$PLANET Utility: Discounts, Early Access & Exclusive NFT Whitelists

PLANET Utility

PLANET token holders are at the forefront of digital ownership with exclusive perks. From discounts and exclusive access to NFT whitelists, the PLANET community stands at the forefront of digital ownership, unlocking unique opportunities within the dynamic ecosystem.

$PLANET Utility: Income Generation

Income Generation

Up until now, we have talked about our Exclusive NFTs, RWAs (Real World Assets), Mystery Boxes, and Investments to create revenue for the Join The Planet movement.

$PLANET Utility: Exclusive NFTs

Exclusive NFTs

PLANET is set to launch an exclusive NFT collection. This collection will feature rare artworks accompanied by concealed Real World Assets (RWAs)…

$PLANET rewards: Staking!

Planet rewards

As we broaden our impact, we will onboard key opinion leaders that will help us raise awareness about Planet conservation and the mission that we are on.



It’s finally time to reveal what drives the PLANET ecosystem. With PLANET DAO, we are placing $PLANET token holders at the heart…

$PLANET Utility: Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

PLANET is excited to present our Mystery Boxes, a groundbreaking concept that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 communities.

$PLANET Utility: Unique RWAs

Unique RWAs

Real World Assets (“RWAs”) are assets that exist off-chain but are tokenized and brought on-chain to be used within DeFi. To put it simply…