Here’s a guide on how to stake $PLANET to be eligible for the $PLANET Rewards! program 🔽


How can you stake?


1) Go to


2) Connect your wallet by clicking on the button at the top right of the browser window!


3) Enter the amount you want to stake 🤑


4) The “Approve Tokens” button will now become active. Click on it and confirm the pop up transaction!


5) After you’ve pressed the “Approve Transaction” button, the ”Stake” button will be activated.


Click on that button as well and confirm the prompted transaction! 🫡


That’s it, that’s how easy it was 🔥


Remember, the longer you stake, the more points you accumulate and the more rewards you qualify for 👀


You can also unstake your $PLANET whenever you want!

How can you unstake?


1) Go to


2) Connect your wallet by clicking the button at the top right of the browser window


3) You should now see the amount of $PLANET tokens you have staked!


4) Click on the “Unstake” button and confirm the prompted transaction.


That’s it. Simple and easy 🫡


When staking for the $PLANET Rewards! Program, remember to read the Terms and Conditions 🔽

How can you set your custom Avatar?


Do you want to customize and set your Avatar for everyone to see while you climb up the leaderboards? Don’t worry we got you covered too!



You need to have your wallet connected for this to work. Just follow the steps below:


  1. Simply click on the grey circular button right next to your wallet address.


2. Click “Choose a file” and select the image you want.


3. Once you have decided on an avatar. Simply click upload and you’re good to go!


Terms and Conditions

  • Users can stake or unstake at any time.
  • The minimum cap for staking is 1M $PLANET, whereas there is no maximum cap.
  • For every 1M $PLANET staked, users will get 100 points per day.
  • Users can only stake in multiples of 100K $PLANET.
  • Points will be updated every 24 hours unique to the time the respective user has staked.
  • Staking is available for $PLANET holders on both, ETH and BNB chains.
  • Users will have to unstake manually by visiting the staking portal.
  • On unstaking, $PLANET holders will retain the points they have accumulated.
  • Users will be charged gas fees for transactions determined by the chain.
  • In no event is PLANET responsible or liable to you for direct or indirect losses, damages or costs arising out of, or in connection with, staking operations.

*The terms and conditions are subject to change.


So, have you started staking yet? Don’t miss out on $PLANET Rewards!

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