh Rustgi 8mo 0 Trader Joe joins top 5 DEX list as Liquidity Book model thrives on Arbitrum
Shaurya Malwa 8mo 1 PancakeSwap DEX Launches Version 3 on BNB Chain and Ethereum
Suzuki Shillsalot 8mo 1 What is driving Trader Joe’s [JOE] recent surge in DEX trading volume?
Unnimaya 8mo 1 Solana DEX Trading Volume Falls, Here Is Why?
Andrew Throuvalas 8mo 1 DEX Volume Unaffected But BTC Outflows From Binance Increase Post CFTC Lawsuit
Shaurya Malwa 8mo 1 BNB Chain-Based DEX Level Finance Votes on Transferring $200M to Treasury
PVMihalache 8mo 1 Innovation or just another common exchange? Exploring the Verse DEX 8mo 1 Bitcoin․com Partners with HAPI to Launch High-Yield Farm on Verse DEX and Enhance Wallet and DEX Security
Suzuki Shillsalot 8mo 1 SafeMoon [SFM]: Hackers say ‘relax’ as DEX loses millions in exploit
Himalay Patel 8mo 1 Avalanche: Can Trader Joe DEX turn things around for AVAX in near-term
Press Release 8mo 1 Mizar Launches Arbitrum Native Token MZR on Camelot DEX
Press Release 8mo 1 StormGain Launches StormGain DEX for User-Friendly Decentralized Crypto Trading
Ashfaq 8mo 1 StormGain DEX Launched by StormGain for Intuitive Decentralized Crypto Trading
Wahid Pessarlay 8mo 1 Solana-based DEX Orca bans US users from trading in its platform
Naga Avan-Nomayo 8mo 1 Perp DEX GMX Considers “Early Mover” Launch On Coinbase’s L2 Base Blockchain
Trevor Holman 8mo 1 Spool partners with Camelot DEX after launching on Arbitrum
Shaurya Malwa 8mo 1 Dfyn Version 2 Goes Live With On-Chain Limit Orders and Enhanced DEX Security
Anjali Sriniwasan 8mo 1 D5 Exchange: Solving DEX issues with Gridex Protocol
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 8mo 1 Arbitrum’s weekly DEX volume touches new ATH
Tom Blackstone 8mo 1 Orca DEX to block US users from trading with its interface
Victor Olanrewaju 9mo 1 Assessing if Uniswap can fight off the Lido heat in DEX supremacy tussle
Shaurya Malwa 9mo 1 Kwenta DEX Lures Traders to Capture Bitcoin, Ether Returns Regardless of Direction
Michael Nderitu 9mo 1 PancakeSwap leads DEX market, but can it eat its CAKE too
PVMihalache 9mo 0 Fantom DeFi #3 — Exploring Spirit Swap: the DEX cooler than Casper!
Danny Nelson 9mo 1 Crypto Startup LI.FI Spins Up Bridge, DEX Aggregator
Press Release 9mo 1 DigiFT DEX Raises $10.5M in Pre-Series A Funding Led by Shanda Group
Shanawaz 9mo 1 Multichain DEX Platform PancakeSwap Announces Release of Version 3
Pavithra 9mo 0 Shibarium’s Official DEX Declared by Shytoshi Kusama
PR Services 9mo 1 DigiFT DEX Raises $10.5M in Pre-Series A Funding Led by Shanda Group
Lipika Deka 9mo 1 This Ethereum L-2’s DEX Stole $100K User Funds
PR Services 9mo 0 DX25 Raises $750K Seed Funding For Advanced MultiversX-Based DEX
Arturas Skur 9mo 0 Arbitrum-Based DEX ArbiSwap Rugs Its Users, $ARBI Plummets 100%
Assad Jafri 9mo 0 Arbitrum-based DEX ArbiSwap rugs users days after launch – token down 99%
Shaurya Malwa 9mo 0 Arbitrum DEX ArbiSwap Rug Pulls Users for Over $100K
Akash Anand 9mo 1 Polkadot (DOT) Leading the Way in Crypto Development, Polygon (MATIC) Whales Move $33.6 Million & TMS Network (TMSN) Being Dubbed the Next Big DEX
Parikshit Mishra 9mo 1 0x Protocol's Token Surges After DEX Partners With RobinHood, Polygon For Tx Relay
Kikctikcy 9mo 1 How Crescent Dex manages to provide decent volumes of Capital Efficient Liquidity
Monique Brelage 9mo 1 Cardano DEX CSWAP Partners with Ape Nation in “Long-Term” CNFT Projects
Sage D. Young 9mo 0 Optimism DEX Velodrome Generates Record Weekly Fees Following Coinbase Announcement
Jocelyn Yang 9mo 0 Coinbase Trade Volume Surpasses Uniswap’s, Countering Expectations for a DEX Surge
David Marsanic 9mo 0 Ref v2 Deep Dive – User-Friendly DEX Trading on NEAR
Cathrine Williams 9mo 0 Initial DEX Offering Launchpad Service — A Beginner’s Guide
Samuel Ken 9mo 1 Pangolin DEX Incorporates Orbs’ dTWAP Order Type, Emerges First Avalanche-based Platform to Support Orbs’ dTWAP
Oliver Knight 9mo 0 DEX Mango Markets Will Alter Multi-Sig Feature to Mitigate Security Threats After $114M Exploit
Anjali Sriniwasan 9mo 1 Introducing D5 Exchange: A revolutionary on-chain order book DEX built on Ethereum
Suzuki Shillsalot 9mo 1 Curve, Uniswap and SushiSwap battle it out as DEX fee keeps declining
Assad Jafri 9mo 1 DEX transaction volume on Arbitrum hits new weekly ATH
Mohamed Faisal 9mo 0 Dex Aggregator Dexible Exploited of $2 Million in Recent Hack
Shaurya Malwa 9mo 1 Market Demand Pushes Trading Volumes on DEX Level Finance Over $1B
Media 9mo 0 NFEX Raises $3M Seed Round to Build NFT Derivatives DEX

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