Our target is an ambitious $100 million in annual revenue, achievable through a self-reliant business model inspired by Amazon’s Flywheel, addressing revenue generation challenges in web3.

Unique RWAs

At the heart of our strategy is the integration of web2 practicalities with web3 innovation. We’re launching exclusive Real World Asset collections in partnership with GOATs (Greatest Of All Times) – a term we proudly use for celebrities aligned with KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market’s mission. The RWA sector is projected to expand to $16 trillion by 2030, highlighting its increasing appeal. PLANET is set to make an unprecedented impact in this space with unique collaborations between blockchain entities and high-profile personalities.

Mystery Boxes

We’re gearing up to launch an unparalleled digital collectible series of 8 to 10 Million Mystery Boxes, likely priced at $10-15. The digital collectibles inside the boxes will act as NFTs with hidden JTP RWA and different rarities offering benefits such as Super Experience Passes, yield gatherers & community contributors. 1 tree will be planted for every Mystery Box being sold. By paying in PLANET tokens you get 2 Mystery Boxes for the price of 1.

PLANET Rewards

PLANET Rewards! – a cutting-edge, gamified rewards system seamlessly integrated into the PLANET ecosystem. This will give PLANET holders the opportunity to stake their tokens for amazing rewards (some worth more than $100,000). 10% of the platform’s revenue is dedicated to enhancing and expanding the PLANET Rewards! program, ensuring its continuous growth and evolution.

Discounts, Early Access & Exclusive NFT Whitelists

RWAs are a vital component of the PLANET ecosystem, bridging the gap between the traditional financial world and the innovative blockchain realm. PLANET holders are set to enjoy exclusive discounts and early access to RWAs, NFTs, and Mystery Boxes once the sales go live. Holders holding a certain amount of $PLANET for a designated amount of time enjoy rewards starting from access to whitelists to even a free RWA! This incentivizes token holders to actively participate in the ecosystem and reinforces their commitment to the KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market community.

Buy Back and Burn

Continuous buyback and burning initiatives bring forth a variety of benefits. First, scarcity and exclusivity are created as the supply of $PLANET is systematically reduced. Second, the tokenomics of $PLANET are enhanced through the reduction of circulating supply.

So far KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market has bought back and permanently burnt a staggering 3.6 billion $PLANET tokens. This strategic move signals the project’s unwavering belief in its long-term success.

Exclusive NFTs

PLANET will also launch an exclusive NFT collection. This collection will feature rare artworks accompanied by concealed Real World Assets (RWAs), providing $PLANET token holders with early whitelist access and exclusive discounts. KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market is in discussion with the top NFT platforms and the chains to launch this, ensuring the max outreach.


With PLANET DAO, we are placing $PLANET token holders at the heart of crucial decision-making for defining the agenda of KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market and together we will embark on a journey to create a more sustainable future. This will be achieved by investing in initiatives that promote the long-term economic sustainability of KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market. By emphasising financial stability, the DAO ensures a prosperous future for PLANET and its $PLANET token holders.

This unique approach combines financial prosperity with the goal of achieving substantial environmental benefits. Keeping the focus on RWAs, the PLANET DAO will ensure the long-term viability of our movement, which caters to the best interests of $PLANET token holders as well.

Support for Global Causes

Aligning with influencers who share a deep-rooted passion for preservation enhances the resonance of initiatives with both the celebrity’s audience and the broader public. In collaboration with these influential figures, KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market is set to launch multiple lines of collectable RWAs.

These partnerships create opportunities to engage with new audiences, including fans previously uninvolved in environmental causes and the web3 space.

Ecosystem Fund and Investments

The KAPTEN69 Planet Coin Market ecosystem fund plays a crucial role in achieving our goal of saving the planet. It serves as an inspiration, encouraging and supporting several programmes and endeavors that are consistent with its main objective.

A vital aspect of the fund’s approach is to identify and invest in promising projects, technologies and ventures. This creates room for innovation, encourages collaboration, and drives impactful solutions within the ecosystem. A careful resource allocation is also made in areas such as AI-based trading, sustainability-driven startups, and other high-yield opportunities.