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Keshav Verma 3h 1 Solana Rockets Up 14%, But Watch Out For Whale Selling
Mishal Ali 19h 1 Ethereum Hits Highest Since June 2022: Bullish Trends in Whale Wallets
Coingape Staff 21h 1 XRP Whale Moves 45 Mln XRP As Price Plunges, What’s Happening?
Scott Matherson 1d 1 Ethereum Whale With Over $60 Million In Unrealized Profits Moves Coins To Exchange
Coingape Staff 1d 1 Shiba Inu Burn Rate Surges 800% As Whale Moves 4 Tln SHIB, Rally To Continue?
Jose Oramas 2d 1 Ethereum Price in Danger? Dormant Whale Sparks Sell-Off Concerns After Moving $90M Worth of ETH to Kraken
Newton Gitonga 2d 2 Mysterious Bitcoin Whale Buys Over 10,000 BTC In A Month
Kieth Rean Garcia 2d 1 Whale Giant Burnt 8.2 Billion Shiba Inu, Worth $76,000
Daily Hodl Staff 2d 2 Early Ethereum Whale Address Sends Nearly $90,000,000 to Kraken After Being Dormant for Five Years: On-Chain Data
Mohammad Ali 3d 0 Ethereum’s Resurgence: Whale Transfers $90 Million To Kraken, Stirring Crypto Markets
Bhushan Akolkar 3d 1 Bitcoin Whale Wallets Returning Back to Buying, Bull Market Here to Stay
Adewale Olarinde 3d 2 Ethereum: Whale makes a surprise move, sparks inflows
Cointelegraph by Wil 3d 1 BTC price sets new 19-month high in 'choreographed' Bitcoin whale move
Dipayan Mitra 3d 1 PEPE: What this whale's actions mean for its price prediction
Oliver Dale 3d 1 Sleeping Crypto Giant Awakens: ETH Whale Moves $90M to Kraken
Coingape Staff 3d 2 Whale Moves 24 Mln XRP As Price Nosedives Below $0.62, What’s Next?
Alex Richardson 4d 2 ‘Giant Whale’ Accumulates 41,779 Ethereum (ETH) Worth $76,800,000 Since September: On-Chain Data
Coingape Staff 4d 2 Whale Transfers 24 Mln XRP Amid Price Jump, What’s Next?
Varinder Singh 4d 3 Whale Bags 600 Billion Shiba Inu From Binance, SHIB & Bone Prices Pump 10%
Press Release 5d 3 Coinbase Leads in Bitcoin ETF Arena; Whale Interest in This AI Altcoin Surges
Coingape Staff 6d 4 Chainlink’s Market Cap Soars 143% As Whale Accumulates $50 Mln LINK, What’s Next?
Daily Hodl Staff 6d 3 Whale Accumulates About $187,000,000 Worth of Bitcoin and Altcoins From Binance in Just Three Days: Lookonchain
PR Manager 6d 3 Huge Whale Movements in Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC); Big Upswing for Quant (QNT) & Borroe Finance ($ROE)
Will Izuchukwu 7d 4 Ethereum ($ETH) Marks Noteworthy Surge Towards Yearly High Amidst Positive Whale Activity
Will Izuchukwu 7d 3 DYDX Faces Market Headwinds Amidst Token Unlock Event and Whale Movements
Scott Matherson 7d 4 Mystery Bitcoin Whale Who Bought 10,000 BTC Has Been Exposed
Rupam Roy 7d 4 Ripple Unleashes 1 Bln XRP Amid Price Surge And Rising Whale Activities
Coingape Staff 7d 4 Whale Dumps 300 Mln DOGE to Robinhood Amid Price Upswing
Jason Nelson 8d 3 'Mysterious Whale' Is Accumulating Millions in Bitcoin—Or Is It?
Aishwarya shashikuma 8d 2 Dormant Bitcoin Whale Resurfaces, Transfers $136M: Market on Edge
Daily Hodl Staff 8d 2 Crypto Whale With $158,180,000 Worth of Chainlink Starts Sending LINK to Binance: Lookonchain
Samuel Edyme 8d 1 Bitcoin Alert: $137 Million Moved By Long-Sleeping Whale, Market Braces For Impact
James Van Straten 8d 3 Binance sees whale outflows and retail inflows amidst leadership shuffle
Coingape Staff 8d 4 Suspicious Whale Withdraws $51 Mln Worth ETH, SHIB, And Other Cryptos From Binance
Chayanika Deka 8d 4 Dormant Bitcoin Whale Transfers $137 Million in BTC After 4 Years
Qadir AK 8d 5 Ripple’s XRP Sees Whale Activity Surge and Partnerships Growth Amid Price Fluctuations
Coingape Staff 8d 5 Another Whale Dumps 46 Mln XRP, Price To Tumble Below $0.60 Support Again
Will Izuchukwu 8d 4 ChainLink Just Achieved This Remarkable Milestone In 2023 With Surge In Whale Transactions
Adewale Olarinde 9d 3 Lido Finance: Did these whale movements affect LDO?
Samuel Edyme 9d 4 Whale’s Move: $19.5 Million XRP Shifted To Exchange, Massive Sell Off On The Horizon?
Chayanika Deka 9d 3 Chainlink (LINK) Sees Largest Spike in Whale Transactions for 2023: Data
Daily Hodl Staff 9d 3 ‘Giant Whale’ Accumulates Over $54,000,000 Worth of Ethereum (ETH) Since September: Lookonchain
Vahid Karaahmetovic 9d 3 Chainlink price prediction as LINK sees largest whale activity in 2023
Coingape Staff 9d 4 Whale Dumps 25 Mln XRP To Bitstamp As XRP Price Surges Above Support
Will Izuchukwu 10d 3 Measurable Data Token ($MDT) Surges Over 117% In 7 Days, Hits New Yearly High Despite Whale Activity
Marco Tulio 10d 4 Can XRP Price Hit $1 This December? Major Whale Buys Signal Incoming Full-Blown Mega Rally
PR Manager 10d 4 Ripple’s XRP Could Surge by 30% in Coming Week; Monero & Borroe Finance See Surge in Whale Interest
Coingape Staff 10d 3 Ripple & Whale Move Over 106 Mln XRP As Price Nosedives To $0.6
Dalmas Ngetich 11d 2 Whale Rapidly Stacking Uniswap, UNI To $10?
Keshav Verma 11d 4 Bitcoin Whale Inflow Activity On The Rise: Something To Watch For?
Himalay Patel 11d 3 Why XRP declined despite whale interest
Coingape Staff 11d 4 Whale Dumps Over 25 Mln XRP Amid A Price Slump
Alex Richardson 12d 3 Crypto Whale Profits Over $24,000,000 in Masterful Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Trading: On-Chain Data
Varinder Singh 13d 3 This Whale Astonishingly Becomes Largest Depositor On Ethereum L2 Blast Bridge
Dalmas Ngetich 14d 3 ICO-Era Ethereum Whale Awakens After 3 Years, Transfers ETH To Kraken
Brian Njuguna 14d 2 New Bitcoin Addresses are Edging Closer to Yearly Highs Amid BTC Whale Transactions Going Through the Roof
Mishal Ali 14d 2 Whale Activity Surges: Dogecoin’s $100K Transactions Point To Price Momentum
Coingape Staff 14d 2 Whale Moves Over 50 Mln XRP As Price Continues To Rally
Bhushan Akolkar 15d 0 Dogecoin Institutional and Whale Interest on the Rise, DOGE Price to $0.1?
Keshav Verma 15d 2 Oops: A Bitcoin Whale Just Paid $3.1 Million In Fees
Elena R 15d 3 XRP Witnesses Robust Whale Activity, Transfers 43 Million, Rally To Continue?
Coingape Staff 15d 2 Whale Transfers Over 43 Mln XRP Amid Price Surge, Rally To Continue?
Zameer Attar 15d 2 Binance Coin Price: Whale-Powered Rally; Is BNB Poised for a Strong Market Rebound?
Bhushan Akolkar 15d 2 Ethereum (ETH) Price Back Above $2,000 Amid Whale Accumulation
Dalmas Ngetich 16d 3 Whale Buys $5.5M Of ETH: Will Ethereum Bulls Cruise Past $2,100?
Samuel Edyme 16d 3 Whale Alert: Big Players Scoop Up These 4 Altcoins, On-Chain Data Indicates
Coingape Staff 16d 3 Binance Whale Accumulates 2800 BNB Amid Money Laundering Probe
Coingape Staff 16d 3 Whale Dumps 27 Mln XRP To CEX As Price Nosedives Below $0.6
Alex Richardson 17d 2 ‘Smart Whale’ Sells 636 Bitcoin (BTC) Worth $23,460,000 As Rumors of US Government Enforcement Actions Swirl
Shayan Chowdhury 17d 3 Litecoin Remains In Fear Zone As Weekly Whale Interest Drops! Here’s The Next Level For LTC Price
Dipayan Mitra 17d 2 Litecoin: Why investors should keep a close eye on whale activity
Bhushan Akolkar 17d 2 Chainlink Whale Accumulation on the Rise, LINK Price Rally to Continue
Anshuman Roy 18d 2 Ethereum Whale Activity Indicates 100% ETH Price Rally
Himalay Patel 18d 2 Arbitrum: Will lack of whale interest affect ARB?
Coingape Staff 18d 2 Ethereum Crosses $2000 Amid Increasing Whale Accumulations
Coingape Staff 18d 2 Whale Moves 25 Mln XRP As Community Initiatives Drive Price Surge
Himalay Patel 20d 2 Ethereum: Whale interest in ETH rises, but can it sustain the momentum
Ann Maria Shibu 20d 2 Ethereum price retreats amidst strategic whale moves
Coingape Staff 20d 2 Yearn Finance (YFI) Price Declines Amid Soaring Whale Activity
Coingape Staff 20d 3 Whale Moves XRP In Millions As Analyst Predicts Upcoming Rebound
Qadir AK 20d 2 Ripple’s XRP Price Plummets 5% Amid Whale Transactions and ODL Movements
Elmaz Sabovic 21d 3 XRP whale transactions rise despite 18% price drop; Rebound imminent?
Wayne Jones 21d 2 Bitcoin Whale Activity Soars, Reflecting Renewed Market Confidence
Coingape Staff 21d 3 XRP Whale Dumps Over 51 Mln XRP, Another Freefall Below $0.60?
Daily Hodl Staff 22d 3 Crypto Whale Deposits Over $4,000,000 Worth of DYDX to Kraken After 117% Rally in a Month
Press Release 22d 3 Meme Moguls (MGLS) Emerges as a Crypto Whale Favorite, Immutable (IMX) and Gala Games (GALA) Announce New Partnerships
James Van Straten 22d 3 Bitcoin whale activity surges, hits 30% of total transaction volume
News Team 22d 3 Shiba Inu’s Shibarium hits new milestone, Solana whale moves $11M, Everlodge price rises 150%
Qadir AK 22d 3 Whale Alert: 44.5 Million XRP on the Move – What’s Brewing in the XRP Ecosystem?
Jose Oramas 22d 2 Trouble for Ripple (XRP) Price? This Whale Has Moved Nearly $25M in XRP to Exchanges
Daily Hodl Staff 23d 2 Ethereum-Based DeFi Altcoin Explodes Amid New Spike in Whale Activity: Analytics Firm Santiment
George Georgiev 24d 2 This Whale is Cashing Out Millions as Bitcoin (BTC) Price Correction Looms
PR Manager 24d 2 Three Main Crypto Whale Attractions – Microsoft AI Discovers Why: Binance (BNB), Everlodge (ELDG), Cardano (ADA)
Coingape Staff 24d 2 Whale Dumps 24 Mln XRP Amid Fake BlackRock ETF Frenzy, Price Nears $0.7
Godspower Owie 25d 3 Polygon (MATIC) Price Fueled By Increase In Whale Activity
Coingape Staff 25d 2 Whale Accumulations Orbiting XRP: Know All Here
Daily Hodl Staff 27d 5 Whale Activity Spikes on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Chainlink Networks: Crypto Analytics Firm Santiment
Coingape Staff 27d 4 Whale Moves Over 39 Mln XRP To Coinbase As Price Nears $0.7
Qadir AK 27d 3 Whale Watching
Qadir AK 27d 3 Whale
Abiodun Oladokun 28d 2 Here’s why 1INCH is gaining huge whale attention all of a sudden
News Team 28d 4 Whale transferred 4.4 trillion SHIB, bearish? InQubeta dominates the ICO space
Jordan Lyanchev 28d 3 How a Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Amassed $126M in Unrealized Profits in Less Than a Year: Details
Jordan Lyanchev 28d 3 This Whale is Expected to Lose $180M on ETH Investment Despite Ethereum’s Surge Past $2K: Data
Abiodun Oladokun 29d 3 Decentraland’s MANA rallies on back of whale activity
Chayanika Deka 29d 3 Bitcoin Whale Inflows to Exchanges Declined Ahead of BTC’s Price Surge to $37K: CryptoQuant
Christian Encila 29d 2 Cardano October Whale Frenzy – What Lies Ahead For November?
Coingape Staff 29d 4 Ripple News: Whale Moves Over 59 Mln XRP As Price Nears $0.70, What’s Next?
Bhushan Akolkar 29d 3 MATIC Price hits 4-Month High Above $0.80 Amid Polygon Whale Accumulation
Aniket Verma 1mo 4 Cardano was a whale favorite in October – Will it continue in November?
Keshav Verma 1mo 3 Solana Whale Deposits $11M In SOL To Binance, Bearish Signal?
Qadir AK 1mo 3 The Graph (GRT) Poised for Bullish Momentum as Whale Activity Soars
Godspower Owie 1mo 4 Shiba Inu Sees Surge In Whale Activity, Will This Affect SHIB?
George Georgiev 1mo 2 Massive Shiba Inu (SHIB) Transaction: Whale Moves Trillions
Press Release 1mo 4 Can Whale Accumulation Fuel Further Bitcoin and InQubeta Rallies?
Ana Zirojevic 1mo 3 XRP surges to 3-month high as whale wallets accumulate
Diego Almada Lopez 1mo 4 Coinbase Director Links Ethereum ICO Whale to Estonian Bank Founder
Newton Gitonga 1mo 3 Ripple’s XRP On The Verge Of Ultimate Price Explosion To $1 As Whale Accumulation Skyrockets
John Isige 1mo 2 Cardano Price Prediction As Whale Transaction Count Exceeds $1M, Can ADA Rally To $1?
Alex Richardson 1mo 4 ‘Smart Whale’ Withdraws About $32,000,000 Worth of Ethereum (ETH) From Crypto Exchange Binance: Lookonchain
Coingape Staff 1mo 2 Whale Transfers 4.5 Trillion SHIB, How’s Shiba Inu Faring?
Coingape Staff 1mo 3 Whale Moves 24 Mln XRP To Exchange Amid XRP Price Rally
Bhushan Akolkar 1mo 3 XRP Price Approaches $0.70 With Whale Wallets Holdings At 2023 High
Adewale Olarinde 1mo 3 Ethereum whale initiates massive exodus from Binance
Semilore Faleti 1mo 5 This ‘Smart’ Whale Buys ETH Again – Could There Be An Incoming Price Surge?
Newton Gitonga 1mo 2 5.4 Million Dogecoin Whale Awakens After Nearly a Decade, Raising Eyebrows
Oliver Dale 1mo 2 Shiba Inu: SHIB Price Volatility Increases Amid Whale Transfer and Burning Activities
Samuel Edyme 1mo 2 Cardano’s Whale Watch: ADA Market Cap Jumps Over 10% Amid On-Chain Frenzy
Krisztian Sandor 1mo 3 Prescient Bitcoin Whale Moves $244M in BTC to Crypto Exchange. Has BTC Price Topped?
Coingape Staff 1mo 4 SHIB Whale Transfers $34M Amid Burgeoning SHIB Burn Rates
Bhushan Akolkar 1mo 2 Cardano (ADA) Defies Broader Market Correction Amid Whale Transactions, What’s Next?
Qadir AK 1mo 4 Ripple News : Whale Alert – 25.4 Million XRP Transferred to Bitstamp and Bitso
Coingape Staff 1mo 3 Whale Dumps $31 Mln In XRP To Exchanges, Nosedive Below $0.6?
Coingape Staff 1mo 2 Whale Moves Massive SOL and MATIC Holdings, Price To Rally?
Coingape Staff 1mo 2 Whale Moves $248 Millions Worth XRP, Sparks Community Reactions
Jake Simmons 1mo 2 XRP Whale Transactions Spike To 3-Month High As Smart Money Buys
Aishwarya shashikuma 1mo 2 Shiba Inu’s Mysterious Whale: $36 Million Shifts in 24 Hours
Jay Solano 1mo 2 Whale Activity Peaks as Bitcoin Transactions Over $100K Hit Yearly High
Bhushan Akolkar 1mo 1 ADA Price Shoots Past $0.30 Amid Cardano Whale Accumulation, What’s Next?
Benson Toti 1mo 3 Tellor (TRB) price spikes 15% amid fresh whale activity
Bhushan Akolkar 1mo 2 Uniswap Whale and Institutional Interest Rising, UNI Price Breakout soon?
Dipayan Mitra 1mo 3 Is Bitcoin’s whale accumulation enough for a bull run?
PR Manager 1mo 2 Whale Moves Billions of Shiba Inu (SHIB) As InQubeta Exceeds Expectations
Shayan Chowdhury 1mo 1 Shiba Inu Holds Strong Near Support With Weekly $270 Million Whale Transactions: What’s Next For SHIB Price?
Scott Matherson 1mo 2 Massive Ethereum Whale Transfer Threatens To End ETH Rally, Here’s Why
Ana Zirojevic 1mo 2 Ethereum set for huge rally as whale activity hits 6-month high
Aditya 1mo 2 Shiba Inu’s Wild Ride: Whale Activity Skyrockets by 2300% as Prices Soar
Christian Encila 1mo 3 Shiba Inu Sees Over 2,000% Rise In Whale Appetite Amid Crypto Market Price Boom
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 2 Chainlink Whale Transactions at Three-Month High as LINK Explodes: Santiment
Newton Gitonga 1mo 2 Chainlink (LINK) Soars To 3-Month High Amid Skyrocketing Whale Transactions
Godfrey Benjamin 1mo 2 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Whale Ownership Surges as Price Consolidates
Brenda Ngari 1mo 3 XRP Whale And Shark Address Holdings Hit 3-Month High — Full-Blown Mega Rally To $10 Price Forthcoming?
Scott Matherson 1mo 2 XRP Price Set To Surge Amid Heightened Whale Accumulation
Dalmas Ngetich 1mo 2 Whale Moving Large Stash Of Ethereum To Kraken, Prices Bullish And Unmoved
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 2 Shiba Inu Whale Abruptly Moves 4,560,030,677,374 in SHIB – Here’s Where the Crypto’s Headed
Keshav Verma 1mo 2 XRP Rockets Up 8% As Shark & Whale Holdings Hit 3-Month High
John Isige 1mo 2 XRP Price Prediction As Whale Addresses Rapidly Accumulate, Run-up To $1 Incoming 
Kieth Rean Garcia 1mo 2 Crypto whale Dumped 13,871 ETH: What’s next?
Best Owie 1mo 3 XRP Whale Takes Advantage Of Price Dip To Accumulate 410 Million Tokens
Scott Matherson 1mo 2 Shiba Inu Whale Moves $32.4 Million In SHIB, Large Sell Incoming?
Benson Toti 1mo 2 Apecoin price up as whale accumulates millions of APE
Crispus Nyaga 1mo 3 XRP price recoils despite the Roblox news as whale transactions rise
Varinder Singh 1mo 2 New Whale Buys 410 Million XRP Worth Over $200 Mln, What’s Happening?
Best Owie 1mo 2 Cardano Whale Addresses Continue To Fall, What Does This Mean For ADA Price?
Scott Matherson 1mo 2 Bitcoin Whale Addresses See Unprecedented Jump, Is $30,000 Possible?
Andrew Throuvalas 1mo 2 Fake BlackRock ETF News Caused This Crypto Whale To Lose Big
Maxwell Mutuma 1mo 2 Whale’s Quick Bitcoin Buy on Fake ETF News Ends in Loss
CoinPedia Markets 1mo 2 Crypto Market Today: New Whale Activity Sparks Optimism, Bitcoin regains $27K, BAND Surges 37%
Ammar Raza 1mo 2 Bitcoin Whale Wallets Surge Beyond 2019 High, Signaling Market Maturity
Felix Mollen 1mo 2 Three Altcoins See Increased Whale Activity as This New ICO Raises $1.5 Million
Alex Richardson 1mo 3 Ethereum-Based Altcoin Surges Over 31% in One Day Amid Massive Crypto Whale Accumulation: Lookonchain
Elena R 1mo 2 Bullish Momentum for Bitcoin Price? BlackRock Claims Whale BTC Holding!
Brian Njuguna 1mo 2 Chainlink Gearing Towards a Breakout as Whale Transactions Surge
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 2 Bitcoin Sees Historic Rise in Shark and Whale BTC Wallets, Records New High: Santiment
Mohammad Ali 1mo 3 Ripple Holds Strong Weekly Support, Eyes $1.20-$1.50 Range: XRP Whale
Mishal Ali 1mo 2 Bitcoin’s Whale Tale: Surge In Large Wallets Hints At Optimism Amid Market Flux
Mark Emem 1mo 2 Rising Whale Activity on These Three Ethereum-Based Altcoins a Sign of Potential Bullish Turnaround: Santiment
PR Manager 1mo 2 Weekly Whale Moves: XRP Dumps, ETH & OP Shine, QUBE’s $4M Presale Ambition
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 1mo 3 This Cryptocurrency Soares 30% Amid Increased Whale Activity
Press Release 1mo 3 Low Deposits Fuel $10 Chainlink Surge Forecast; Mantle & InQubeta Catch Whale Gaze
Kieth Rean Garcia 1mo 3 Mysterious Shiba Inu Whale Bags 5.25 Billion SHIB: What’s Next?
Scott Matherson 1mo 3 Large XRP Transactions Causes A Stir As Whale Exit Rumors Swell
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 1mo 3 Massive SHIB Buys of Over 4 Trillion by This Whale: Do They Know Something We Don’t?
Scott Matherson 1mo 3 Chainlink Whale Wallets Increase By 6%, Do They Know Something You Don’t?
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 2 USDT Whale Activity Heating Up As Exchange Deposits Rapidly Accelerate, According to Analytics Firm Santiment
Charles Thuo 1mo 2 Shiba Inu struggles amidst whale exodus as Memeinator presale takes off
Alex Richardson 1mo 2 Bitcoin Whale Abruptly Moves 3,000 BTC Worth Over $83,000,000 After Six Years of Dormancy: On-Chain Data
Ammar Raza 1mo 2 Whale Activity In XRPLedger Declines In 2023, But Key Players Accumulate More XRP
Himalay Patel 1mo 2 Chainlink: Will these whale movements cause selling pressure?
Maria Carola 1mo 2 Crypto Whale Activity Reveals Institutional Investors Are Stocking Up on Bitcoin
Daily Hodl Staff 1mo 2 Ethereum-Based Altcoin Explodes 40% in 24 Hours As Crypto Whale Rapidly Accumulates: On-Chain Data
Himalay Patel 1mo 2 Ripple: Will waning whale activity affect XRP?
Aishwarya shashikuma 1mo 2 Bitcoin Whale Stirs Frenzy with $82 Million Move After 6-Year Silence
Mandy Williams 1mo 2 XRP Whale Supply Accumulation Continues but Transactions Decline: Santiment
David Cox 2mo 3 SHIB and whale activity prices show no positive movement
Benson Toti 2mo 2 Bancor (BNT) hits 2-month high amid spike in whale activity
Opeyemi Sule 2mo 2 Bitcoin Price At Risk? Whale Transfers $137 Million In BTC After 3-Year Dormancy
PR Manager 2mo 2 Can Firewood Propel Avalanche (AVAX) to $20? AI Altcoin Draws Major Whale Interest
Scott Matherson 2mo 1 Shiba Inu Whale Moves $33 Million In SHIB, Here’s The Destination
Null Transaction PR 2mo 1 Staggering Bitcoin Spark Price Prediction By Tron Whale Points To a $185 BTCS
Michael Nderitu 2mo 2 Chiliz: How this latest vision may have boosted CHZ whale movement
Mehron Rokhy 2mo 2 Shiba Inu Whale Abruptly Moves 4,584,530,677,374 in SHIB – Here’s Where the Crypto’s Headed
Nidhi Kolhapur 2mo 3 XRP Price Oscillates Amid Whale Movement and Regulatory Hurdles
John Isige 2mo 3 Bitcoin Price Prediction Shark and Whale Addresses Accumulate $1.17 Billion – Bull Run Activates?
Reynaldo Marquez 2mo 3 Unreported Cardano News: ADA Whale Shares “Bullish” Trading Project
PR Manager 2mo 2 Dormant Whale Invests Quarter Million in Shiba Inu’s BONE, Borroe.Finance and Immutable Fight for Dominance
Qadir AK 2mo 2 Bitcoin Metrics Flash Bullish Signals Amid Whale Accumulation
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 2 Bitcoin and Tether Whale’s Accumulation Hits 6 Week High, Signals Bullish Sentiment
Sunil Sharma 2mo 2 Shiba Inu Whale Moves Massive Holdings; Is Shiba Inu Founder Behind This?
Scott Matherson 2mo 3 Report Reveals Crypto Whale Center With Majority Of Transactions Crossing $1 Million
Bhushan Akolkar 2mo 2 BCH Price Shoots 8% Amid Heavy Bitcoin Cash Whale Accumulation
Hououin Kyouma 2mo 2 Curve (CRV) Is Up 20%, But This Whale May End The Run
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 2 Whale Makes $1.75M Profit With $FRONT Investment After Waiting For 8 Months
Kieth Rean Garcia 2mo 3 Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Sees Intriguing Whale Activity
Mohammad Ali 2mo 2 Ethereum Whale’s $23.8M Transfer To OKEx Sparks Crypto Speculation
News Team 2mo 2 Whale dumps Ethereum (ETH) for Maker (MKR), is this trending DeFi token next?
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 2 Making Informed Investments: A Lesson From A Whale’s $15K Loss On $ARB
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 2 Whale Activity Signals Bullish Sentiment As $CRV Price Surges 12%
Trevor Holman 2mo 2 Cardano will thrive in future bull markets: ADA whale acclaims
Anvesh Reddy 2mo 2 Chainlink Price Prediction As ETH Whale Makes Huge LINK Transfer
Dipayan Mitra 2mo 2 Why Chainlink gaining whale attention was bad for Synthetix
Shayan Chowdhury 2mo 3 Shiba Inu Escapes Bearish Grip Following Spike In Whale Activity! Will SHIB Price Hold Momentum?
Dalmas Ngetich 2mo 2 CRV Spikes 22% In 2 Weeks As Whale Withdraws From Binance
Hououin Kyouma 2mo 2 Bitcoin Non-Whale Addresses Now Control 41.1% Of Supply, A New All-Time High
Aniket Verma 2mo 3 Whale acquires Ethereum in bulk: What’s going on?
Chayanika Deka 2mo 2 Bitcoin Non-Whale Addresses Now Own Over 41% of Supply: Data
Mishal Ali 2mo 2 Bitcoin Ownership Shift: Non-Whale Wallets Reach 41.1% All-Time High
Bhushan Akolkar 2mo 2 Bitcoin Options Data Shows Rise In Put Calls, Whale Holdings Drop
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 2 Smart Crypto Whale’s Massive $40 Million ETH Withdrawals From Binance: What Does It Mean?
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 4 Immutable X (IMX) Sees Record Whale Activity as $18M+ Tokens Move From Kraken To Coinbase
Hououin Kyouma 2mo 3 Chainlink Whale Makes Large Withdrawal, LINK To Add To Its 11% Gains?
Scott Matherson 2mo 2 Bearish Signal? Bitcoin Whale Wakes Up From 6-Year Slumber And Transfers $56 Million
Adewale Olarinde 2mo 2 Chainlink forges a new path: Of gains, losses, and whale moves
Chayanika Deka 2mo 2 Bitcoin Whale Wakes up After 6 Years to Transfer Over $56M in BTC
Anvesh Reddy 2mo 2 Ethereum Whale Makes Massive Transfer; Caution For ETH Holders?
Will Izuchukwu 2mo 2 Ethereum ICO Whale Deposits 6,000 ETH Into Kraken, Sparks Selling Pressure Speculations
Alex Richardson 2mo 2 Crypto Whale Withdraws $116,000,000 Worth of One Altcoin That’s Up 222% in Past Month From Exchanges: Report
Omkar Godbole 2mo 2 Crypto Whale Takes $150M Bullish Bet on Ether, Trading Data Tracker Shows
Kashif Saleem 2mo 2 Bitcoin Could Reach $27,400 Soon, Says Whale Analysis
Kashif Saleem 2mo 1 Cardano’s Token Economy Shows Potential For Future Growth: ADA Whale
Michael Nderitu 2mo 2 Polygon’s latest update spikes whale holdings, will MATIC pivot?
Hououin Kyouma 2mo 1 Litecoin To Drop Below $60? Whale Deposits To Exchange
Conor Devitt 2mo 2 Phisher Who Stole $24,200,000 Worth of Crypto From Whale Moves Funds to Tornado Cash: PeckShield
Best Owie 2mo 3 Massive Whale Selling Pushes ARB Price To All-Time Low, Primed For Reversal?
Adewale Olarinde 2mo 2 Arbitrum’s downward spiral: Whale exodus and liquidation surges unveiled
Christian Encila 3mo 2 Massive PEPE Token Dump: Whale Unloads 762 Billion At Loss As Price Wobbles
Shayan Chowdhury 3mo 2 Shiba Inu Experiences Bearish Volatility Amidst Surge In Whale Activity! Here’s The Next Level For SHIB Price
Helen Partz 3mo 2 Crypto whale loses $24M in staked Ethereum to phishing attack
subhasish 3mo 1 Whale Pierde $24 Millones en un Ataque Masivo de Phishing
Semilore Faleti 3mo 2 Crypto Whale Suffers $24 Million Loss In Phishing Attack
Chayanika Deka 3mo 2 High-Profile Whale Loses Over $24M in Crypto Phishing Attack: Report
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 3mo 2 Crypto whale loses over $24M staked Ethereum to phishing, as ‘verified’ X scams surge
Himalay Patel 3mo 1 Bitcoin sees rising whale interest amidst Grayscale victory
Himalay Patel 3mo 1 Why PEPE might no longer be a whale favorite
Marco Tulio 3mo 2 Ripple’s XRP Sees Super Bullish Whale Activity Amid Milestone Highs In Transaction Volume
Diego Almada Lopez 3mo 2 Grayscale Revealed to Be the 2nd-Largest Bitcoin Whale
Daily Hodl Staff 3mo 2 Crypto Whale Abruptly Crashes Price of Ethereum-Based Altcoin Swapping to Stablecoins: On-Chain Data
Aditya 3mo 2 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shocks Crypto Community with 2,180% Surge in Whale Transactions
Adewale Olarinde 3mo 1 Uniswap whale moves UNI worth $3 million: How did prices react?
Lipika Deka 3mo 2 Ethereum Records Biggest Whale Transfers Of 2023: What Does It Mean?
Zameer Attar 3mo 2 Ethereum’s On-Chain Activity Hits Yearly High with Whale Transfers
Dalmas Ngetich 3mo 3 No Vitalik, No Problem: Whale Sells Ethereum (ETH) For Maker (MKR)
Daily Hodl Staff 3mo 3 Whale With a History of Profitable Trades Goes Long on Ethereum-Based Casino Coin: On-Chain Data
Victor Olanrewaju 3mo 3 Polygon whale alights from staking trip, will MATIC be affected
Afroz Ahmad 3mo 3 Whale Alert Detecta una Compra Significativa de XRP
Varinder Singh 3mo 2 Whale Again Moves Massive 4.6 Trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB), Recovery Ahead?
Himalay Patel 3mo 3 Arbitrum: With rising whale interest, here’s how the protocol is faring
Amaka Nwaokocha 3mo 2 Whale Alert sparks speculation as XRP transfers surge
Elena R 3mo 2 Whale Watch: Are Crypto Giants Betting on Bitcoin’s Recovery?
Michael Nderitu 3mo 1 ADA traders should take note of recent whale activity for this reason
Qadir AK 3mo 2 SHIB Whale Makes a Splash with $38M Move as Shibarium Surpasses 600K Unique Wallets
Wayne Jones 3mo 2 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Whale Makes a Splash With Massive Token Transfer Amid Shibarium Relaunch
Shaurya Malwa 3mo 2 Shibarium Crosses 600K Unique Wallets as SHIB Whale Moves $38M
Michael Nderitu 3mo 2 Bitcoin renounces recent gains: Assessing a potential whale strategy
Mehron Rokhy 3mo 1 Mysterious Shiba Inu Whale Abruptly Moves 4,642,530,677,374 SHIB – Here’s Where the Crypto’s Headed
Benson Toti 3mo 1 Maker (MKR) gains amid 2-month whale accumulation
Wayne Jones 3mo 1 Crypto Whale’s Shopping Spree: Over $13M Spent on These 17 Tokens
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Jay Solano 3mo 2 A Bitcoin Whale Awakens: $30 Million in BTC Moves After Six Years of Dormancy
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Nantha kumar 3mo 4 Ethereum Struggles to Gain Momentum as Whale Moves 24K ETH to OKX
Dalmas Ngetich 3mo 3 PEPE Whale Exits After Making Over 54,000x Gain And $1.73 Million In Profit
Editorial Staff 3mo 2 Sam Bankman-Fried’s life in jail, Tornado Cash’s turmoil, and a $3B BTC whale: Hodler’s Digest, Aug. 20-26
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Scott Matherson 3mo 2 Shiba Inu Whale Buys 708 Billion SHIB, Sparks Speculation Of Price Recovery
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Aishwarya shashikuma 3mo 2 PEPE: Analyzing Recent Whale Activities and Market Trends
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Mustafa Mulla 3mo 3 Whale Moves $15 Million XRP to Bitstamp Exchange!
Amaka Nwaokocha 3mo 2 PEPE whale seizes dip opportunity, buys $529k worth of tokens
Charles Thuo 3mo 3 Whale moves millions of XRP tokens to Bitstamp
Nayazunissa 3mo 4 Whale Dumps XRP Worth $15M Amid Ongoing Market Downturn
Amaka Nwaokocha 3mo 3 XRP whale moves 29 million tokens to Bitstamp amid price slide
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