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Godspower Owie 11h 2 Binance Founder Ordered To Stay Put In The US In Ongoing Probe
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Henry Kanapi 3h 1 Criminal Drains 95 Year-Old Woman’s Bank of America Account – Now Bank Wants $4,237 in Overdraft Fees
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Daily Hodl Staff 3h 1 Top-100 Web3 Altcoin Surges by 67% This Week Amid Wallet Update, New Partnership and Token Relisting
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Adewale Olarinde 4h 0 Is Pepe attempting a comeback with surging prices?
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Jacob Oliver 4h 1 2024 U.S. defense bill drops crypto rules from legislation 4h 1 How to Subscribe to Core Scientific’s Equity Rights Offering
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Ronaldo Marquez 4h 1 Crypto Regulatory Failures: FCA’s Slow Enforcement And Staffing Woes Draw Criticism
Jake Simmons 4h 1 What Is USDC?
Ana Ojeda 4h 1 Binance pulls Abu Dhabi license bid
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Ana Ojeda 5h 1 El Salvador and Tether launch Visa program for Bitcoin investors
Demetrios Tseas 5h 1 Regulatory and Legislative Update – November 2023
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Aishwarya shashikuma 5h 1 Chainlink’s Long Game: Funding Rate Skews Positive, Price Aims for $20
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Best Owie 5h 1 Dogecoin Open Interest Climbs To 6-Month High, 100% Rally Incoming?
Best Owie 5h 1 Solana-Based Meme Coin Outperforms Dogecoin, Shiba Inu To Become 3rd-Largest
Vince Dioquino 5h 1 LayerZero preps for 2024 token launch
Wayne Jones 5h 0 Binance’s Market Share Shrinks While OKX and Bybit Hit All-Time Highs: Data
Mike Dalton 6h 1 Fidelity pitches spot Bitcoin ETF model to SEC as regulatory talks advance
Nikhilesh De 6h 1 Crypto Provisions Dropped From 2023 U.S. Defense Bill
Himalay Patel 6h 1 VanEck predicts Bitcoin inflows of over $2B in 2024
Lipika Deka 6h 1 Bitcoin Ordinals Record-Breaking Sale Hits 10.4 BTC
Samuel Edyme 6h 1 Kazakhstan’s Crypto Purge: More Than 900 Exchanges Axed In 2023
Alex Richardson 6h 1 US Debt Surges $240,717,893,000 in One Month As Robert Kiyosaki Warns America in ‘Serious Trouble’ Over Heavy Borrowing
Dalmas Ngetich 6h 1 2 Reasons Why An Ethereum Mega Bull Run Is Inevitable
Mike Dalton 6h 0 Republic of Palau reports high satisfaction in Ripple-based CBDC pilot
Cointelegraph by Tur 7h 1 Crypto lawyer wants to depose Changpeng Zhao for civil case
Andrew Hayward 7h 1 SOL Surges 13% as Solana NFTs Overtake Ethereum, BONK Up 26%
Cointelegraph by Der 7h 1 Palau’s Ripple-supported stablecoin pilot achieves positive results
Godfrey Benjamin 7h 1 Gemini AI Faces Mega Backlash, Google Makes Troubling Admission
Rhodilee Jean Dolor 7h 0 Retail Trading Giant Robinhood Rolls Out Crypto App to Customers in the European Union
Jake Simmons 7h 1 Ripple Buys Back 700 Million XRP: Researcher Explains Why
Samuel Edyme 7h 1 The Bitcoin Spot ETF Boom: VanEck Forecasts $2.4 Billion Inflows In Q1 2024
Cointelegraph by Ana 7h 1 Crypto Biz: BlackRock Bitcoin ETF seed capital, HashKey targets market makers, and more
Oliver Dale 7h 1 Top 10 Cryptocurrencies With the Biggest Gains This Week BONK, ORDI, BTT, HNT, PEPE, LUNC & More
Daily Hodl Staff 7h 1 ‘Coming Two Months Are Going To Be Electric for Altcoins’, Says Trader As He Updates Outlook on Three Cryptos
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Cointelegraph by Ana 7h 1 Web3 protocol Blast reaches $823M TVL despite bugs and controversy
Danny Nelson 8h 1 Jito's Token Launch Pushed Competitor Marinade's MNDE to All-Time Highs
Jason Nelson 8h 1 Avail Hopes to Sell Hollywood on Using AI to Sort Through Scripts
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Jacob Oliver 8h 1 Senate bill adds to growing list of digital asset legislation moving through Congress
Aishwarya shashikuma 8h 1 Bitcoin Poised for Massive Growth in 2024: A Look at Key Predictions
Jose Antonio Lanz 8h 1 AI's Potential in Business Breakthroughs Is Overhyped, Says OpenAI COO
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Scott Matherson 8h 1 XRP Price Pump: Why This Crypto Analyst Believes It’s Now Or Never
Press Release 8h 1 December Crypto Performance: Assessing the Growth Potential of THORChain and Rebel Satoshi
Nicholas Say 8h 0 Algorand’s Python Integration Set to Transform Blockchain App Development Forever
Sander Lutz 8h 1 Elon Musk Says 'Not Your Keys, Not Your Wallet' in Butchered Attempt at Bitcoin Mantra
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 8h 1 Here Are the Bitcoin ETF Deadlines You Must Know for 2024
Maxwell Mutuma 8h 1 US Senators Propose Bill to Combat Crypto Terrorism Funding
Rhodilee Jean Dolor 8h 0 Jack Dorsey’s Fintech Company Block Officially Launches New Self-Custody Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet
Mehron Rokhy 9h 1 Whales Move Over $880,000,000 in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP and Dogecoin – Here’s Where the Crypto’s Going
Oliver Dale 9h 0 Bybit’s Vision for the Future: An Open and Simple Web3 for All
Godfrey Benjamin 9h 1 SEC Issues “Crypto Investing” Caution, Positive Bitcoin ETF Signal Ahead?
Brandy Betz 9h 1 MicroStrategy-Focused ETF Application Filed by YieldMax
Ifeanyi Egede 9h 1 New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – RuufPay, HairDAO, MEMELORD
Krisztian Sandor 9h 1 Cardano Jumps 20% as Analyst Eyes Bitcoin Pullback to $40K to 'Fill CME Gap'
Kashif Saleem 9h 1 Judge Denies Binance Founder’s Request To Leave US Before Sentencing
Shanawaz 9h 1 Kazakhstan Blocked 980 Unauthorized Crypto Exchanges This Year
CryptoTicker 9h 1 How Socrates is Empowering Users to Get Rewarded for Debating
Diego Almada Lopez 9h 1 Solana to join spot ETF race in 2024, VanEck predicts
Mathew Di Salvo 9h 0 Got $1 Million in Bitcoin or Tether? El Salvador Will Give You a 'Freedom Visa'
Daily Hodl Staff 9h 1 Trader Issues Warning on Altcoin That’s Exploded Over 900% in a Month, Unveils Targets for Solana and Avalanche
Mandy Williams 9h 1 Spot Bitcoin ETF Talks With US SEC in Advanced Stages: Report
Michael Abetz 9h 0 6 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Cent December 8
Assad Jafri 9h 1 SEC issues new investor warning over crypto assets
Reynaldo Marquez 9h 1 Swan Soars In Bitcoin Space: Onboarding Institutions With $200 Million Deployed
Scott Matherson 9h 1 Dogecoin Above $0.1? Crypto Analyst Lists Reasons Why DOGE Price Will Continue To Rally
Press Release 9h 1 InQubeta: Presale Crypto that could soon surpass Render and Arbitrum
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Andrew Hayward 9h 1 Amazon Prime Is Giving Out Free Items for NFT Game ‘Champions Ascension’
Vignesh k 9h 1 Uphold Debuts XRP Custody Scene with Uphold Vault
Cointelegraph by Rak 9h 1 Price analysis 12/8: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, SOL, ADA, DOGE, AVAX, LINK, MATIC
Olivia Brooke 9h 1 ‪How Far Away Is The $50,000 Price From the Bitcoin Market? Here’s What to Watch Out For
Cointelegraph by Der 9h 1 Taiwan central bank completes wholesale CBDC study, plans next steps
Henry Kanapi 10h 1 $720,000 in Cash Handouts Incoming as US City Rolls Out Guaranteed Income Program
Vince Dioquino 10h 1 Starknet Foundation confirms 1.8 billion STRK token rollout
Adewale Olarinde 10h 1 What Ethereum holders are up to as ETH crosses $2.3K
PR Manager 10h 1 Ethereum at $2k; But These Three L1 Tokens Gained More Than BTC and ETH
Rochelle Manalo 10h 1 5 Best Altcoins to Invest in for Potential Christmas Gains
Maciej Zerelik 10h 1 StealthEX & CryptoDaily: Weekly Crypto Insights
Kashif Saleem 10h 1 LayerZero Labs Confirms Token Launch In 2024 Amid Interoperability Push
Fernando Zelaschi 10h 1 Link Aumenta Un 7% Después Del Anuncio De Chainlink Del Programa De Participación «v0.2»
Helene Braun 10h 0 Digital Asset Brokerage Firm Nonco Raises $10M Seed Funding Led by Valor Capital, Hack VC
Cointelegraph by Tri 10h 0 Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic led failed shareholder proposal asking Microsoft to study AI safety
Ana Ojeda 10h 0 Binance Founder CZ ordered by court to stay in US
Sander Lutz 10h 0 Ethereum Layer-2 Starknet Reveals STRK Token Airdrop
Keshav Verma 10h 1 Bitcoin HODLing: A Third Of The Supply Now Unmoved Since 5+ Years
Wahid Pessarlay 10h 1 Google DeepMind demonstrates expertise in generating millions of new materials
Reynaldo Marquez 10h 1 Bitcoin Has Been In A Class Of Its Own For The Last 10 Years, Top Expert Says
Press Release 10h 1 The Race For Crypto Top 100 Heats Up As BorroeFinance Puts Terra Luna Classic Under Pressure
admin 10h 1 The Urlacher Makes a Full S19k Pro 115T ASIC Miner Run on 120V
Conor Devitt 10h 1 Montenegro Primed To Ship Disgraced Terra (LUNA) Founder Do Kwon to US To Face Fraud Charges: Report
Oliver Dale 10h 1 VanEck Embraces Crypto Culture with ‘HODL’ Ticker for Bitcoin ETF
Godfrey Benjamin 10h 1 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Rich List Exposed, Who Owns the Largest SHIB?
Maxwell Mutuma 10h 0 YieldMax Unveils New ETF Focused on MicroStrategy Derivatives
Oliver Dale 11h 1 Animoca Brands’ Ambitious Mocaverse Attracts $31.88 Million in Funding to Empower Web3 Gaming
Assad Jafri 11h 1 Ethereum developers set roadmap for an eventful 2024
Fernando Zelaschi 11h 1 Cardano (ADA) Se Dispara 23% Las Últimas 24 Horas. Aquí las razones
Andrew Throuvalas 11h 1 No More Hype: XRP Loses All Gains Against BTC Since Ripple Lawsuit Win
Michael Matulef 11h 1 Defending The Undefendable: The Censoring Miner
Andrew Hayward 11h 1 Animoca Brands Boosts 'Mocaverse' Funding to $31.88 Million With Dapper, Polygon Onboard
Mathew Di Salvo 11h 1 HODL: VanEck Bitcoin ETF Uses Laser-Eyed Lingo for Ticker
www.financemagnates. 11h 1 FCA Issues 1,716 Warnings About Unregistered Firms From April 2022 to March 2023
PR Manager 11h 1 GMX Sees Surge In Active User Base; Bitcoin Whales Eye New AI Altcoin
Oliver Dale 11h 0 CryptoLeo Casino Review: Crypto Casino With Huge Welcome Bonuses
Stephen Graves 11h 1 Novel Wallet Is a Book That Hides Your Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine 11h 1 Cash App Releases Its First Ever Bitcoin Focused Magazine
Cointelegraph by Tur 11h 1 US senators target crypto in bill enforcing sanctions on terrorist groups
PR Manager 11h 1 If You Overlooked Polygon (MATIC) or XRP, Consider BorroeFinance
AirdropAlert 11h 1 Cardano ($ADA) is Melting Faces Again
John Isige 11h 1 Ethereum Price Prediction As Open Interest Hits $8B, $3,500 Coming In December?
Vinicius Barbosa 11h 1 3 cryptocurrencies to avoid trading next week
Scott Matherson 11h 1 Dogecoin Influencer Believes DOGE Wallet Hack Was Planned And Targeted
Godspower Owie 11h 2 Binance Founder Ordered To Stay Put In The US In Ongoing Probe
Press Release 11h 1 Why BTC Is Booming While The Dollar Tumbles
PR Manager 11h 1 Will XRP Hit $5.00 In 2024?
George Georgiev 11h 1 Bitcoin Explodes to $44K, Ordinals and BRC20 Tokens Surge, Meme Coin Madness Accelerates: This Week’s Recap
External Team 11h 1 Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) Potential 2023 Surge Challenged by Rising Stars in the Crypto World
Elena R 11h 0 Crypto-related stocks climb as bitcoin approaches $44K resistance
Evans Karanja 11h 1 BitTorrent Price Prediction: BTT Pumps 45%, But Consider These Rising Meme Coin Stars For Explosive Gains
PR Manager 12h 1 Newest Meme Coin ICO Hits 50% Of Soft Cap, Is This The Next Pepe Of 2024
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 12h 1 VanEck embraces crypto culture with ‘HODL’ ticker for proposed Bitcoin ETF
Camomile Shumba 12h 1 Chainlink Staking Program Quickly Pulls in $600M, Hitting Limit; LINK Jumps 12%
Ali Raza 12h 1 Solana Price Prediction: SOL Pumps 14% As This GambleFi Newcomer Takes Online Casino Industry By Storm
Himalay Patel 12h 1 Here's how the Jito airdrop benefited Solana
Sir John Hargrave 12h 1 The Parable of the Bitcorn
Lipika Deka 12h 1 Solana’s DeFi Token Becomes New Social Media Sensation
Diego Almada Lopez 12h 1 Fidelity’s spot Bitcoin ETF joins BlackRock on DTCC site
Oliver Dale 12h 1 Golden Cross Appears! Ripple’s XRP Price Ready for Liftoff, How High Can it Go?
Odero Kester 12h 1 Cardano Price Prediction: ADA Pumps 19% And Hits New Yearly High As This Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform Surges Past $5 Million In Presale
Ifeanyi Egede 12h 1 Best Crypto to Buy Now December 8 – FTX Token, Gas, Render
Becky Liggero Fontan 12h 1 Triple Entry Accounting Conference 2023 highlights: Bringing a new accounting paradigm for the Information Age
Ronaldo Marquez 12h 0 Global Crypto Acceptance: Report Reveals Cryptocurrency Legalized In 119 Countries
Scott Matherson 12h 1 XRP Price To Go Parabolic? Crypto Analyst Confirms 1000% Golden Cross Has Returned
Sahil Mahadik 12h 1 Bitcoin Price Prediction As Renewed Buying Hints a Rally to $48000
Godfrey Benjamin 12h 1 Ethereum L2 Starknet Earmarks 1.8B STRK for its Mega Airdrop
Ifeanyi Egede 12h 1 Top Crypto Gainers Today Dec 8 – Bonk, Optimism, Solana, Sui
Cointelegraph by Wil 12h 1 Markets rethink Fed rate cuts as Bitcoin circles $44K on US jobs data
Elmaz Sabovic 12h 1 3 cryptocurrencies under $0.10 to buy next week
Shanawaz 12h 1 VanEck Files Updated Bitcoin ETF Application with the U.S SEC 13h 1 Brand New Crypto Coins Are Now Available on ZebPay
Steven Walgenbach 13h 1 Myro Price Prediction: MYRO Pumps 70% As Dog Coin Fever Spreads, But Cool Heads Are Turning To These Rising Meme Coin Stars For Explosive Potential Gains
Oliver Dale 13h 1 Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price: Party Just Getting Started Thanks to Shibarium’s Burn-Enhancing Upgrade
Coingape Staff 13h 1 India To Take a Giant Leap In AI Development With GPAI Summit In Focus
Maxwell Mutuma 13h 1 UK Antitrust Body Probes Microsoft and OpenAI Collaboration
Daily Hodl Staff 13h 1 Altcoins Could Surge in Price After Bitcoin and Ethereum Rallies This Week: Glassnode Co-Founders
Lockridge Okoth 13h 1 El Salvador’s New ”Freedom Visa” Program Requires $1 Million Crypto Investment, May Raise $1 Billion Annually
José Gutiérrez 13h 1 La Plataforma de Intercambio de BRC-20 UniSat Wallet Revela Importantes Avances
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 13h 0 Golden Cross on Ripple’s Chart: Will the XRP Price Skyrocket Soon?
Mishal Ali 13h 0 Solana’s Ascending Triangle: Potential for $90 Bullish Breakout
Brandy Betz 13h 1 Starknet Foundation Plans to Distribute 1.8 Billion STRK Tokens ‘Soon’
Kari McMahon 13h 1 Should First-Time Bitcoin Investors Buy Now or Wait for the ETF?
www.financemagnates. 13h 1 Bybit Celebrates Five Years with a Leap into Web3 Decentralization
Evans Karanja 13h 1 Ethereum Price Prediction: As Analyst Predicts Incoming “Rage Pump” For ETH, This Game-Changing AI Coin Has Surged Past $5 Million In Presale
Duo Nine 13h 2 Crypto Price Analysis Dec-8: ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL, and BONK
Keshav Verma 13h 1 63.2% Of PEPE Holders Now In Profit: How This Compares With DOGE, SHIB
Christian Encila 13h 1 Polygon Reigns Supreme With 76% Inscription Activity On EVM Chains
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 13h 1 Starknet Foundation prepares to airdrop 1.8B STRK tokens to spur network growth
John Isige 13h 1 Cardano Price As Pump Setup Triggers, Is ADA Going To $1 In December?
Qadir AK 13h 1 VanEck Filed a Fifth Amendment to Their Spot Bitcoin ETF Application
Coingape Staff 13h 1 Cardano TVL Enters Into Top 10 As ADA Hit Yearly High
Vinicius Barbosa 13h 1 Short squeeze alert for December 8: Two cryptocurrencies with potential to skyrocket
Chayanika Deka 14h 1 El Salvador’s New Citizenship-by-Investment Program Requires $1M BTC or USDT Investment
Cointelegraph by Gra 14h 1 BRC-20 tokens are presenting new opportunities for Bitcoin 14h 1 Riot Platforms upgraded, CleanSpark downgraded at J.P. Morgan
Abiodun Oladokun 14h 1 BLUR prices plunge 10% in 24 hours - Are holders losing interest?
Fernando Zelaschi 14h 1 Bitcoin: Análisis Técnico Señala Posible Sobrecompra, Pero la Tendencia Alcista No Cesa
Maxwell Mutuma 14h 1 Shiba Inu’s BONE Now Available on CoinRabbit Platform
Guido Battigelli 14h 1 La Fundación StarkNet Revela Sus Planes de Asignar Más de 1.8 Mil Millones de Tokens STRK
Bridgit Murphy 14h 1 Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Presale Closes in on $700K Amidst Bitcoin’s Blazing Rally
Elena R 14h 1 Crypto Market Outlook : Insights on Ethereum, Avalanche, Chainlink, and Solana
David Cox 14h 1 FXView at the forefront: Innovating South African Financial Markets
www.financemagnates. 14h 1 FCA Flags Crypto Exchange LYKKE for Unauthorized Financial Services Promotion
Sahil Mahadik 14h 0 Optimism Price Prediction As $OP Exits 200-Day Accumulation to Pursue $2.6 Target
Rupam Roy 14h 0 Shiba Inu Burn Rate Soars 110% As One Zero Vanishes From SHIB Price
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 14h 1 Cardano Memecoin SNEK Explodes 170% Weekly: What You Need to Know
Ammar Raza 14h 1 Binance’s Global Shift: Abu Dhabi Withdrawal Amidst U.S. Settlement Fallout – Report
Coingape Staff 14h 1 Kazakhstan Shuts 980 Non-Compliant Crypto Exchanges In 2023
News Team 14h 1 Exploring the Surge in Altcoins: A Deep Dive into UNI, RUNE, and $RBLZ’s Market Dynamics
Cointelegraph by Ste 14h 1 Bitcoin’s many deaths: Is crypto market past ‘point of no return?’
James Van Straten 14h 1 Bitcoin miner revenue per exahash spikes, nearing yearly high
Scott Matherson 14h 1 Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval: Fidelity ETF Listed On DTCC Website And Assigned A Ticker
Roxanne Williams 14h 1 Dogecoin’s price journey amidst Musk’s AI business announcement
Michael Abetz 14h 1 Bitcoin Price Seen At $530K By Bloomberg As BTC ETF Fever Spreads And Bitcoin ETF Token Surges Past $3M
Christian Encila 14h 1 Ethereum Price Soars To Over $2,300 – Is $3,000 Next?
James Field 14h 1 Bitzlato co-founder pleads guilty to money laundering, agrees to dissolve digital asset exchange
Andreja Stojanovic 14h 1 Morph secures multi-million investment from Bitget
Preston Pysh 14h 1 Preston Pysh: How To Actually Get Free Speech
Mark Peterson 14h 0 eTukTuk ($TUK) presale — Your chance after missing Bitcoin’s surge
Varinder Singh 14h 1 Breaking: VanEck Updates Spot Bitcoin ETF Filing With “HODL” Ticker
Cointelegraph by Ama 14h 0 Microsoft faces UK antitrust probe over OpenAI deal structure
Benson Toti 14h 1 BBVA partners with Ripple’s Metaco to expand its crypto services in Switzerland
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 14h 1 Solana liquid staking token JTO surges 85% post-exchange debut, following unique airdrop event
External Team 14h 1 December’s Profitable Crypto Picks Unveiled: Exploring the Potential of VC Spectra, Celestia, and Ethereum
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 14h 1 Important Binance Update That Concerns Cardano (ADA) and Dogecoin (DOGE) Traders
www.financemagnates. 14h 1 Champions Green Entrepreneurship at COP 28 Forum
Aayush Jindal 14h 0 Bitcoin Price Remains Strong and Eyes Fresh Surge Above $44K
Stephen Alpher 15h 1 Bitcoin Dips as U.S. November Job Growth of 199K Tops Estimates
Vignesh k 15h 1 Shiba Inu Touches $0.00001 Then Retreats: What Next For SHIB?
Scott Cook 15h 0 Block, Inc. launches Bitkey Bitcoin wallet in 95+ countries, Jack Dorsey backs
James Van Straten 15h 1 Bitcoin remains stable as US unemployment drops to 3.7%
Cointelegraph by Sav 15h 1 Google’s Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT go head-to-head in Cointelegraph test
Elena R 15h 1 Critical Metric Signals Bitcoin Rally, Possible 800% Price Explosion Ahead, Say Ali Martinez
Kamsi King 15h 1 Best & New Meme Coins On CoinMarketCap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap To Watch December 8 – IDO & ICO Calendar
Trevor Holman 15h 1 Avalanche (AVAX) gets registered on the Coincheck exchange
Sahana Vibhute 15h 1 Bitcoin Consolidating While Ethereum is Marking New Highs, Will ETH Price Outperform BTC Price?
Andrew Turner 15h 1 Thena: Orbs Invest $600k in BNB Chain Liquidity Layer
Bitcoin News 15h 1 Exclusive Interview: Meanwhile Group Launches Bitcoin Private Credit Fund
Kieth Rean Garcia 15h 1 Illuvium Partners with Team Liquid
PR Manager 15h 1 Bitgert Launches Electric Car: Price Explosion Expected
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 15h 1 Bosch showcases dePIN sensor kit using AI agents to reward users for local environmental data streams
Mishal Ali 15h 1 Chainlink Surges: 17,000 Addresses Acquire $47M in LINK Amidst Key Support Zone
www.financemagnates. 15h 1 Bitcoin Breaks Barriers: Crypto Exchanges Volumes Soar to 8-Month High
Kamsi King 15h 1 Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – Agoras Token, GEC, Sect Bot
Varinder Singh 15h 1 Terra Luna Classic L1TF Successfully Completed v2.3.2 Upgrade, Will LUNC Price Rally?
Coingape Staff 15h 1 LINK, SHIB, 1INCH Tops Smart Money Token Inflow List
James Van Straten 15h 1 Ethereum hits year-to-date high with 97% surge
John Isige 15h 1 Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Will SHIB Surge 19% This Weekend?
David Cox 15h 1 Meanwhile Advisors unveils the first Bitcoin private credit fund
Vinicius Barbosa 15h 1 Orbs invests $600K to improve a BNB Chain DEX protocol
Jamie Crawley, Omkar 15h 0 First Mover Americas: Binance Withdraws an Abu Dhabi License Application
Christian Encila 15h 0 Terra Classic Price Climbs 77% Amid Do Kwon Extradition Drama
News Team 15h 1 Institutions Highlight Two Key Factors for Bitcoin (BTC) 2024 Price Surge and BorroeFinance Success in Presale
Scott Matherson 15h 1 Analyst Says Bitcoin Just Broke A Bullish Megaphone Pattern, What Are The Implications?
Cointelegraph by Ezr 15h 1 NFT trading volume nears $1B as markets turn bullish: Report
Cointelegraph by Coi 15h 0 Cointelegraph enters into a strategic collaboration with Chainlink Labs to support Web3 startups
Ana Zirojevic 15h 1 Oasys and Fireblocks team up to ease Web3 game developers’ asset handling
Jine Angel 15h 1 Lend & Earn Reaches New Heights With $500M in Loaned Assets
Mandy Williams 15h 1 This Bitcoin Ordinals Inscription Was Sold for the Highest Price Ever
Daily Hodl Staff 15h 0 Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF Will Usher In Similar Products for Other Cryptos, Says Ava Labs President John Wu
Prasanna Peshkar 15h 1 Solana Price Prediction for the End of the Year: Can Solana Reach $100?
www.financemagnates. 15h 1 Bloomberg, MarketAxess, Tradeweb Step Back from Trade Data Joint Venture
PR Manager 15h 2 These Altcoins Have The Potential To Make You a Millionaire in 2024
Roxanne Williams 16h 1 Offers Competitive, Trader-centric Spreads
José Gutiérrez 16h 1 TON Blockchain Desacelera Tras la Llegada de las Inscriptions Inspiradas en Bitcoin Ordinals
Ian Allison 16h 1 Starknet Foundation to Allocate 1.8B STRK Tokens 'Soon'
Lockridge Okoth 16h 1 Bitcoin Price Prediction: VanEck Sees BTC Hitting ATH In November, But This Bitcoin ETF-Themed Coin Is Primed To Explode Next Month
Sahil Mahadik 16h 1 Solana Price Prediction: Elliott Wave Theory Reveals Key Recovery Targets
Stephen Graves 16h 1 Binance Withdraws Abu Dhabi Investment Fund Licence Application
Adewale Olarinde 16h 1 Avalanche: Is AVAX more profitable than BTC now?
Rupam Roy 16h 2 Bloomberg Analyst Fuels Speculation With Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval Timeline
Trevor Holman 16h 1 Flipkart to deliver an exclusive chain using Polygon CDK
Alex Lari 16h 1 Max Keiser Predicts a BTC “God Candle” Resulting in $100k Surge
Alex Lari 16h 1 Jamie Dimon Would “Close Down” Bitcoin If He Had Government Role
Lipika Deka 16h 1 Ethereum January 2024 Hard Fork Unveiled
Steven Walgenbach 16h 1 Bitcoin To Reach New ATH In November As Binance Is Dethroned As World’s Top Crypto Exchange In 2024, VanEck Says
Qadir AK 16h 2 Analyst Warns a Market Fallout Post ETF Approval; Predicts What’s Next for Bitcoin Price
PR Manager 16h 1 Could Memeinator be The Best Crypto to Buy in December 2023?
Oluwapelumi Adejumo 16h 1 Binance’s Changpeng Zhao confined in U.S. as judge officially declares him a flight risk
Elena R 16h 1 XRP Winning the Race, Leaving 2nd Largest Cryptocurrency Ethereum Behind Amid Ongoing Legal Battle With SEC
Cointelegraph by Sav 16h 2 Armenian cultural heritage sites get tokenized on Solana blockchain
Prasanna Peshkar 16h 1 Cardano Price Prediction: ADA Eyeing $1 by Year-End?
Guido Battigelli 16h 0 Cada Vez Más Cerca: el ETF de Bitcoin de Fidelity Enlistado en DTCC
Mohamed Faisal 16h 1 Solana Rallies Over 15% as Price Witnesses Strong Bullish Momentum
Oliver Dale 16h 1 Bonkers for Bonk: How a Memecoin Turned $10 into $11.5K in One Month
Jake Simmons 16h 1 Bitcoin Price Dips To $43,200: Buy Or Sell Now? Analyst Predicts Trend
Steven Stradbrooke 16h 1 Binance’s Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao ordered to stay in US until sentencing
Jake Simmons 16h 1 Bitcoin Mentioned 40x By New Hampshire’s Nuclear Energy Study
Aoyon Ashraf 16h 2 Bitcoin Halving Is Poised to Unleash Darwinism on Miners
PR Manager 16h 0 Polygon (MATIC) and Cosmos (ATOM) Set to Fall Behind Meme Mogul’s (MGLS) Gains
Lockridge Okoth 16h 1 Binance Co-Founder Changpeng Zhao Ordered To Stay In US Until February Sentencing
Aayush Jindal 16h 1 LINK Price Prediction – Chainlink Primed To Rally Over 25%
Mustafa Mulla 16h 0 Kazakhstan Takes Center Stage at EAG: Aims to Block 980 Unlicensed Exchanges
Nayazunissa 16h 0 Ethereum Eyes Breaking Above $2386 Level as Price Rallies
PR Manager 16h 1 Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Sells Coinbase Shares, What Are They Buying? Everlodge, ORDI, and Avalanche Are Pumping
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Chainwire 17h 1 Zebec Launches Instant, Multi-chain, Non-custodial, No fees Crypto Card Worldwide
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PR Manager 17h 2 Potential Successors to Dogecoin: A Look at the Leading Candidates For The Next Dogecoin By Coin 17h 1 Ethereum Pauses Below $2,400 And Resumes Its Rally To $2,500
José Gutiérrez 17h 0 El Gigante de la Gestión de Activos VanEck Predice un Nuevo ATH de Bitcoin en 2024
Guido Battigelli 17h 1 LayerZero Anunció Su Nueva Criptomoneda Nativa y Planea Un Airdrop
Lilit Chichyan 17h 1 Is Microsoft AI “Hudson Valley” Coming to Windows in 2024?
Oliver Dale 17h 1 $1 Million Price Tag for El Salvador’s New Crypto Residency Offer
Liam 'Akiba' Wright 17h 1 El Salvador launches exclusive Bitcoin-driven Freedom Visa with Tether
Ammar Raza 17h 1 PEPE Awakens: Surges To Second-Highest Profit Ratio Among Top Memecoins
Lockridge Okoth 17h 1 Snek Price Prediction: ”Chillest Meme Coin” SNEK Surges 31%, But This Cool New Crypto Casino Is Raking In Investor Cash
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Elmaz Sabovic 17h 1 Solana to the moon? Crypto expert predicts SOL at $90
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Coingape Staff 17h 1 Best Crypto To Buy Now On December 8 – BONK, BTT, OP
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Oliver Dale 17h 1 Hacker “Washes” $25M in Stolen Crypto Through Magic: The Gathering Card Scheme
Mandy Williams 17h 1 Binance Founder CZ to Remain in the US Until Sentencing
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Felix Mollen 17h 1 Cardano’s Snek And Solana’s Bonk Explode – Is A New Ethereum Chain Meme Coin Next 
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Charles Thuo 17h 1 LayerZero confirms 2024 token launch, planning an airdrop
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Kamsi King 18h 1 Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Friday 8 December – TG.Casino, JITO, Optimism
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Oluwapelumi Adejumo 18h 1 Binance Proof-of-Reserves show Bitcoin balance dropped 23k BTC in November amid regulatory woes
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Oliver Dale 18h 1 CZ Grounded: No UAE Homecoming Before Sentencing Despite Crypto Deal
Charles Thuo 18h 1 Russia’s Exved launches cross-border crypto payments with Tether’s USDT
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www.financemagnates. 18h 0 Exclusive Markets is Proudly ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified by MSECB
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Liam 'Akiba' Wright 19h 1 VanEck predicts $40B inflow into Bitcoin ETFs and $100k BTC in 2024
Scott Cook 19h 1 Animoca Brands raises $11.88 million for Mocaverse
Jine Angel 19h 1 BitMart Launches Vote-To-Listing Program in India
Cointelegraph by Dav 19h 1 BBVA migrates its crypto custody service to Ripple-owned Metaco’s Harmonize
Varinder Singh 19h 1 Bitcoin Price Can Hit $50,000 Next Week, Predicts Popular Crypto Analysts
Sam Reynolds 19h 1 Bipartisan Anti-Crypto Terror Financing Bill Heads to U.S. Senate
News Team 19h 1 Bitcoin (BTC) Surpasses $43,000; InQubeta (QUBE) Mainstream Buzz Intensifies
Rupam Roy 19h 1 EU Advances Talks To Strike Balance Between AI Progress & Privacy Protection
Cristian Lipciuc 19h 1 Do Kwon Likely to Be Extradited to US
Brenda Ngari 19h 1 Montenegro Justice Minister To Extradite Terra Creator Do Kwon To The U.S.
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov 19h 1 Two Possible Reasons Why Solana (SOL) Price Skyrocketed15% Daily
Benson Toti 19h 1 Solana’s likely surge to $100 and what it means for BONK and Memeinator
Shaurya Malwa 19h 1 El Salvador Could Rake In $1B Bitcoin Investment per Year With New ‘Freedom VISA’
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Null Transaction PR 20h 1 QUBE and Ripple poised for huge returns as Bitcoin reaches $44K
Sohrab Khawas 20h 1 CRV Price Teases Upside Potential of 90% With Growing Momentum!
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Best Owie 20h 1 93% Of All Bitcoin Has Now Been Mined, How Much BTC Is Left?
Abiodun Oladokun 20h 1 ORDI dips 15% as whales sell off tokens amidst these concerns
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Cointelegraph by Wil 20h 1 Bitcoin may hit $50K on altcoin ‘FUD’ as Ethereum, Solana beat gains
PR DESK 20h 1 JITO (JTO) Listed by Bitget in the Solana Ecosystem Zone By Coin 20h 0 XRP Experiences A Price Surge And Reaches A High Of $0.65
Shaurya Malwa 20h 1 LayerZero Confirms Airdrop Plans, Boosting Some Ecosystem Projects
Bhushan Akolkar 20h 1 Chainlink (LINK) Price Bounces Back With $20 Target And Strong On-chain Metrics
Prasanna Peshkar 20h 1 Bitget Token: How High Will the BGB Price Go?
Editorial Team 20h 1 All About Coinbase – How to Find and Download Your Coinbase Transaction History?
Qadir AK 20h 1 El Salvador’s Bold $1 Million Bitcoin Citizenship Bet: Innovation or Overpriced Offer?
Mark Emem 20h 0 Top Analyst Says Ethereum on Cusp of ‘Inevitable Rage Pump,’ Updates Outlook on Bitcoin and One New Altcoin
Mohamed Faisal 20h 1 El Salvador Offers Citizenship on $1M Investment in Bitcoin or USDT
Aditya 20h 1 Bitcoin’s Transition: Exploring the Path Ahead Beyond Satoshi’s Era
Wahid Pessarlay 20h 0 BIS privacy-focused CBDC project features 2 eCash prototypes
Coingape Staff 20h 1 XRP Whale Moves 45 Mln XRP As Price Plunges, What’s Happening?
Nayazunissa 21h 1 Chainwire Collaborates with Tokensoft for Boosting Crypto PR Coverage
Sahana Vibhute 21h 1 Here is What Awaited for Arbitrum (ARB), Pepe (PEPE) & Optimism (OP) Price
Jine Angel 21h 1 on the Verge of Hitting the $1M Milestone in Crypto Miner Setup
Chainwire &# 21h 1 Bitget lists JITO (JTO) in the Solana Ecosystem Zone
www.financemagnates. 21h 1 Breaking: IG Group Names Breon Corcoran as CEO
Omkar Godbole 21h 1 Bitcoin, Ether Options' Value on Deribit Reach Record High of $23B
Jose Oramas 21h 1 Very Bullish Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction for 2025 by a Popular Analyst
Chainwire 21h 1 Bitget lists JITO (JTO) in the Solana Ecosystem Zone
Sohrab Khawas 21h 1 ALGO Price Tanks Ahead With High Speed Recovery, Eyes $0.20 With 20% Jump!
Martin Young 21h 0 Will a Bitcoin ETF Approval be a Sell the News Event? Prominent Expert Chips In
Aditya 21h 0 Solana (SOL) Bulls Gain Momentum: Analyst Envisions a 600% Surge, Eyeing $453 Price Level
Jose Oramas 21h 0 BONK Airdrop to Solana Phone Buyers Skyrockets as BONK Price Continues Surging
Jay Solano 21h 1 Tether’s Market Capitalization Reaches Impressive $90 Billion in 2023
Cointelegraph by Ari 21h 1 ERC-2771 integration introduces address spoofing vulnerability — OpenZeppelin
Bhushan Akolkar 21h 1 El Salvador Unveils A Bitcoin-based Freedom Visa Program Offering Citizenship
Elena R 21h 1 Ethereum Price Hit New Highs Ahead of Dencun Upgrade in 2024 – What Next For ETH Price?
Coingape Staff 21h 1 Top RWA Crypto Tokens That Could 50-100x in 2024
Jake Simmons 21h 1 VanEck’s 2024 Bitcoin And Crypto Blueprint: 15 Predictions You Can’t Miss
AMBCrypto Team 21h 1 Dogecoin (DOGE) vs Retik Finance (RETIK), Can utility win over meme in 2024?
Rupam Roy 22h 1 Tesla CEO Elon Musk Takes On US SEC In Supreme Court Battle
Victor Alexander 22h 1 Avalanche Surges to Top 10: Outshining MATIC, TRX, and LINK
Varinder Singh 22h 1 Breaking: Fidelity Spot Bitcoin ETF Added To Active ETF And Pre-Launch List
Adewale Olarinde 22h 1 Shiba Inu sees massive transfers - Was SHIB impacted?
Elena R 22h 1 Solana Breaks Its Major Resistance Level! Will THE SOL Price Hit $80 This Month?
www.financemagnates. 22h 2 Exness Fails to Hold $4 Trillion in Trading Volume: Sees 19% Dip in November
Elena R 22h 1 “Crypto is a Threat Out There” – Says US Senator Elizabeth Warren
Mustafa Mulla 22h 1 El Salvador’s $1M Crypto Citizenship!
Sohrab Khawas 22h 0 ETH Price Prediction Projects A Rally Beyond $3000 To Kickstart The 2024 Bull Run!
Qadir AK 22h 1 Ethereum Price Rally : ETH Price Poised To Surge Above $3000 in Q1
Wahid Pessarlay 22h 1 Researchers uncover AI chatbot hack designed to reveal private employee data
Mohammad Ali 22h 1 Bitcoin Mining Pool Ocean Refutes Claims Of Transaction Censorship By Samourai Wallet
Kieth Rean Garcia 22h 1 Merit Circle: Revolutionizing Gaming with Blockchain
Cointelegraph by Tom 22h 1 Investment firm floats yield-bearing ETF based on MicroStrategy stock
Qadir AK 22h 1 Binance’s Strategic Retreat: Abu Dhabi Withdrawal Upends UAE Expansion Plans
Sam Reynolds 23h 1 Matrixport's $45K End of Year Target for Bitcoin Looks to Be Accurate
Elena R 23h 1 Top Altcoins To Focus As Ethereum Price Surges!
Qadir AK 23h 1 Binance Founder CZ Faces Extended US Stay Amid Legal Challenges: A Deep Dive into the Case
Cointelegraph by Jes 23h 1 El Salvador unveils BTC ‘Freedom Visa’ — but it’s 10x the cost of others
www.financemagnates. 23h 1 Binance Evaluated “Global Licensing Needs” under CZ: Withdrew Abu Dhabi Bid
Samyuktha Sriram 23h 1 Ethereum Devs Aim to Activate Dencun in January 2024
Rupam Roy 23h 1 Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Takes a Dip As Pepe Coin and BONK Rise
Samyuktha Sriram 23h 1 Former Binance CEO CZ Ordered to Remain in the US Until February Sentencing
Jine Angel 23h 0 Is 2024 the Year of Solana (SOL), Shiba Inu (SHIB) And Retik Finance (RETIK)?
Bhushan Akolkar 23h 0 Solana (SOL) Price Up 15% Shooting Past $70, Next Target $100?
Dominic Kimani 23h 1 Blockchain Gaming Giant Animoca Raises $11.88M To Boost Its Mocaverse NFT Project
Qadir AK 23h 1 Binance Exchange’s Latest Reserve Certificate Reveal its Financial Health
Lipika Deka 23h 1 Bithumb Launch TRC20-USDT: Becomes First Korean Exchange
Cointelegraph by Mar 23h 1 Bitcoin new high set for late 2024, Binance to lose top spot, predicts VanEck
Mustafa Mulla 23h 1 Ethereum Soars to an 18-Month High!

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