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Ciaran Lyons 29m 0 FTX debtors object Genesis' 'critical' claim estimate of '$0.00'
Mike Dalton 16h 0 FTX files objection to Genesis after being snubbed in $0.00 claim estimate
Qadir AK 19h 0 FTX’s $3.9B Claim Sparks Major Crypto Clash – Prepare for the Unexpected?
Aditya Anand 1d 0 FTX Objects To Genesis’ Proposed Mediation Extension
Ana Paula Pereir 1d 0 Crypto Biz: Six months on from FTX, Tether mines BTC, and Nvidia’s AI superchips
Thomsonrichard 2d 0 Building a Powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange Like FTX with FTX Clone Script
Derek Andersen 3d 0 SBF wants to subpoena documents from old FTX/Alameda law firm to use in his defense
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 3d 0 FTX has paid over $100M to lawyers and consultants handling its bankruptcy case
Null Transaction PR 3d 0 Crypto-exposed stocks dip with bitcoin on track for worst month since FTX failure
Okoya David 3d 1 FTX Fraud Case: SBF Shifts Blame, Points Finger at Former Law Firm
David Marsanic 3d 0 FTX Collapse Prompts Binance to Offer Bank Custody to Big Clients
Mohamed Faisal 3d 0 FTX Bankruptcy Referred to US Appeals Court for Independent Investigation
Lilit Chichyan 3d 0 Is Caroline Ellison A “Bad Luck Victim” in FTX Crypto Exchange Fiasco?
Samyuktha Sriram 4d 0 Request for FTX Independent Examiner Goes to Court of Appeals
Aditya Anand 4d 3 FTX Prosecutors May Drop Criminal Charges Against Sam Bankman-Fried
Turner Wright 4d 1 US District Judge sends matter of FTX independent examiner to appellate court
Godfrey Benjamin 4d 0 FTX Bankruptcy: Request for Independent Investigator Referred to Court of Appeals | Coingape
Jack Schickler 4d 0 FTX Examiner Appointment Referred to Court of Appeals by District Judge
Suzuki Shillsalot 4d 0 FTX: Why SBF’s case may not be dismissed soon
Qadir AK 4d 0 TrigonX Rises From FTX’s Ashes, All Set To Relaunch
Sohrab Khawas 4d 1 FTX Legal Battle Intensifies: Prosecutors Oppose Motion to Dismiss Bankman-Fried Charges
Martin Young 5d 1 Crypto exchange TrigonX latest to emerge from the FTX rubble
Rudy Fares 5d 2 AI Cryptos Gain BIG as NVIDIA Soars and Shaq Faces FTX Lawsuit?
David Marsanic 5d 2 FTX Losses Prompt State Fund Temasek to Cut Pay
Qadir AK 5d 3 Temasek Slashes Investment For FTX Team
subhasish 5d 0 Temasek Recorta la Retribución de Sus Altos Cargos Por la Fallida Inversión de 257 Millones en FTX
Suzuki Shillsalot 5d 2 FTX’s collateral damage continues, as Singapore’s Temasek announces…
Imran 5d 2 Temasek Holdings Reduces Pay for Group Involved in FTX Investment
Jordan Lyanchev 5d 2 Temasek Slashes Pay for Executives Who Recommended Investing in FTX (Report)
Bhushan Akolkar 6d 4 Singapore’s Temasek Cuts Compensation for Those Who Recommended Investment in FTX | Coingape
Sam Reynolds 6d 4 Singapore's Temasek to Exercise Caution in Crypto Space After FTX Nightmare
Ciaran Lyons 6d 2 Temasek slashes compensation for execs responsible for its $275M FTX investment
Null Transaction PR 6d 1 Can Solana overcome the FTX collapse? Avorak AI provides deep-learning insights
Editorial Staff 7d 1 FTX 2.0 coming up, Multichain FUD and Worldcoin raises six figures: Hodler’s Digest, May 21-27
Samuel Wan 8d 1 OPNX explains why Celsius was prioritized over FTX, others for bankruptcy tokenization
Aparna 9d 1 FTX Financiers and Endorsers Facing the Class Action Lawsuits
Conor Devitt 9d 1 FTX CEO Considering Reboot of Disgraced Crypto Exchange, According to a New Court Filing
Suzuki Shillsalot 9d 1 NBA star Shaquille O’Neal gets served in FTX Lawsuit again
Tadas Klimasevskis 9d 1 Shaq Slapped with FTX & Astral NFT Suit in Former FTX Arena
Deniz Tutku 9d 3 Hotbit vs FTX. Why didn’t they win in a race?
Jesse Coghlan 10d 1 Shaquille O'Neal hit with FTX and Astral NFT suits during NBA game
Aditya Anand 10d 1 Shaquille O’Neal Served In FTX Lawsuit For A Second Time
Jesse Hamilton 10d 1 Crypto Execs Give Washington Influence Another Go With FTX Anchor Around Necks
André Beganski 10d 1 Shaq Hit With Lawsuits Over Solana NFT Project, FTX During NBA Game
Karen Mkrtchyan 10d 1 FTX 2.0 Soon? Bankrupt Cryptocurrency Exchange Pursues Potential Relaunch, According to Court Records
Mandy Williams 11d 1 FTX CEO Suggests Restart Plans for the Exchange in New Compensation Report
Benson Toti 11d 1 FTT price soars amid fresh reaction to FTX reboot news
Brenda Ngari 11d 1 FTX Token FTT Pumps As Holders’ Hopes Of Exchange Reopening Soon Swell
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 11d 1 FTX token jumps 12% after news of possible restart emerges
Okoya David 11d 1 New FTX 2.0 Plans in Court Docs Spark Derision
Andrew Asmakov 11d 1 FTX CEO Charged $1,040 to 'Review And Finalize 2.0 Reboot of Exchange Material'
Prashant Jha 11d 1 FTX 2.0 to launch soon? Court filing shows a reboot plan in the works
Pratiksha 11d 1 FTX 2.0 Confirmed: Rebirth of the Doomed Crypto Exchange FTX?
Jai Pratap 11d 1 FTX 2.0: CEO’s Legal Billings Hint Reboot Of Fallen Crypto Exchange | Coingape
Samyuktha Sriram 12d 1 FTX Token Gains 15% After News of Potential Crypto Exchange Restart
Sam Reynolds 12d 1 FTX CEO's Legal Billings Continue to Hint at '2.0 Reboot'
Aditya Anand 12d 3 News Of FTX 2.0 Reboot Leads To 16% Hike In $FTT’s Price
Coinmonks Team 14d 1 Michael Lewis is all set to Publish Book on FTX’s downfall | Curated CoinCodeCap #20 May 2023
Ashfaq 14d 1 SBF and Top Exec Sued by FTX’s Legal Team Over Embed Acquisition
Imran 14d 1 Acquisition of FTX Subsidiary LedgerX Completed by MIAX
Peter Chawaga 15d 5 ‘Big Short’ Author Michael Lewis On The Financial Crisis, FTX And Bitcoin’s Freedom From Intermediaries
www.financemagnates. 15d 2 Miami International Completes $50M Takeover of LedgerX from FTX
Aditya Anand 15d 2 FTX’s LedgerX Successfully Acquired By M7 Holdings
Charles Thuo 15d 2 Miami International Securities Exchange acquires FTX subsidiary LedgerX
Assad Jafri 15d 2 Scaramucci says market’s ‘overshot to the downside’ after FTX collapse is causing BTC to trade at huge discount
Derek Andersen 15d 7 MIAX completes acquisition of FTX subsidiary LedgerX
Ammar Raza 15d 1 Legal Battle: FTX, Alameda Research Take On Former CEO Over Funds Misuse
Samyuktha Sriram 16d 1 FTX Seeks to Claw Back $240 Million From Embed Acquisition
Tom Mitchelhill 16d 1 FTX pursues $244M clawback from 'wildly inflated' Embed acquisition deal
Mandy Williams 16d 1 FTX Seeks to Claw Back $250M From SBF and Execs in New Lawsuit
Tom Mitchelhill 16d 1 FTX seeks to claw back more than $240M related to Embed acquisition
Aditya 16d 1 FTX Lawyers Launch Legal Action Against Bankman-Fried Over Alleged ‘Worthless’ Fintech
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 16d 0 FTX sues SBF, others over ‘worthless’ fintech company acquisition
Jamie Crawley 16d 0 FTX Units Sue Embed Shareholders, Seek to Retrieve $6.9M
Naga Avan-Nomayo 16d 0 US Trustee Insists On FTX Independent Examiner In Latest Court Filing
Varinder Singh 16d 0 Breaking: FTX Sues Sam-Bankman Fried, Michael Giles, And Silicon Valley VCs | Coingape
Sandali Handagama 16d 0 U.S. Court Asked to Reverse Decision to Not Appoint Independent Examiner in FTX Bankruptcy
Luke Huigsloot 16d 0 FTX leadership sues Sam Bankman-Fried over $220M deal made prior to bankruptcy
Mark Peterson 18d 2 Taylor Swift avoids FTX embarrassment as Uniswap and BNB survive fallout, while TMS Network snags a 1700% gain
Qadir AK 18d 0 Blockfi Says FTX Is One of the Major Driver of Higher Recoveries, Eyes $1 Billion in Recovery
Daily Hodl Staff 19d 0 Oregon Democrats Attempt To Conceal FTX Donation, No Charges Filed by Election Officials: Report
Priya NV 19d 0 This is how much bankrupt crypto lender BlockFi could gain from FTX recovery
Sandali Handagama 19d 0 BlockFi Claims Against FTX, Alameda 'Largest Driver' of More Than $1B in Asset Recoveries, Firm Says
Mike D. 21d 2 Former Executive Backs Up Lawsuit Against FTX Celebrity Promoters
Steve Kaaru 21d 2 Shaq denies being served in FTX lawsuit, says drive-by serving is inadequate
Assad Jafri 22d 1 Ex-FTX compliance chief confirms celebrity promotional activity originated in Florida
Steven Stradbrooke 22d 1 US taxman seeks $44 billion from what’s left of FTX/Alameda
Andrew Asmakov 22d 1 Former FTX Exec Cooperating in Lawsuit Against Celebrity Promoters
Jesse Coghlan 23d 1 Lawsuit against FTX celebrity promoters gets backup from former exec
Mike D. 23d 3 IRS Asserts First Dibs On FTX Bankruptcy Payout To Recover $44 Billion In Taxes
Suzuki Shillsalot 23d 2 U.S. tax authorities seek $44 billion from FTX bankruptcy, details here
Sohrab Khawas 23d 1 IRS Files $44B Claims Against FTX Bankruptcy
Jordan Lyanchev 23d 4 FTX Group Hit With Tax Claims Worth Over $40 Billion
www.financemagnates. 24d 2 US Tax Department Claims $44 Billion from Bankrupt FTX
Nafesha 24d 2 IRS Files $44B Claim Against FTX; FTT and XRP at Risk
Samyuktha Sriram 24d 1 IRS Files $44 Billion Claims Against Bankrupt FTX
Zhiyuan Sun 24d 1 IRS claiming $44B from FTX bankruptcy: Report
Tracy Wang 24d 1 U.S. Internal Revenue Service Files Claims Worth $44 Billion Against FTX Bankruptcy
Jamie Redman 24d 1 FTX Lawsuit Against Shaq Takes a Wild Turn: Court Documents Allegedly Thrown at NBA Star’s Car
PR Manager 24d 0 Bankrupt FTX Closes $50 Million Sale of LedgerX, Amidst Growing Calls for Switch to Hybrid Exchanges
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 24d 1 Binance moves bankrupt Voyager, FTX tokens to innovation zone
Tim Hakki,Stephen Gr 24d 1 FSOC’s Policy Recommendations Could Have Prevented FTX: Deputy Assistant
Steven Stradbrooke 24d 1 FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried seeks dismissal of charges; DCG’s Barry Silbert on the ropes
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 25d 1 NBA Icon Shaquille O’Neal Describes his FTX Summons as ‘Inadequate,’ Seeks Dismisal (Report)
Turner Wright 25d 1 Shaquille O'Neal claims process servers 'tossed' FTX legal papers at his moving car
Press Release 25d 1 FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried urges U.S. judge to dismiss most criminal charges
Brenda Ngari 25d 0 Sam Bankman-Fried Blames ‘Crypto Winter’ For FTX Collapse In Attempt To Dodge Most Fraud Charges
Karen Mkrtchyan 25d 1 FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Wants Court to Dismiss Criminal Charges Against Him
Lubomir Tassev 25d 1 FTX Founder Bankman-Fried Seeks Dismissal of Charges Filed After Extradition
Alys Key 25d 0 Shaq Still Not Served in FTX Lawsuit, Lawyers Claim
Andrew Asmakov 25d 0 SBF’s Defense Seeks to Dismiss Most Criminal Charges Against FTX Founder
Qadir AK 25d 1 FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Files Motion to Dismiss Criminal Charges Against Him
Ashish Kumar 26d 0 Breaking: SBF Attempts To Flee 10 Of 13 Criminal Charges In FTX Case
Lipika Deka 26d 1 FTX: SBF’s Lawyers File Motion To Squash 10 Criminal Charges
Qadir AK 26d 1 FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Seeks Dismissal of Criminal Charges
Samyuktha Sriram 26d 1 FTX Founder SBF Seeks to Dismiss Charges
Nikhilesh De 26d 0 FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried Moves to Dismiss Most Criminal Charges Against Him
Brian Quarmby 26d 1 FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried urges court to dismiss charges
Suzuki Shillsalot 26d 3 Despite China’s crypto ban, citizens continue trading on Binance and FTX
Okoya David 26d 3 Binance Draws FTX Comparisons After Pausing Bitcoin Withdrawals
Anthonia Isichei 28d 2 How FTX Missed a Potential $1 Billion Windfall From SUI Due to Bankruptcy
Emmaculate Nyaboke 29d 1 FTX Gets Greenlight To Sell LedgerX
Nayazunissa 29d 1 U.S Court Approves Sale of LedgerX by FTX for $50 Million
Mathew Di Salvo 1mo 1 FTX Gets Court Approval for LedgerX Sale at Massive Loss
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 FTX Gets Bankruptcy Court’s Approval To Sell LedgerX For $50 Million
www.financemagnates. 1mo 2 Media Giants Ask Court to Release Details of 9M FTX Customers
Turner Wright 1mo 9 FTX bankruptcy judge approves sale of LedgerX
Abdul 1mo 0 FTX Goes All Out To Recover $3.88 Billion From Insolvent Genesis
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 1mo 3 Bloomberg, others ask court to release FTX customer details
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 1 FTX bankruptcy estate seeks to claw back $3.9B from Genesis
Godfrey Benjamin 1mo 1 Top Media Demands Court to Release Data of 9M FTX Customers
Jordan Lyanchev 1mo 3 FTX Attempts $3.9 Billion Clawback from Genesis
Andrew Asmakov 1mo 0 Genesis 'One of the Main Feeder Funds' to Fraudulent FTX Activities, Say Debtors
Shaurya Malwa 1mo 2 Solana Founder Brushes Off FTX Woes, Remains Confident in Crowded Blockchain Landscape
Qadir AK 1mo 0 FTX Seeks to Claw Back $3.9 Billion From Genesis
Brayden Lindrea 1mo 3 Mainstream media renew push for non-US FTX user identities
Samyuktha Sriram 1mo 1 FTX Moves to Claw Back $3.9 Billion From Genesis
Mike Dalton 1mo 2 FTX seeks to claw back $3.9B from Genesis; undersold SUI contracts by 1000x
Mathew Di Salvo 1mo 2 Media Companies Renew Fight to Get Names of FTX Creditors
Jesse Coghlan 1mo 2 FTX seeks to claw back $4B from Genesis in a battle of the bankrupt
Nikhilesh De 1mo 5 FTX Seeks to Claw Back Nearly $4B in Ongoing Bankruptcy Case
Lipika Deka 1mo 9 FTX Legal Expenses Totalled $103M In Q1
Ronaldo Marquez 1mo 1 FTX Bold Move: Sells SUI For $100 Million, Tokens Now Worth $1 Billion
Ronit Batra 1mo 1 Crypto is going back into the hard drive after the FTX scandal
Chayanika Deka 1mo 1 FTX Influencers in Trouble While Advisors Pocket $103M in Q1
Jay Solano 1mo 1 FTX Revival Plan Draws Scrutiny While TMS Network (TMSN) Continues to Rampage Fantom (FTM) And Aptos (APT)
Null Transaction PR 1mo 1 Unraveling the FTX Scandal: The Mysterious Role of BitBoy Crypto
Ciaran Lyons 1mo 1 Crypto influencer named in FTX lawsuit served via tweet
Brayden Lindrea 1mo 1 FTX advisors billed the bankrupt firm for a whopping $103M in Q1
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 2 Solana’s [SOL] DeFi activity inches towards pre-FTX levels thanks to…
Varinder Singh 1mo 1 Breaking: PayPal Announces Crypto Insurance To Protect Investors From FTX-Like Crisis
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 1mo 1 Lawyers, consultancy firms charge bankrupt FTX over $145M in 5 months
Helen Partz 1mo 1 FTX investor Temasek pours $10M in algorithmic currency system Array
Jordan Atkins 1mo 1 FBI raids home of former FTX CEO Ryan Salame
Jason Nelson 1mo 2 Here's How Much Money FTX Really Has Left
Abdul 1mo 1 FBI Raids House of Former Co-CEO of FTX’s Bahamas Subsidiary
Tom Carreras 1mo 1 FBI Raids the Home of FTX Executive Ryan Salame
Jamie Redman 1mo 3 FTX Boss Ryan Salame’s Maryland Home Searched by FBI in Unexplained Raid
James Van Straten 1mo 1 Long-term holders hit all-time high – roughly 5 months after FTX collapse
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 1mo 2 Former FTX Boss Ryan Salame’s House Raided by the FBI (Report)
Samyuktha Sriram 1mo 1 FBI Raids Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame’s Home: Report
Tom Mitchelhill 1mo 1 Former FTX exec Ryan Salame’s home searched by FBI: Report
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 FBI Raids Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame’s Residence
Jason Nelson 1mo 1 FBI Searches Home of Former FTX Exec and Sam Bankman-Fried Ally
Tom Blackstone 1mo 1 'The war room was despondent' — Scaramucci recounts FTX collapse at Consensus
Andrew Throuvalas 1mo 1 CZ Did Not Put FTX Out of Business: Anthony Scaramucci (Consensus 2023 LIVE)
Pratik Bhuyan 1mo 1 Breaking: FBI Raids $4 Mn House Of Top FTX Official
PR DESK 1mo 1 Ex-FTX exec Ryan Salame's home said to be searched by FBI
Elizabeth Napolitano 1mo 0 Scaramucci Recounts Harrowing Final Days of FTX, Visit to Bahamas to See Sam Bankman-Fried
Cheyenne Ligon 1mo 1 Bahamian Prime Minister Doesn’t Regret FTX, Says SBF Put His Country ‘On the Map’ for Crypto
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 1mo 1 FTX confirms plans to restart its Japanese exchange
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 1 Former FTX.US President Brett Harrison Speaks on FTX’s Collapse, Says More Can Be Done To Prevent Next Disaster
Daniel Kuhn 1mo 1 Veteran Crypto Reporter Brady Dale Discusses New FTX Book
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 1mo 1 FTX takes control of NFTs worth over $4M
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 1 Celsius creditors file to subpoena defunct crypto exchange FTX, here’s why
Ezra Reguerra 1mo 1 Celsius creditors demand transparency on 'suspicious' FTX transactions
Varinder Singh 1mo 1 Just-In: Binance CEO “CZ” Reacts To Bloomberg’s Data On His Wealth and FTX
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 Celsius Creditors Want To Subpoena FTX Over Suspicious CEL Trades
Insha Zia 1mo 1 “No Path Forward” for SBF’s Beloved FTX-Owned Storybook Brawl
Brenda Ngari 1mo 1 The Bahamas To Introduce Tougher Crypto Rules After FTX Fiasco
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 1mo 1 The Bahamas to Enforce Stricter Crypto Rules Following the FTX Meltdown (Report)
Naga Avan-Nomayo 1mo 1 Bahamas Readies Stricter DARE Crypto Regulations After FTX Saga
Godfrey Benjamin 1mo 2 Bahamas Calls for Tougher Regulation to Curb FTX-Like Situations
Evans Karanja 1mo 1 Bahamas to Strengthen Crypto Regulations in Response to Recent FTX Collapse
Jack Schickler 1mo 1 Bahamas Seeks to Tighten Its Crypto Laws Following FTX Collapse
Felix Mollen 1mo 1 FTX to Sell LedgerX Exchange for $50 Million Amid Bankruptcy Recovery
Samyuktha Sriram 1mo 1 FTX to Sell LedgerX for $50 Million to Miami Exchange Owner
www.financemagnates. 1mo 1 FTX Sells LedgerX for $50 Million
Jitender 1mo 1 Bankrupt exchange FTX decides to sell LedgerX
Nafesha 1mo 1 Miami International Holdings Agreed to Buy FTX’s LedgerX for $50M
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 FTX Announces LedgerX’s Sale For $50 Million
Jason Nelson 1mo 1 FTX Finalizes $50 Million Sale of LedgerX Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Derek Andersen 1mo 1 FTX sells LedgerX for $50M to affiliate of Miami-based exchange holding company
Mike Dalton 1mo 1 FTX to sell LedgerX to company linked to OPNX controversy for $50M
Kate Irwin 1mo 1 FTX Acquired a Video Game That Sam Bankman-Fried Loved. Now It's Shutting Down
Tracy Wang 1mo 1 FTX's LedgerX Derivatives Exchange Sold to Miami International Holdings in Bankruptcy Auction
Priya NV 1mo 1 FTX debtors announce LedgerX sale agreement
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 1 Small Minority of Democrats Don’t Really Like Crypto Following FTX Debacle, Says Billionaire Mike Novogratz
Ronit Batra 1mo 1 Why regulators are looking to restrict crypto after the FTX scandal
Jitender 1mo 2 I don’t see how it’s possible to restart FTX, says Anthony Scaramucci
Alex Richardson 1mo 2 $190,000,000,000 Teachers Fund Writes Off Massive Crypto Investment Loss After Collapse of FTX: Report
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 1mo 1 Canada’s Largest Pension Fund to Stay Away From Crypto After Writing off FTX Investment
Mandy Williams 1mo 1 SBF Constantly Shaded CZ Before FTX Collapsed: Binance CSO
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 1 Canadian pension fund to avoid crypto after the $95 million FTX loss
Jitender 1mo 1 Former US official Sheridan suggests keeping FTX customer’s info private
Turner Wright 1mo 0 Former US Secret Service Asst. Director: Keep personal info of FTX users private
Andrew Asmakov 1mo 1 Arthur Hayes: Market Makers Knew They’d Be Front-Run on FTX—It Was 'Common Knowledge'
Chayanika Deka 1mo 1 FTX-Linked Project Serum Shilling Shitcoins on Twitter: Report
James Field 1mo 2 California judge combines FTX-related Silvergate lawsuits
Jamie Crawley 1mo 1 Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Will Stay Away From Crypto Investments After $95M FTX Write-Off: FT
Prashant Jha 1mo 1 $190B Ontario pension says no to crypto after FTX investment loss
Varinder Singh 1mo 1 FTX Creditors Lauds Former US Secret Service Agent In Bankruptcy Case
PR Manager 1mo 1 FTX Token Sees Resurgence In Recent Weeks, Learn How Avorak AI Trade Algos Nailed Price Action
Mike Dalton 1mo 1 Ripple, FTX, Tezos leaders affected by Twitter’s blue checkmark removals
Pratik Bhuyan 1mo 2 Crypto Influencer “BitBoy Crypto” Defies Court Order To Appear In FTX Probe
Steve Kaaru 1mo 2 Taylor Swift evaded FTX due to securities violation concerns, lawyer says
Ishika Kumari 1mo 2 BitMart to list 30x memecoin TOADS post FTX asset recovery
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 2 Former FTX US chief Brett Harrison to launch crypto, futures trading hub
Jitender 1mo 1 3 lawsuits claim Silvergate Bank helped FTX to conduct fraud smoothly
Martin Young 1mo 2 Multiple Silvergate lawsuits over alleged FTX ties combined by judge
Kevin Helms 1mo 2 Taylor Swift Rejected Crypto Exchange FTX’s Sponsorship Offer Over Unregistered Securities Concerns
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 FTX US’s Former President Launches Trading Platform For Crypto And Futures
Joseph Alalade 1mo 1 Tribe Capital quiere reactivar el exchange en quiebra FTX: Informe
PR Manager 1mo 1 Will Tron (TRX) or Solana (SOL) Be The Next FTX Victim? Uwerx (WERX) Can Beat Them To Gains
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 1 VC firm Tribe Capital considers pouring new funds into insolvent FTX
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 1mo 1 Tribe Capital Interested in Sponsoring FTX’s Revival Plan (Report)
Coingape Staff 1mo 1 FTT Soars Amid FTX Reboot Speculations
Coingape Staff 1mo 1 Elon Musk Praises Taylor Swift For Not Accepting $100M FTX Deal
Samyuktha Sriram 1mo 1 FTX Reboot Gains Traction With Potential $250 Million Raise From Tribe Capital: Report
Mike Dalton 1mo 1 FTX relaunch could be funded by Tribe Capital
Judith BannermanQu 1mo 1 Tribe Capital considers reviving bankrupt crypto exchange FTX: Report
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 $FTT Jumps 22% After Tribe Capital Shows Interest In FTX’s Reboot
Priya NV 1mo 1 FTX to face the world again? Interest from this venture capital firm shows…
Sandali Handagama 1mo 1 FTX Reboot Plan Attracts Interest From VC Firm Tribe Capital: Report
Pratik Bhuyan 1mo 0 Breaking: Bankrupt FTX Exchange Gets $250M Offer For Relaunch
Anvesh Reddy 1mo 1 Gary Gensler Grilled On Timeline Of US SEC’s FTX Probe, Investor Impact
Helene Braun 1mo 1 Payments Firm Nuvei’s Ties With FTX Questioned in Spruce Point Capital Report
Lubomir Tassev 1mo 1 NBA Hall of Famer Shaq Served in FTX Investor Suit
Chayanika Deka 1mo 1 NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Served in FTX Class Action
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 Celebrities Who Promoted FTX Say Victims Cannot Sue Over Lost Accounts
Assad Jafri 1mo 1 Tom Brady, other celebrities ask court to dismiss lawsuit over promoting FTX
Insha Zia 1mo 1 FTX Lawsuit Catches Up to Shaquille O’Neal at Atlanta Residence
Ashfaq 1mo 1 NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Served Papers in Lawsuit Over FTX Promotion
Steve Kaaru 1mo 1 Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal served FTX lawsuit after 5-month chase
Lipika Deka 1mo 1 FTX: Shaquille O’Neal Caught Up In Lawsuit
Alys Key 1mo 1 Shaq Finally Served in FTX Lawsuit After Months of ‘Running’, Say Lawyers
James Field 1mo 1 FTX influencer BitBoy ordered by court to face allegations of harassment
Amitoj Singh 1mo 1 Shaquille O'Neal Finally Served FTX Lawsuit: Lawyers
Jai Pratap 1mo 1 Shaquille O’Neal Served In FTX Lawsuit, Who Will Be Next?
Guest Author 1mo 1 Uwerx (WERX) is Ready to Soar, Tron (TRX) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Have FTX Risk
Ciaran Lyons 1mo 1 FTX victims' lawyers struggle to serve Shaq
Editorial Staff 1mo 1 FTX considers reboot, Ethereum’s fork goes live and OpenAI news: Hodler’s Digest, April 9-15
Eric Dunne 1mo 1 Bankrupt Crypto Exchange FTX has Recovered $7.3 Billion in Assets – Will FTT Price Pump
Pratiksha 1mo 1 Two FTX Ex-supporters “Make Peace” To Favor Crypto Industry?
Dipayan Mitra 1mo 1 FTX revival: Bulls and bears in tug-of-war as FTT’s future uncertain
Business Wire 1mo 1 Mysten Labs Completes Repurchase of Stake Held by FTX
Jay Solano 1mo 1 Failed Crypto Exchange FTX Sees A Turnaround, Regains Over $7 Billion In Assets
Okoya David 1mo 1 Bitboy to Ignore Court Order in $1B FTX Case
Ana Nicenko 1mo 1 FTT token’s on-chain activity skyrockets amid FTX revival rumors
André Beganski 1mo 1 FTX Token Slides as Holder Hopes of Exchange Reopening Fade
David Marsanic 1mo 1 FTX Restart Plans: Everything You Need to Know
Saeed Ul Hassan 1mo 1 FTX’s FTT Token Skyrockets: Trading Volume Soars 1800% Amid 70% Surge In One Day
Mehron Rokhy 1mo 1 Collapsed Exchange FTX Recovers $7,300,000,000 in Cash and Crypto Assets, Reconsiders Future: Report
Emmaculate Nyaboke 1mo 1 Is FTX Coming Back As Its Recovered Assets Surge To $7.3 Billion
Okoya David 1mo 1 FTT Pump on FTX News Cools Amid Suspicious Whale Activity
Suzuki Shillsalot 1mo 1 FTX recovers $7.3B, might resume operations in 2024, details inside
Jamie Redman 1mo 1 FTX Finds $7.3 Billion in Liquid Assets; Lawyers Consider Rebooting Shuttered Crypto Exchange
Tadas Klimasevskis 1mo 1 Funniest FTX Memes Amid Surreal Exchange Restart Announcement
Lipika Deka 1mo 1 FTX Plans To Resume Operations After $7.3B Fund Recovery
Afroz Ahmad 1mo 1 FTX ha recuperado con éxito activos por valor de 7.300 millones de dólares y se ilusiona con una reactivación.
Charles Thuo 1mo 1 FTX considering relaunching in Q2 after asset recovery
Samuel Wan 1mo 1 FTX’s revival plan draws scrutiny from crypto community
Trevor Holman 1mo 1 FTX eyes recovery of assets with work for the future in process
Imran 1mo 1 Defunct FTX Planning Relaunch in Q2, Recovers $7.3 Billion
www.financemagnates. 1mo 1 Fallen FTX Exchange Recovers Over $7 Billion Thanks to Surging BTC
Qadir AK 1mo 1 FTX Exchange Stages a Comeback and Plans Relaunch, but Can it Regain Public Trust?
Sahana Vibhute 1mo 1 FTT Price Skyrockets as Rounds of FTX Consider Relaunching-How Will This Affect the Crypto Space?
Andrew Throuvalas 1mo 1 FTX’s Recovered Assets Surge to $7.3 Billion, May Restart Exchange in 2024
Jitender 1mo 1 FTX may restarts its services in Q1 2024
Samyuktha Sriram 1mo 1 FTX Could Reopen Crypto Exchange, Recovers $7.3 Billion in Assets
Aditya Anand 1mo 1 FTT Hikes 95% After FTX Hints At Restarting Exchange Using Creditor Funds
Pratik Bhuyan 1mo 1 FTT’s Price Doubles As FTX Considers Reboot; Which Other Affected Coins Will Follow Suit?
Cheyenne Ligon 1mo 1 FTX’s Bankruptcy Lawyers: ‘The Dumpster Fire Is Out’
Assad Jafri 1mo 1 FTX native token spikes over 100% after lawyers tell court exchange could be revived
David Marsanic 1mo 1 FTX Reveals Q2 Relaunch Plans in Roadmap Update: Attorney Dietderich Discusses Assets, Customer Withdrawals, FTX Japan 
www.financemagnates. 1mo 0 US Court Orders FTX’s Alameda Research to Be Repaid $53M Deltec Loan
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 1 FTT Token rockets 100% as crypto exchange FTX considers relaunch
Anvesh Reddy 1mo 1 FTX Recovered $7.3 Billion; Attorney Confirms Relaunch In Q2
Turner Wright 1mo 1 FTX has recovered $7.3B in assets, will consider rebooting exchange in Q2 2023
Cheyenne Ligon 1mo 1 Crypto Exchange FTX Could Reopen, Its Attorney Says; Firm’s FTT Token Surges
Turner Wright 1mo 0 Swiss court gives green light for FTX to sell its European arm
Joseph Alalade 1mo 1 Ren Protocol traslada todos los criptoactivos a los monederos de los deudores de FTX
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Chayanika Deka 1mo 1 FTX EU’s Petition for Swiss Moratorium Proceeding Granted by Court
Paul Mihalev 1mo 1 FTX Europe approved by Swiss court to explore potential sale
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 1mo 1 Swiss court allows FTX to explore sales of European business
Pavithra 1mo 1 FTX Funds Moved to Special Cold Wallet by Ren Protocol

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